And Where the Hell Were You?

"Blessed is he who preferreth his brother before himself."

~ Baha'i Faith

People, be honest.

You don't care if the police are harassing, brutalizing, and killing unarmed, innocent long as it's not happening to you and yours.

You don't care if large percent of a specified population is below the poverty long as that population doesn't include you.

You don't care if kids are going without food, shelter, academic encouragement, and healthy long as it's not your kids.

You don't care about the aches and pains of humanity, so long as they're not plaguing you.

All you have to do is shut your door, close your blinds, shut off the TV, and block out the misery of someone else's world.  It's easy to ignore other people's pain.  It's even easier simply to blame it all on them, so that you don't feel obligated to do anything.

And it's easy to lie...oh, it's so very easy to lie to yourself and others when the truth is right before you, setting your world ablaze.

For those of you complaining about the rebellion in England, blaming the immigrants, and predictably calling for guns and police to flood your streets, tell me...what will you do when that innocent bystander is finally you?  Because it'll happen.  Don't think because you're white, it won't happen.  Don't think because you have a job or are in school, it won't happen.  Don't think because you're from the good side of town, it won't happen.  Sooner or later, it starts to happen to everyone.  What are you going to do when it's you?

You're yelling at these children, calling them criminals and savages, denouncing their lawlessness and disrespect for the public, but not once are you asking, "Who started it?"  Politicians are supposed to ensure the well-being of all their people; police are supposed to serve and protect all their people, but they've failed, haven't they?  What gives a politician - any politician - the right to go on vacation when there are poor, uneducated kids in their country being harassed by police?  What gives the police the right to descend into criminal lawlessness and disrespect for the very lives of the public?

One plus one is two, ladies and gentlemen.  You're telling me that if we truly gave every single person an equal chance to live in a safe neighborhood, go to a good school, have a good-paying job, and provide for their families, that we would still be seeing what we're seeing around the world?  No.  At some point, you made compromises.  You let your leaders sell some people down the river so the rest of you could be comfortable.  You didn't think to stand up for your neighbor.  Your neighbor was too Black, too Asian, too poor, too Muslim, too female, too gay, or too uneducated for you to demand that they have the same rights and comforts you have.  You changed the channel when you heard news of your neighbors' murders at the hands of public servants.  You were content to let your leaders run unchecked, robbing some and bribing others, and now you have the audacity to be upset that it's come back to haunt you.

Where was your torch when Duggan went down?  Where was your howl of anger, your candlelight vigil, your demands for the heads of the ones who killed him?  Where were you when those before him went down? How many channels did you flip by in months and years past when a young face flashed across the screen, while some soulless talking head rattled off his name as though he were some random casualty in a distant war?

You cry about what's happening, but what did you do to prevent it?  Despite the lies of Western individualism, you are responsible.  Social injustice is not meant to go unchallenged simply because it happens to someone else.  It does not matter if you are not the one initially being harmed.  If your neighbor loses a child, you should weep.  If your neighbor is robbed, you should be enraged.  And if your neighbor must go to war, you should be their comrade.

Here you are at the crossroads again.  Your miserable excuse for leaders are trying to win back your good graces.  Tell them what you want.  Do you want more armed police haunting your streets?  Do you want your internet access monitored more tightly?  Because when leaders take liberties, they do not take those of the poor alone.  Your freedoms and rights will be snatched along with theirs.

Put your leaders in check.  Demand they do what they're supposed to, and demand that they do it for everyone.  Tell them this is their final warning, otherwise the next time, you will help set a blaze that will rewrite your nation's entire history.


  1. I don't know why, but I read the comments of different articles covering the London (and surrounding area) riots and there were so many proclaiming that these thugs get jobs and do something productive for their society. #1, WHAT FUCKING JOBS? The imaginary ones those corporations made? #2, Why slave away for a wage that you can just barely live on for a society that has proved time and time again that they don't give a fuck?

    I'm gonna be graduating college soon and people (older, I might add) are asking me if I'm excited. For what? To take my useless degree to companies who will lay me off within a month if I even get hired? To live with my mom for another ten years because I can't afford to live in my shit hole of a city? To begin my life long repayment of student loans that my children will probably have to pay along with theirs?

    With the way the world is taking a nosedive into hell, I know I will still be blamed for my failures.

    Sorry for the rambling but it's been on my mind for a while and I've been generally agitated for a while now.

  2. Its the typical mentality sadly. Just like the recession in America it had hit African Americans and Latinos first and the news never reported it. However, once it hit the whites, suddenly it was getting news coverage and the cry was being made to do something about it.

  3. Sorry for the rambling but it's been on my mind for a while and I've been generally agitated for a while now.

    As you can see, you're not alone.

  4. Out we come with guns blazing. I'm glad you're not singing peace and prosperity over here. I'm still freaked out about Oscar Grant and Sean Bell....the fire is still there. How many more? Hope America is paying attn. GOP... (*points)

    And better late than never, -_-

    stupid fool. Sorry if I'm incoherent, I think we're all quite agitated.

  5. Great post Ankhesen. You definitely summed up the position of most people (white and some Black) in the UK. When you listen to the typical government and media commentary this is EXACTLY the type of non-caring, get tough, avoidance mindset they all have adopted. But its the people of the communities directly affected who seem the worst. Repeating this revenge and swift punishment mantra of the ruling rich and privileged elites.

    This is definitely a wake up call to every person in the UK. And over the coming months it will interesting to see just who has listened and responded to this message. One thing is for certain it won't be the present government or the opposition. Which is GOOD!!! Because it will probably be their downfall and herald in the positive new change the protesters and rioters will have unconsciously brought into view.

  6. I wish everyone could read this. All those people calling all the rioters scum and comparing them to dogs can stfu. If you want to treat the poor like animals then don't complain when they get up and bite you.

    Everyone who chooses to pretend that the underclasses don't exist do it at their own expense. The police thought Mark Duggan was another black man they could shoot in the streets and forget and because of that mistake his name is now known all over the globe. The oppressed classes can't go ignored forever.

  7. Wow... K, you should be heard 'round the country, 'round the world. Powerful.

  8. Everyone who chooses to pretend that the underclasses don't exist do it at their own expense. The police thought Mark Duggan was another black man they could shoot in the streets and forget and because of that mistake his name is now known all over the globe. The oppressed classes can't go ignored forever.


    Damn right

  9. Reporter Andrew Gilligan wrote in the Daily Telegraph: "Here in court, as David Cameron condemned the 'sickness' in parts of British society, we saw clearly, for the first time, the face of the riot: stripped of its hoods and masks, dressed in white prison T-shirts and handcuffed to burly security guards.

    "It was rather different from the one we had been expecting."

    He added of the defendants at Highbury Magistrates Court in north London: "Most were teenagers or in their early twenties, but a surprising number were older.

    "Most interestingly of all, they were predominantly white, and many had jobs."

    Britain is in some serious fucking denial about its problems.

  10. Mm-hm. Nods. History in the making.

    2011 England Riots.

    The Reactions section is total bullshit, of course.

    And pssssst - evicting people and slashing their benefits is most likely not the way to go. If you think they're mad now....

  11. "Lifeguard Aaron Mulholland, 30, wept as he appeared in court accused of joining thieves in a cell phone shop, the Daily Mail reported."

    So even though he was caught stealing he was just joining in with the "real thieves" but is an innocent white male who deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  12. Aaron Mulholland, 30, wept as he appeared in court

    WTF? We have White Man's Tears to contend with now?

  13. The problems in England, America, and the rest of the world can no longer be covered up.

    When you sweep dust under the rug, you won't see it anymore. So, you do it more often. Before long, you see lumps and bumps in the rug. So, you flatten it out. After a while, you see that the dust has accumulated so much that you can see it. The rug can no longer cover it up. In the end the dust seeps out and the floor looks like hell.

  14. Also, Ankhesen, I think this article might be of interest to you. I was wondering what you have to say about this:

  15. @ Brotha Wolf

    On the one hand, Nutter sounds reasonable. He brings up libraries, recreation centers, a curfew, and is intent on invoking parental involvement.

    However...Nutter's problem is similar to Cameron's problem: inequality. Nutter wants to get the parents involved, but are those parents getting laid off? Are they stressing over bills? Are they last hired, first fired? If so, Nutter will need to address THAT first.


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