Quick Update on My Book

The Woman from Cheshire Avenue is now available for purchase.

Before I continue, I want to thank every reader who's emailed me or posted on my Facebook asking me when the book will be out.  I am beyond flattered and grateful, and I am so sorry to keep you hanging.

To make amends,  I've posted Dennis R. Upkins's review of the book on the MCP blog (yep, he got to have a peek).

For those of you who are new to the bar and have no clue what's going on, I suggest you check out the trailer for my fourth book to get caught up.

And to show just how sorry I am for the delay, I have one last extra treat.
...But hands down for me, the biggest treat was the Hirosawas. Michael virtually stole every scene he was in without even trying. The guy is an asshole (and a killer) but he's got style and nuance. Rachel was an immensely powerful character that her impact resonated in the few scenes she was in. I look forward to seeing how things play out in The Velvet Hall.

I definitely enjoyed The Woman From Cheshire Avenue, but more than that, I'm eagerly awaiting The Velvet Hall.

~ Dennis R. Upkins
The Woman from Cheshire Avenue reintroduces the dreaded Hirosawa family from my second book, Folklore, and Other Stories.  We get to know a little more about them, but in The Velvet Hall - the book which will follow Cheshire Avenue - we get to know much, much more, and even meet another family deadlier than they.

Read the rough draft of the first three chapters of The Velvet Hall here (**spoiler alert**).

Once again, thanks for everyone's support!




  1. [pounces on the Velvet Hall chapters like Hobbes on Calvin.]

  2. LOL - email me and let me know what you think.

  3. Will this be available for purchase or is it only an online read?

  4. It'll be available for purchase. It's in the finishing stage now.


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