So Sarah Michelle Gellar Has a New Show

And if you're wondering why I'm even mentioning this, chalk it up to sentimentality.  As with Lucy Lawless, SMG still piques my curiosity.  Check out the extended promo:

Why this Show Has a Shot

1) Buffy fans are still alive and kicking, and not going anywhere.
2) This show looks and sounds nothing like Buffy, SMG has to play two different people, and so it seems like new territory for the ex-Slayer.
3) SMG herself sounds nothing like Buffy.  Her voice sounds deeper, and her face finally looks far more mature.  So does her body (most likely courtesy of her daughter).
4) The title's kinda cool.

Why this Show May Not Get Past/Through Season One

1) It's on the CW.  SMG/Buffy fans (the show's bread and butter) on IMDB are already having a WTF moment.
2) This type of plot's been done before.
3) We've seen SMG play a deviant socialite before, and thus Ringer summons horrid flashbacks of Cruel Intentions. *retches*
4) SMG herself looks too much like Buffy.  Die-hard Buffy fans recall that SMG is a natural brunette, and that in Season 1 of BtVS, she had more meat on her bones.  Yet she gave all that up to be a skinny blonde Cookie Cutter Cutie.  *shakes head*  It's so sad.  This is an actress who's willing to take some unexpected roles and even make some surprisingly insightful comments in interviews, and yet....  *shrugs* I guess media attention and fat paychecks are the hardest addictions to break.  After she saw herself doing the Skin is Amazing Campaign with a bunch of other has-beens - for Vaseline, of all companies - she probably figured it was time to get a real job.  **Update** Wait, I take that back.  It was probably after she saw herself doing The Nestlé Share the Joy of Reading Program.

Like...on the one hand, it's great that she's involved in all these awareness/charity programs, but if they're flying right under the radar, then doesn't that sort of defeat the whole purpose?


  1. This looks like it should be a movie (or a mini-series) rather than a tv show.

  2. I've been looking forward to this show. I will be looking into it out of respect for SMG. The promos are pretty well done, too. I have absolutely no idea what direction this show is going to go in, though. I guess we'll see.

  3. This looks like a more adult version of another show called the Lying Game I watched the other day out of boredom. I'll may watch the first episode.

  4. @ Aiyo

    That's what someone else said on Youtube.

  5. It's full of white people!!!

    At the second she said 'I'm an addict' , i told myself "please, not the twin sister plot.. not the twin sis... nooooooo'.

    Twins plots are so hard to pull since they are a strain on the suspension of disbelief.

  6. @ JGreyden

    It's full of white people!!!

    That's a topic thread on IMDB.

  7. @JGreyden

    In the promos it showed that SMG's love interest is a black man. A college professor if I'm not mistaken.

    I've been a huge fan of SMG for many years and one thing I can say to her credit is that she picks roles that are very interesting and unique. And you know you're a badass when Shannen Doherty is your best friend and she credits you for being the strong one.

    I'll check out the series. I hope it does well but with it being on CW, I'm not holding my breath. This seems a bit too cerebral for that network.

  8. @ Neo

    He's not her husband. He's her AA sponsor.

  9. This will be interesting...I guess.

  10. As far as "full of white people," one of the main characters is Mestizo if I'm not mistaken. It is looking pretty white now, but I'm hoping there are more POC characters on the show.

  11. @ The Girl

    It's the CW, so I won't hold my breath.

  12. Hi, I'm over here from Deb's place.

    This reminds me of

  13. It looks too much like a show called the lying game. I like smg, but im not a fan of the cw. It could be good,but im not sure it looks like a long haul kind of show,maybe just a couple of seasons.


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