Help Us Reach 1,000 Copies

When the moneyed collide
with the mad, malice ensues.
A year and five months ago, Amaya Radjani and I decided to start our own publishing press for authoresses of color.  The Woman from Cheshire Avenue (2011) is our third release in almost a year, and we have a fourth on the way (*crosses fingers*).

When we first got into this venture, we invested literally thousands of dollars and reached out to several female authors of color spanning multiple styles and genres.  I understood that such a endeavor takes time (and money) and I was willing to invest the necessary patience.

I still am.

I believe in what we are doing, most importantly because it's not something I'm seeing widely done, yet is so very essential for the literary needs of the modern WoC.  At Middle Child Press, we wear our weird on the outside, and we want all of you to see.

So please help our cause by spreading the word and boosting the signal.  We're trying to sell 1000 copies of TWFCA by October 15, 2011 (already got a sale this morning).  A main priority of those proceeds - you guessed it - is to try to expand our titles and acquire more professional lunatics authors on the roster, and promote those authors as well.

We don't have much by way of prizes and such for now, but I do promise to keep posting some chapters from the sequel, The Velvet Hall.

And speaking of...

Once again, big hug and kiss to all who've supported what we've been trying so very hard to accomplish.  Special thanks to Fallon Bowman & Dormitory Effect!


  1. Consider this signal boosted.

    I'll crosspost this Monday. Weekends = low readership and I want to make certain you get as much visibility and support as possible.

  2. Weekends = low readership

    Boy do I understand. Thanks!!!

  3. Okay. I'll check out it...Good luck, and I'll help in any way I can.

  4. I'll help in any way I can Ankh.

  5. Thank you, EVERYBODY! Ankh and I dearly appreciate the love!

  6. Thanks to everyone who's purchased a copy so far!

  7. Great book! I bought and read it in one sitting!! Can't wait for the sequel.

  8. **Very Important Notice** We realize that customers were briefly able to download "The Woman from Cheshire Avenue" for free. E-Junkie, our online seller, records EVERYTHING - names, emails, addresses, etc. Everyone who downloaded for free was contacted and sent invoice. Most have paid willingly (thank you). Some even alerted us to the problem. But those who continue to resist WILL be barred from the store (E-Junkie gives us that option) until their balance is paid.


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