Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #32: Travis Wong

Y'all...I need some happy in my life right now.  And what better way to toast the new look of the Bar than with some Travis Wong.

I still can't track down this man's age, but I know that he is incredibly good-looking, and beyond gifted and disciplined, and a college graduate.  He's also the youngest inductee into "Inside Kung Fu: Hall of Fame" and retired from competition in 2001.

I, of course, learned about him the same way many other people have, by way of The LXD, in which he plays Jimmy Angel/Shado.

Is it any wonder that I'm in love with this man?


  1. [gazes at hot boys in motion]

    I'm sorry K, were you saying something?

  2. Nothing important. I myself tend to lose all IQ points when they get shirtless for no goddamn reason.


    Best part of the entire series.

  3. Once again, Hulu is a bastard-ass bastard. >:(

  4. @ leoprincess

    You lost me, love.

  5. @Leoprincess.

    Try Youtube, iTunes and Netflix. LXD is available there as well.

  6. Thanks, Neo.

    @ Ankh - Hulu's still blocked to folks outside of the U.S. Haters.

  7. Ah yeah I started watching LXD last night and I paid real close attention to the shirtless scene. :) Like they went out of their way to find sexy dudes. Thank you Mr. Chu!

  8. Seriously, y'all...the crush I'm developing on this man is now entering unhealthy territory.

    I can't count how many times I've watched this episode now.

  9. Good intro. I'll probably marathon it this weekend.


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