I hope Issa Rae & Co. realize what they've gotten themselves into with The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.  'Cause when you've got people feverishly debating in your forum about your protagonist's romantic life, and using phrases like "Team Fred" and "Team White J", you know your show has arrived.

Basically, ABG fans are hotly debating - with increasing intensity - which man J, the leading lady (Issa Rae), should be with: Fred, her good-looking black coworker whom she and her evil boss Nina are both heavily crushing on, or "White J", a friend of Fred's whom J recently went on a first date with.

Madison T. Stockley III

Supporters of Fred argue that J never really gave him a chance to show his feelings before she started seeing his friend.  They state that he never got a chance to really talk to her about how he felt, much less the chance to ask J out.  Some even argue that shyness might be a factor, that in his own suave, well-dressed, popular-guy kind of way, Fred too is "awkward". Members of Team Fred insist he has more in common with J, and that he "gets" her.  They are all convinced he wants her, and that his desire is by no means platonic.  And though Fred is currently sorta, kinda seeing Nina (they kissed at the birthday bash Fred threw for himself) members of #TeamFred are convinced it's bullshit and that it won't last.

Personally, I think members of this team just really want to see a cool BM/BW couple, and I can't blame them.

Lyman Johnson

Apparently members of this team  - which happen to include the lil sis - are not impressed with Fred.  They prefer White J because he's just as glaringly awkward as J, they're both named J, and unlike Fred, White J cuts to the quick.  Even though he's quirky, and awkward, and clearly a nerd, he still has the bravado to tell J he finds her beautiful the very first time they meet.  The second time they meet, he asks her out.  At the end of their disastrous first date, which ends in laughter and further bonding, White J flat-out tells J he really likes her, and leans in to kiss her.  They are, of course, interrupted by the appearance of Fred and another gentleman, ending the episode with an evil cliffhanger.

If you ask me, I think a lot of fans reject White J because he is, in fact, a white guy, and since we're coming off the heels of yet another white-dick-can-fix-this article, some black female fans might be annoyed, especially when a seemingly willing and available (and eligible) black man is present.

At the same time, I think some fans embrace White J because of his cute white guyness; I myself found him extremely attractive by episode 7, but I keep in mind that this is due, in no small part, to the brilliant writing of Issa Rae & Co.  Their handling of BW/WM even rivals that of the Brits.

Issa Rae

As for me, I'm all about some Team J, and I'm a little confused as to why this team doesn't have more members.  I mean...aside for Moi, are there any members?

Think about it; this show is just getting started.  Issa Rae & Co raised almost $60,000 - nearly double their original goal - to complete this season and start another.  Producer Tracy Oliver states that if they can't get this show on TV, then they'll try to keep it going on the web.  That being said, why get so invested in these two guys when there's an entire show of possibilities?

I've said this before (probably on the Narrative) and I'll gladly repeat it: I want to see J go on many dates with many different kinds of men.  I want to see her date black, white, Latino, and Asian men, and mine the potential hilarity in each scenario.  Make no mistake...Stockley and Johnson have done excellent work.  Each actor is convincing, and each man is highly attractive in his own way.  But I'm hoping by the end of season two that Fred either transfers or hooks up with Nina officially, while J moves on to a brand new guy.

After all, such is dating reality: significant others come and go, but if there's one person you should always be able to count on, it's you.  Women in particular, regardless of orientation, really need to remember this because we are under So Much Pressure to let other people validate us.  I think fans are so vested in Fred and White J that they forget a the very beginning of the show, J gets out of a lousy relationship with one man, and makes the mistake of getting drunk and rebounding with another (also a coworker, by the way).  That, to me, is an indication that maybe we need to focus more on J and her obvious insecurities, talk about her past relationships, examine her patterns in choosing boyfriends, and overall just really get to know her before we scurry to see her shackled to and defined by yet another man.

*shrug*  But that's just me.


At the Bar with Tracy Oliver


  1. Yeah people are really debating forming alliances and all that it's great the more talk the better.

    I think everyone is team J they want her to succeed and be brilliant. I admit I was team A for a while I was hoping for him to foine himself up, but I don't think that will happen

  2. I <3 this show. I remember first seeing her shows in June and I was just could not stop laughing. I felt like she was telling a piece of my story :) I just love it when she is rapping with here friend and sometimes I start sing Booty Shawts randomly.
    Man, I'm team Darius! Just kidding. I am Team White J, just because I saw how attracted he was to here. I hope she'll feel the same about him. I like Fred, but he needs to step...it...up. If he likes J, tell her. But all in all, I just want J to be happy.

  3. @ Aiyo

    I admit I was team A for a while I was hoping for him to foine himself up, but I don't think that will happen

    Are you serious???

    @ Sade

    I just love it when she is rapping with here friend and sometimes I start sing Booty Shawts randomly.

    LMFAO - I do that too. I want the ringtone.

    I like Fred, but he needs to step...it...up. If he likes J, tell her.

    And I think that's precisely what's sending fans over the edge. For those of us who've dated, we've all been there, we've all met that person who hesitates to make a move and yet doesn't want anyone else in our lives. Meanwhile, we've all met people like White J who don't waste any time and who understand that if they're checking you out, there's a good a chance someone else is and so they try to shut it down.

    I respect White J, and members of #teamwhitej because their rationale is ultimately very sound.

  4. @Aiyo
    I admit I was team A for a while I was hoping for him to foine himself up, but I don't think that will happen

    I think I know what you mean. Kind of like Steve Urkel and Stefan. Right now A is Steve but if he were to fix himself up and not be so..."over the top", then he'd be the cool handsome Stefan.

  5. @Ankh

    They really should sale a ringtone :D I think loads of people would want that.

  6. Yes I am team J as well. I want her to date quite a few different dudes not just white J.

    I would dl booty shawts as a ringtone, no lie.

  7. @Ankh
    Yes I am lol

    Exactly did you see him in the Kickstarter video I was shocked and pleasantly surprised.

  8. What the hell! I haven't watched the series yet, but I guess I'm obligated to #TeamWhiteJ because he's my brother's friend/went to my high school (he's hilarious). I didn't know he got so cute! Sorry, I was thrown for a loop there. The show sounds funny anyway, so I need to stop delaying checking it out. Whoa, pardon my rambling.

  9. TeamJ first and foremost. I love this show so much. TeamWhiteJ for me. Fred hasn't declared his intentions clearly, piss or get off the pot dude.

  10. Per her request, I must announce that the lil sis is #teamwhitej. *rolls eyes* Go figure.

  11. @ Zoopath

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  12. If J doesn't want White J, I'll take him.

  13. Honey, I'm for TEAM J. There are a lot of fans for TEAM J. Don't be fooled.

  14. I'm on Team White J because, outside of the BW/WM angle, I believe in going with the dude who noticed your greatness from jump. White J did just that. Fred's ass hemmed and hawed and now wants to give J the stank eye because someone else wasn't as lazy off the block as he was AND that someone is White.

    As I've told Neo, I've had many incidences where BM who paid me no mind before, were suddenly all in my Kool Aid when they saw a WM pay attention. That reaction was mostly a dog-in-a-manger response where someone doesn't want anyone else to have something they don't want/can't use. Dogs better beware cuz shit could end up like this: http://animalsbeingdicks.com/page/42 .

    But it was also the sheeple response of folks not realizing or seeing something as valuable until a valued member of society wants it. We see that everyday with various status symbols. BM see WM value something and it suddenly becomes valuable to them also. That Black gal must be something more than just a plain ol' Negress if that White boy is courting her.

  15. Shina the Lil Sis8/24/11, 6:24 PM

    mannnn.... FUCK FRED. he's weak. and the racial element is played the hell out. going for what you want or sitting on the sideline being bitch ass Freddy is a personal thing. i'm not Team White J or Fred, cuz we don't even know White J's life yet. i'm Team J (as in the main character) she's great. & so are her booty shawts.

  16. That URL should be: http://tumblr.com/x2w37c8r87

  17. and the racial element is played the hell out. going for what you want or sitting on the sideline being bitch ass Freddy is a personal thing.

    Indeed, Little One; but we're talking about fan reaction to the racial element, not the character reactions themselves.

    Fred IS weak. There's no excuse for his hesitance, much less kissing Nina when there was still opportunity to steal J back from White J. Hell, all he had to do was interrupt their convo, ask J if he could holla at her for a moment, ask her out on a date once they were alone, sealed the deal with a quick kiss, and rested easy after that. But alas...it was not to be.


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