At the Bar

In honor of my 100th and 101st followers, I figure I should do this post.  I say all new (and old) patrons
here at the bar need to get to know one another.  You know; pal around and network a bit.

Naturally, we'll start with Moi.  Patrons can use a similar format if they choose.

Name: Alliyah Gallows

Heaux Name: Darque Sugar

Species: Pygmy Diva

Faction: #AlternaBae

Nature: Creative Humorist

Superpower: Wordplay

Duties at the bar: 'Tending

Poison(s) of choice: Vodka

Tag, patrons.  You're it.


  1. Name: PlusSizedWomanist, Source Du Mal

    Codename: PSW, Da Source

    Poisons of choice: Alize, Nuvo, Grey Goose and Cranberry, Gin & Tonic.

    Superpower: Linguistically dicing racists to shreds.

    Sup, y'all.

  2. Name: Dennis R. Upkins, Denny

    Codename(s): Neo-Prodigy, Seraph, Uryel,

    Poison(s) of choice: Coca Cola. I actually don't drink.

    Duties at the bar: Designated Driver

    Superpower: Magical

    Nature: Mad Cerebral Mastermind

  3. Name: Lenoxave
    Code Name: Medusa, Supernegress
    Poison(s) of Choice: Sparkling Wine(dry), Red Stripe - Jamaican Lager
    Superpower: Leaping bullshit in a single bound
    Nature: Impatient Optimist, Snark Mistress, World Citizen

  4. Codename: Brotha Wolf

    Poison(s) of Choice: Water, Red Hawaiian Punch

    Superpower: Creation

    Nature: Quiet Storm

    1. Quiet storm indeed.

      People still drink Hawaiian Punch?

  5. j.nguyễn pops in sometimes to watch and listen, and wishes she had more of PlusSizedWomanist's superpower.

    No poison please.
    Congratulations on the 100+1!

  6. Name: leigh204

    Codename(s): Lilo, Lei, Elle "L"

    Poison(s) of choice: Cosmopolitans, Pina Coladas, Margaritas, Dacquiris, Cranberry Vodkaa, Long Island Iced Teaa (Yes, I like my frou-frou fruity drinks, okay? lol!)

    Superpower: Bullshit detector

    Nature: Empathic Altruist

    1. Damn right, girl. Show 'em how the drankin's done.

  7. Name: Peppermintstix

    Codename(s): Pepp, Ms. No Good, Slim Goody Makeba, Dame Cadillac Johnson, etc.

    Poison(s) of choice: Tej, Crispin's Cloudy Hard Cider, Baby Cham

    Duties at the bar: Reading the writing on the wall

    Superpower: Drawing pretty pictures.

    Nature: Hopeful Cynic

  8. Name: "M'

    Poisons of choice: No poisons but I love water, Sprites , 7ups, Minute Maid (diet) lemonade and Diet Crush and Tahitian treat sodas

    Superpower: Reading autobiographies, going out,surfing on the net.

    Nature: reserved,optimist

  9. ..and congratulations on your 100th followers. May you continue to be blessed with many more.

  10. Codename(s): Gib- Gibby and… ‘That Short-fat-black-guy’.

    Personal triumphs: Academy Award-winning actor and songwriter; starring beside such notables as Todd Bogswell in the 1979 Disco phenomenon, Foosball Boogey, Electric Boogaloo 2. Moreover, I played opposite Dash Riprock in the 1969 summer blockbuster, Flipper: The Untold Story.

    Superpower: Bull- Banter and Doublespeak. I'm an avid non-conformist. Being fluent in three languages (Ebonics, Pig Latin and English).

    Awards Achievement: As most of you already know, I was a 1998 Pulitzer Prize Finalist (Fiction) for the follow-up novella to Toni Morrison’s acclaimed historical novel, Beloved- entitled: Acquainted. The publication stayed atop the New York Times Best Seller List for 4 consecutive days, earning tens of twenties of dollars.

    Poison(s) of choice: Red Kool-Aid, Purple and Orange Kool-Aid; Presweetened-artificially-flavored-fruit drinks. Also, I’m addicted to Americanos with heavy cream.

    Personal pleasures: I enjoy channel surfing and online gaming (Quake 3). I enjoy sitting… reading and sitting- and sitting and reading; sometimes while eating and sitting.

    Personal failings: Compulsive liar (see Personal triumphs: Awards Achievement).
    Nature: Introvert, Humorist, Observer and Daydreamer.

  11. Name: Aisha Tayo

    Codename(s): Aiyo

    Poison(s) of choice: Rubicon, anything fruity and tropical non alcoholic

    Superpower: demi-Goddess like abilities in video gaming and very soon in real life.

    Nature: Artisic, procrastinator, witty, geeky

  12. Name: Stephanie

    Codename: IDICLOVE

    Poison: ginger ale, green tea, red wine when I feel like relaxing, and a good beer or margarita when its time to have fun.

    Superpower: unbelievable intuition

    Nature: creative, artistic, nerdy, humerous, compassionate and insightful

  13. Name: DarqBeauty

    Codename: BlackPeopleSufferFromPTSD

    Poison: Strictly herbal

    Superpower: Able to absorb knowledge at an astonishing rate.

    Nature: Darkly romantic, slightly obsessive, kind and a complete bibliophile.

    1. I don't know what the Bar would do without you.

  14. Name: Erica

    Codename(s): Girlie

    Poison(s) of choice: Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie (I can't/don't drink)

    Superpower: Able to surf the internet for hours and not grow tired.

    Nature: Artisic, Nerdy, Creative, & Kind

    Congrats!! :)

    1. That's my superpower too. I believe it's also called "addiction."

  15. Name: Amaya

    Codename: Pink

    Poison(s) of Choice: Moscato, Mojito, Hennessy w/ iced tea

    Superpower: Wordsmith & a Potions Mistress

    Nature: Cyclone

    1. Pink!!!! After all this time, that's still what I automatically call you.

      I firmly believe Black Hennessy was invented by the gods themselves.

  16. Perla Buttons8/19/11, 11:06 PM

    Name: Perla Buttons

    Poison(s) of choice: Peach soft drink (if i can find it), ginger beer. Campari and orange or Gin and sommet when I do imbibe.

    Duties at the bar: Um, I *think* I might be the only Aussie commenter here.

    Superpower: Rambling agent/perpetrator of "Political Correctness Gone Mad" as they say over here.

    Nature: Uppity, nerdy, empathetic.

    1. I think you are our resident Aussie. Keep on reppin' Down Under.

  17. Digital Coyote8/19/11, 11:59 PM

    Name: Digital Coyote

    Codename(s): Digital Coyote, DC, Kobalt, Dalai, Jinxxxx

    Poison(s) of choice: Guinness, Irish Carbombs, Midori Sour, Red Stag, Rum and Cherry Coke, Root Beer float (root beer schnapps version), Mudslides, Odin's Tipple, Black Butte Porter, Wendigo (BJ's), Früli, Scooby Snack, 4 Horsemen, Patron (silver, cafe), Bailey's and chocolate milk, Powder Hound, Blackthorn Cider, muscato champagne, dirty Tuaca, Cape Cod, Screwdriver, and Shirley Temple

    Duties at the bar: Lurking, playing pinball

    Superpower: Chemical super freak (but I still need a gun), able to outchug multiple grown men in a single carbomb

    Nature: Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies

  18. Name: Witchsistah

    Codename: Witchsistah, Mrs. Data Soong, That Mean Ol' Black Bitch

    Poisons of choice: German wine, Woodchuck cider, Lambic, Mike's Hard Lemonade

    Duties at the bar: Being INTJ and delivering shit straight with no chaser or sugar to make it all go down nicely.

    Superpowers: Being a smart, educated BW and therefore making non-Black folk feel all insecure because they can't believe they're automatically better than me. Eviscerating racist misogynists with SAT words.

    Nature: Mercurial

  19. Name: Leo Princess

    Codename(s): Leo Princess, Leo the Yardie Chick

    Poison(s) of choice: Water, fruit juice, coconut water, tea, sorrel (with and without rum).

    Duties at the bar: Stool warming, listening, 2-cents inserting a.k.a. bitching.

    Superpower: Book and art-supply hoarding.

    Nature: Introverted and introspective.

  20. Name: The Girl In Question

    Codename(s): Girl, TGIQ

    Poison(s) of choice: Buttery nipples, jack in coke, AMF, Sangria

    Duties at the bar: Learning, growing, snarking

    Superpower: Anything and everything art (Commercial art, traditional art, and performance art).

    Nature: Awkward.

  21. Name: Zoopath
    Codename: no need to abbreviate Zoopath
    Poisons of choice: Rose champagne
    Duties at the bar: marriage and relationship advice and general "amen" corner
    Superpower: Walking it like I talk it
    Nature: Awkward behind the scenes mastermind

  22. Name: Shina

    Codename: I guess y'all already know me as the Infamous Lil Sis of the site's creator. So I can be The Notorious ILS.

    Poisons of choice: WINE! Pinot Grigio & Malbec mostly.

    Duties at the bar: Scopin' on the low.

    Superpower: I'm charming & shit so people like me.

    Nature: Peacemaker

  23. but I'm ready to fight too, for the sake of peacemaking and respect-keeping. so another codename can be Yosemite Sam.

    1. I was wondering when you were gonna keep it real.

  24. Hi everyone, I've come to join the conversation.

    Name: StrangeSista

    Codename(s):AGDoren,SJoisan, and Jinx

    Poison(s) of choice: black tea and coffee

    Duties at the bar: including everyone,excluding no one

    Superpower: Storytelling

    Nature: thoughtful,serious,impish

    1. Storytelling is an awesome power. And "strange" is always welcome at the bar.

  25. Name: Motherspirit1


    Poison(s) of choice: black tea with milk

    Duties at the bar: listening and offering insight/wisdom when needed

    Superpower: Dance and design

    Nature: quiet, creative, stealth force

  26. Codename(s): Babael

    Poison(s) of choice: Ginger ale

    Duties at the bar: observational research

    Superpower: healing abilities

    Nature: Compassionate

  27. Codename(s): SpaceInvadah

    Poison(s) of choice: Water, Dr. Pepper, Tea, Milk, Coffee, Eddie Spears, and Orange Juice

    Duties at the bar: A good ol' patron and hopefully, a contributor.

    Superpower: Animation

    Nature: Eccentric, possibly bipolar, a trickster with wisdom

  28. Here, another lurker.

    Name: Dahoman X

    Codename(s): X, D.X., The X-Man

    Poison(s) of choice: Beer when I’m with my friends, champagne and fruity liquors at parties. Behind closed doors, more into exotic fruit juices than alcohol. Not to mention that severe addiction to ice-cold bissap infusion…

    Duties at the bar: Lurking in the shadow, listening and taking notes for the most part. Big, black, bald and mean-looking enough to play the bouncer if need be.

    Superpower: Innate ability to detect draptos posing as Blacks on POC’s blogs and forums. 100% immunity to WWT. Superhuman patience when dealing with individuals (White, Blacks & all colors in-between) who actually believe that caricature of Africa they see in western media.

    Nature: Black super-hero

    Have a drink on me.

    1. Same goes for you. If you gon' be the bouncer, then I need to see-more ass-kicking on the posts about politicians.

  29. I decided to step into the light..........

    Name: Ron

    Codename: Nightshade

    Duties at the bar: Listening to people smarter than me; being ready to step in with a razor-sharp wit if called upon.

    Nature: Quiet and thoughtful; completely fearless in any setting where the mind is the weapon of choice; absolutely no fear of strong black women; no patience for weak black men.

    Poison of choice; Colombian coffee: HOT

  30. Might as well introduce myself

    Name: Lifecoaster

    Codename: Lifecoaster

    Poisons: Pina coladas, sangrias, margaritas, sangritas, and kamikazes.

    Duties at the bar: Learning, lurking, and just being a happy patron. :-)

    Superpowers: The ability to be sweet and respectful while calling people on their bullshit. Also, I can tell the difference between someone who doesn't know better and plain horseassery.

    Nature: Quiet, polite observer who is anti-drama.

    Nice to meet you all.

  31. We crossed paths once or twice, but I figure it's time.

    Name: I am the Crafts Lady

    Code names(s): AineXenon & SciFi DreamWeaver

    Poisons: Absinthe prepared Bohemian style, seaweed snacks, fluffy pink flowers, and damn good cupcakes... not that sugary shit that tastes like it comes out of a box.

    Duties at the bar: occasional patron

    Superpowers: I can "Martha Stewart" my ass off with my mad crafting skills. All projects are done for the Eclectic PoC in mind. If I see something fucked up, I'm ready to speak a brief unpopular opinion but won't stick around to stir up drama.

    Nature: Quiet, I get mind-tingly when I read hard hitting truths.

  32. Name: sepultura13

    Codename(s): Sepultura, Kali, Blackphoenix

    Poison(s) of choice: Kingpin, Dead Guy, or Arrogant Bastard Ale; Bailey's Irish Cream w/ coffee, Mogen David Blackberry wine - otherwise, green tea or lemon ginger

    Superpower: Wordcruncher and devourer of books; Geekette extraordinaire!

    Nature: A fiery elemental force, a tempered sword, a diamond in the rough.

  33. Name:Princesssookeh

    Codename: silvercell3 on LJ

    Poison(s) of choice: Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit juice, green tea.

    Superpower:...*shrug* reading is awesome

    Nature: Idk

    1. Juice and tea? *sigh* Here's an iced citrus-flavored green tea, on the house.

  34. truthbetold5/1/12, 12:39 PM

    Name: Truthbetold

    Codename: Truthbetold

    Poison(s) : Macaroons from the Macaron Cafe in NY, coffee, Ben and Jerry's Heath bar Coffee crunch ice cream, Red wine, Sour Gummie Worms

    Superpowers: Raw honesty, Empathy, Quiet Strength( My Lakota name), detection of bullshit from dishonest people.

    Nature: Introverted, quiet yet intensly aware of everything.

    1. You've been talking more often. Keep it up.

  35. Hello, everyone.

    Name: Rocknrollsista

    Codename :Rocknrollsista

    Poison(s): Sprinkles cupcakes from Ny, soy milk and organic food

    Superpowers:Creation, knowledge and writing.

    Duties at the bar: patron ,listener and contributed.

    Nature: I am a dreamer, bookworm and organic foods diva.

    1. You have tendency to get trapped in the spam blocker. Don't know why, but I'm keeping an extra special lookout for you, just in case anymore comments go missing.

  36. Greetings,

    Name: Fashionista

    Codename: Fashionista

    Poison(s): Soft-batch Chocolate Chip Cookies; Raspberry Lemonade; Pinot Grigio

    Superpowers: Energetic; Imaginative

    Duties at the bar: Listener; Supporter; Patron

    Nature: Analytical; Quiet

  37. Name: Charise

    Codename(s): Reesechan, Reese, Cat eyes, DN

    Poison(s) of choice: Singapore Sling (if they make it right), otherwise I don't drink really.

    Superpower: Ability to read a person (weather I would like you or not) within 30 seconds. Uncanny radar and luck with Sexy. Ability that the students love me anyway even though I am the strict teacher. Make someone more informed on something when they are trying to take advantage of my niceness, they have entitlement issues or have no idea what the hell they are talking about in a way with no cursing.

    Nature: Straight forward and to the point. Always smiling, go with the flow. Quiet before the storm when I get pissed.

  38. I never did goes...
    Name: Andrea
    Codename: nicthommi
    Poison(s) of choice: Riesling, Mosel, Icewine, Lambic, Hard Cider, occasional mixed drink
    Superpower: Honesty that is sharp like a knife. Hold facts like an Encyclopedia and constantly adding more. So in an argument, you had better do your homeowork or you will be demolished and humiliated. People tend to like me even when I don't like them, and they can't tell that unless I want them too. Unafraid to talk straight to ignorant folks
    Nature: Very honest...some people think I'm unfiltered but I played chess for years as a kid so if I've decided to say something to you, it's actually been quite well thought-out and it's something that you really need to know. If you are really unimportant to me, I'll ignore you, which some people mistake as shyness. I'm actually an extrovert but only for people who I think are worth it(so sometimes I like to observe people before jumping in). If you cross me, we are done...there is no statute of limitations on that, so you cannot skip up to me 3,5,10 years later and assume that we are now "cool" again.

  39. Hello, I'm La Reyna. My real name is Stephanie Baldwin. La Reyna is my pen name. I'm a 41 y.o. Black woman from Dayton, Ohio. Please check out my blog, Journal de la Reyna soon. Thank you.

    La Reyna(Stephaie Baldwin)


  40. Name: kind of like the mona lisa

    Codenames: kind of like the mona lisa, r.

    Poison: Riesling, Moscato, Margaritas, Mojitos, and pretty much any mixed drink with rum or tequila

    Superpower: Still working on that . . .

    Nature: laid-back, reserved with streaks of extroversion; honest; kind; fun-loving; sort of bookish

  41. Name: Cold Ink

    Codename(s): Ink, C.Ink

    Poison(s) of choice: Mixed drinks, usually sweet and weak because I am a light weight.

    Superpowers: Common sense and foresight. Spider magnetism.

    Nature: Quiet, nerdy, thoughtful.

  42. As usual, I'm late to the party, but this sounds like too much fun not to do.

    Name: Susan

    Codename(s): tehnoun (misspelling totally intentional, honest), TheNoun (when I feel like being incorrectly grammatically correct)

    Poison(s) of choice: Tsk tsk, it's illegal for me to drink... not that that stops me, mind you.

    Duties at the bar: Stand-up comedy and terrible singing

    Superpower: Comedy, sarcasm, and level grinding

    Nature: A true fake geek girl

  43. For the last few who introduced themselves...I'm so sorry I didn't comment. I love you all! (Tehnoun, bring yo ass back to the Bar....).


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