Contemplating "White American Individuality"

All right, Ankhesenologists; you've played this sort of game before

Whether you prefer to call it "whitespeech" or "sloganspeak", we've all become intimately familiar with white American lines.  We hear and read them all the time.  It's like they're following a script that gets updated every few years and is routinely issued through the White Chamber.

And while 99.999% of the white people you meet/read all say these things, 100% insist they are unconditioned individuals.  When you stop to think about it, it's pretty funny.

I'll start, and you add the ones I miss.

The Classics
"I'm not a racist, but...."

"I don't mean to sound racist/prejudiced, but..."

"My ancestors never own slaves."

"You can't judge the people of that time."

"Martin Luther King, Jr. said [insert MLK quote from before 1963]."

"In my heart, I know I am not a racist."

"...playing the race card..."

"I have [insert POC] friends."

"I apologize if anyone was hurt or offended by my statements. That was not my intention."

"Slavery, racism, and segregation are in the past. We shouldn't talk about them anymore. Talking about racism is what keeps it alive."
The Up and Coming
"...Freedom of Speech..."

"...Diversity of Opinion..."

"Just because it's an unfortunate and inconvenient truth, doesn't make it any less true."

"I just find [insert TV/film interracial/POC couple] inauthentic."

"I just don't think [insert TV/film interracial/POC couple] have any chemistry."

"I'm not racist; I just think [insert female character of color] is boring/bitchy/doesn't belong."

"My ancestors died for this (Confuckerate) flag."

"We live in a post-racial society."

"We need to help black people reclaim the word 'nigga.'"

"We (white people) are just as qualified to speak about racism as people of color."

Any hipster racism joke.

"Political correctness is running amok."

" own country..."

"Just because I express a personal opinion/preference doesn't make me racist."

"I'm white; I can't help it."

"Do you see me as a racist? Or as a white female who loves black males?"
And last but not least, a personal favorite of mine:

Oh, wait...that's the Borg.

Anyhoo, you catch my drift.



  1. Awwwww grrrrrrrrrrl!!!!!!!

    Oh we're playing that game? OH HELL YES! Challenge accepted.

    Let me pull out some of my favorites:

    [places on glacess and pulls out list from blazer. The list actually rolls for several yards]

    I don't know anything about this particular subject, but I'm going to argue with you and tell you why you're wrong.

    Prove it to me. Prove to me that [racism/misogyny/homophobia/etc] exists. Show me your evidence and convince me. And if I don't believe it, it didn't happen.

    The Rosewood Tactic: White women get called out on their racism and homophobia and then cry white woman tears and cry how queer men/men of color are mansplaining and oppressing them.

    I didn't read the post we're discussing but I'm going to argue about it anyway.

    You're saying I have white privilege? I WASN'T BORN IN A MANSION, flying in a jet with diamonds and pearls raining down on me.

    You speak so well. You're not like the rest of black people. You're clearly not influenced by black culture.

    I'm racist? You're just oppressing me because I'm a white woman/white gay man. You're the misogynist/homophobe.

    Maybe the racism is because you have a chip on your shoulder/low self-esteem/it's all in your head.

    I'm not a racist, I sleep with POCs all of the time [even though I wouldn't date one or be seen with them in public].


    As told to countless queer POCs who speak out on LGBTQ issues, "YOU DON'T SPEAK FOR THIS COMMUNITY. YOU'RE NOT EVEN A QUEER PERSON!!!!!"

    Obama scares me. I think he has an agenda.

    Why are you being so upset? You're getting too emotional I simply said that [insert racist opinion of your choice]. Why are you throwing up your arms and walking away? Why can't we just have an honest civil conversation.

    It was the War of Northern Aggression/Southern Independence.

    Wait, you're saying WOC deal with racism AND misogyny?

    The North is just as racist as us Southerners.

    Most white peepul didn't even own slaves.

    And while discussing bigotry and intersecting oppressions, you can always count on a white person to ask, "Can we not bring race into the discussion."

    I'll continue to post as they come to me.

  2. True story, it never ceases to amaze me how the people who swear up and down how individual they are, how different they are; are the same people who are saying the same damn thing over and over.

    And then get mad when you have the audacity to suggest that they are anything but original.

    It's amazing in that holy crap batman epic fail kind of way.

  3. I don't know anything about this particular subject, but I'm going to argue with you and tell you why you're wrong.

    Prove it to me. Prove to me that [racism/misogyny/homophobia/etc] exists. Show me your evidence and convince me. And if I don't believe it, it didn't happen.

    And while discussing bigotry and intersecting oppressions, you can always count on a white person to ask, "Can we not bring race into the discussion."

    I can't believe I forgot these!!! They are total classics!

    And this:

    "Obama scares me. I think he has an agenda."

    Is bona fide. Man's been in office since 2009 and the agenda ain't kicked in yet...but it's there!!!!

  4. I have some:

    "Black people commit the most crimes in this country even though they're a minority in this nation."

    "Black people are more racist against white people. After all, they bring it up all the time when we really need to just forget it, ignore it, and hope that it will go away."

    "Black-on-white happens more often than white-on-black or even black-on-black.

    Statistics argument: Whites use statistics to support their claims that blacks commit more crimes against whites, and the statistics are drummed up or highly exaggerated. For example, and I've seen it, black people are 600 times more like to attack a white person than vice versa.

    "Of course black people commit more crimes. Look at the news!"

    "White people are superior in intelligence (proven by I.Q. tests) and are less criminal (proven by numbers they made up)."

  5. And he comes out swangin'!!!

  6. I'm sorry, I made an error in one of my points. I meant to type:

    Statistics argument: Whites use statistics to support their claims that blacks commit more crimes against whites, and the statistics are drummed up or highly exaggerated. For example, and I've seen it, black people are 600 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa.

  7. "First… calm down; let’s discuss this thing rationally. I’m simply stating the statistical data appears to refute your assertions on race."

    "Look- the Irish were just as oppressed as any black slave, so cry me river buddy."

    "Racist? I’m sorry you took offense to my statement."

    "Hey, we all live in the same world…"

    "Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck might be morons yes- but they’re no more racist than I."

    "I don’t hate him because he’s black... I just don’t like his politics."

    "Show me his birth certificate… what are you afraid of?" (Obama releases the darned thing and then…)

    "You still can’t convince me his long-form birth certificate is genuine; looks doctored to me. It’s a conspiracy I tell ya!"

    "I’m not racist but, Black people got BET..if white people had WET it would be racist."

    "If 98% of Blacks Vote for Obama, isn't this considered racist?"

  8. @ M. Gibson're killing me.

  9. "I don't think it's fair that Black people get to say nigger but I can't."

  10. Something tells me I'm going to get fan letters riddled with drone-speak for this.

  11. "Obama scares me. He has an agenda"

    Ha Ha I'm having fun with this. I once had a dispute with this White man on a Muslim American website. He had those same thoughts.. Justifying the racism from the Tea Partiers.. calling Obama a Communist etc.

    Near the end, he had the audacity to say that Dr. King was a Republican who would have approved of this party.Yes, Dr. King was a Republican and I just thought what he said was terrible. Dr. King has been dead for many decades and we may not known what he would have been on his mind, but I'm quite sure that if the man was around today he wouldn't be for pro-racists like the Tea Party and with his immediate family, the were all Democrats. Besides, when his niece spoke on behalf of the Tea Party,she didn't get too much love from us and her cousins were embarrassed by her. That should have told that dimwit something right there.Another classic quote, again related to that he wanted to tell people how friendly the Tea Party movement was. You know that favorite quote" We have Black Tea Party members in our movement" YAAAYYY..." Was I really supposed to be impressed with that?!all his excuses reminded me of another classic quote
    that is on here" I'm not racist. I have Black friends..." year to fill in their racial quotas.

  12. *Hearing someone describe you*
    "They're black. Not ghetto black, though."

    "[POC] should just rise above it and ignore racism."

    "White men are the most oppressed group in this country."

    *Referring to a black girl's hair that is slightly ratty or needs to be brushed, regardless of texture*
    "Their hair is so nappy!"

    "Why can't we have a White Student Union?"

    "I would never date a [insert POC of non-choice here]...I'm not racist, though!"

    "I'm not a [POC], but I can imagine that I am, and I wouldn't be offended."

    "Affirmative action is RACIST!"

    "That's not racist! It's in the name of comedy! Stop trying to censor us!"

  13. Oh, also, my response to ALL of these quotes is usually, "You sound white."

  14. See, this is why I call them drones. This is a lot of stuff - and I'm sure folks will write in some more!!!

    They don't remember this stuff; their minds have been conditioned to simply generate it on cue.

    And depending upon how you look at it, or what mood you're in, it's sad, disturbing, or really, really funny.

  15. Ankhesen Mié said...
    Oh, wait; that's the Borg. Silly me!!! catch my drift.

    Oh Dearest- we do Think Alike.

    “It’s an indictment of the Anglo mindset- a tragic fusion of racism and manifest destiny on a global scale. Fated by providence to expand his ambitions, he navigates the savage continents, subjugating people of color wherever they may dwell. Much like the fictional Borg of star trek, “we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

    Ostensibly, we will descend upon your borders and we will annex your lands; your valiant struggle to preserve your history and culture is irrelevant. For we are 'The Whites'. (Er... I mean Borg)

  16. Finally, someone mentioned my Borg reference!!!!

  17. Ankhesen Mié said...
    Finally, someone mentioned my Borg reference!!!!

    Been thinking about this for years. The similarities are unsettling. Here we have a box full of pale white people with a leather fetish, invading civilizations and urging conformance. Compelling you to abandon both your history and your culture in favor of the dominate ethos. Upon compliance you’re hereby Americanized. Some of us have even gone as far as to bleach our skin to get the desired effect.

  18. Been thinking about this for years. The similarities are unsettling. Here we have a box full of pale white people with a leather fetish, invading civilizations and urging conformance. Compelling you to abandon both your history and your culture in favor of the dominate ethos.

    So much for my insightfulness. The comparison only struck me recently.

  19. "I don't like the term 'African American'. We're all just American." - I almost forgot that one.

  20. Ankhesen Mié said...
    So much for my insightfulness. The comparison only struck me recently.

    They also force their warped sense of perfection on others; namely their standards of beauty. Darn those Borg.

  21. "Do you see me as a racist? Or as a white female who loves black males?"

    Lol... what?

  22. @ Pajamas

    My sentiments exactly.

  23. "Actually, he's the first biracial president. His mom was white, ya know."

    "She's so pretty, is she mixed?"
    -"God, I was just curious, she looked like she could be something else, too."
    -"What? I can admit that mixed people are prettier than white people, too! See?"

    "You should be complimented that someone is so interested in your culture."

    "If everyone *only* participated in their own culture that would be sooo boring."

    {re: black Miss Denmark]- "Would people like it if there was a blonde, blue eyed Miss China? The contestant should represent [Italian/Swedish/British, etc.] beauty."

    "He's not black, he's actually Puerto Rican, duh."

    "Marianne Pearl CHOSE Angelina Jolie for the part. Don't you think that sums it up?"

    "How come everyone's mad about Avatar, but not about Idris Elba in Thor?"

    "Hmm... it's debateable." [on whether Lena Horne was black, actually overheard this watching the Oscars at my school]

  24. Aw man! Everyone got the Obama-commie, agenda, worst president ever, birth certificates and "first black president" ones in before me!

    Here are some of the comments people have made in my presence.

    "Living here without documents IS illegal. They ARE breaking the law."

    "Cops arrest more black people than they do anyone else, so if they pull someone over who's in a big 'hooptie' [who says this shit anymore? really?!] with rims, they do stand a good chance of catching someone who has committed a crime."

    "Isn't it racist that you want to teach 'minority' literature all year without covering any white literature?"

    "What about white history?"

    "Martin Luther King Jr. was a womanizer."

    "Everyone should HAVE to pledge allegiance to the flag."

    "This girl I know said that if Casey Anthony were black she would have been dead already. I just had to roll my eyes. Hello! OJ Simpson got off too."

  25. Ho Hum, everyone knows that ALL CRIMES ARE HATE CRIMES.

    Everyone's a little racist.

    I'm 1/196 Pretendian princess, and I'm not offended by Thanksgiving.

    Can I touch your hair?

    Is that your real hair?

    It's so easy being black. You just have everything handed to you.

    You're intolerant of people who are intolerant, THAT'S INTOLERANCE.

    You just can't handle people who disagree with you.

    The South was going to free the slaves eventually.

    You're not black. You're African-American.

    I watch Anime and listen to J-Pop, I'm an honorary Asian person. TRU FAX! TRU FAX!!!!!!

    Because homophobia is far worse in the black community.

    Why are the black girls so jealous of me?

    The only true race is the HUMAN RACE.

    Race doesn't exist. It's totally a construct.

    Why would the cops frame OJ? Police officers don't do that! [oh yes I just went old school on you]

    You listen to rock music, straighten your hair, and you're in AP classes, why are you acting so white?

    Did you just accuse me of being racist? THAT'S THE MOST OFFENSIVE THING YOU CAN CALL SOMEONE (even more offensive than the act itself)

    And my fellow queer POCs can feel me on this one:


  26. Perla Buttons7/12/11, 2:22 AM

    OK,lemme try:

    "If the media/TV talked about Asians, Indigenous people or gay people the same way they treat vegetarians and vegans, they wouldn't get away with it! There would be hell to pay!"

    "If we ignore racism it will go away. Sticks and stones will break my bones..."

    "Speaking out against racist words and sentiments just gives them power!"

    "You have to tell about where you're from.* I'm just European in descent! It's so boring!**"

    "[Mixed race people] are either really pretty or really ugly!"

    "They don't look that Indigenous to me! They're just saying they are to get special treatment!"

    *I'm too brown to be local, obvs.

    **Except when they wanna complain about non-white people threatening "Australian culture."

  27. A few "favorites" from my second line of work as a BW who performs Middle Eastern dance:

    *If it wasn't for us, this dance would have died a long time ago!

    *We took this dance and made it better!

    *I don't know know why the owner won't hire black dancers here...

  28. *I don't know know why the owner won't hire black dancers here...

    They don't realize you're black?

  29. Unfair you lot took all my ones. oh well I do have one.

    White girl: I'm not racist I'm friends with you.

    Me: Since when the fuck were we friends? If we were we aren't anymore.

    white girl: Is this because I'm with D? I had a feeling you would be jealous.

  30. [i]They don't realize you're black?[/i]

    Apparently not. Sometimes I honestly think that they think I must be "spehshul". You know, that rare black woman that can actually perform the dance with a native quality, but at the same time I should be because I'm black.

    *rolls eyes*

    And I can't believe that I've forgotten the all-time favorite every black dancer has ever heard...

    *You have to be blond haired and blue-eyed to perform this dance!

    And some others that I remembered while grabbing a quick smoothie...

    *My new boyfriend is Middle Eastern and now that I am dating and sleeping with him, I know all about the dance and culture!

    *I am so happy to have slept with an Egyptian and Turkish man so that I can have two an Egyptian child and a Turkish child! [No joke! Actually said it.]

    *Now that I am married to an Arab man, I am Arab too! And his family adores me so much!

    *I have 1/1,000,000,000,000th Arab ancestry in me! So that automatically makes me a good dancer! You know because its in my blood...

    *Why should I hire a black dancer? All they do are the booty dances like the ones they do in the videos.

    Oh Ankhesen, you have no idea! The racism in Middle Eastern dance is quite unbelievable.

    1. O_O holy fuck. As a dancer that does piss me off.
      However there's a lot of racism towards people who do martial arts. I remember when I got this "Why do you do Capoeira you're not even and fucking N word, you're a fucking 'Chink'" ...Oooooooooooooooh I was pissed I almost went to do a Compasso (it's a kick) and compasso him in the throat.

      That level of ignorance made my mixed blood boil; cause not only did you say the N word, but you called me a 'Chink' I don't like being called any Asian derogatory slur no matter how much Asian I am. It doesn't fucking matter just because I'm part Asian didn't give this mother fucker the right to call me ANY SLUR that pertained to my heritage.

      I love this one too " Why do you like Hip Hop/ Rap/etc. You're not even black"'s like excuse me for having an open mind and good music taste. I like pretty much everything except Country and a lot of American pop.

      This one too" Aren't you Asian aren't you supposed to have small breasts" ( he said other things about curves)OH MY FUCKING GOD.......I told the guy" Ooooh no no no no no no I'm EURASIAN and proud I love my breasts, my ass and hips thank you. And no not every Asian woman has small breasts that's a generalization; and it makes you look like a dumb fuck". ( and I was literally thinking this too; have you not seen Vietnamese, Thai, Korean,etc ((a bunch of different Asian races that don't always have small breasts or small hips and ass)) The level of idiocy fucking amazed me ...I can't even tell you how shocked I was at the level of idiocy that was demonstrated.

      This one: " You'd be more beautiful if you were blonde" sorry but my complexion would never allow me to be blonde and look good. I'm sorry I don't want to look like a Barbie Doll I'm not plastic. I rather love my natural hair color which happens to be black. I'm sorry but the example of or vision of beauty should not be blonde hair blue eyed and Caucasian. Every race should be considered beautiful regardless.

      this too: " Native American's should just get over it, we're not nasty to them now they have no reason to be mad at us now" and this is where I go off" OOOH yes they do, they were here first do you remember the trail of tears many innocent people died.Then they were shoved into reservations treated like shit. They were looked down on just because of their skin how would you feel if someone decided to hate you because of your skin color. Think about that shit before you talk".

      People are un- fucking- believable

  31. "We need to help black people reclaim the word 'nigga.'" --Someone said this? For real???

    Ok, growing up in "Alternative Culture":
    "You're black but you're not 'black' black"

    "How do you know this song?"

    "Why do black people do..."

    "I'm starting to get a ghetto booty" (white girls LOVE this one)

    "I can totally say nigga. It doesn't matter."

    "Do you mind if I sing the N*word during rap songs?"(one of my favorites)

    "So when my black friend touches me I like to go 'Aids! Aids!'its really funny" (I shit you not.)

    "Is that weave? Can I feel it? I saw it on America's Next Top Model"(I still believe Tyra Banks and her shows have sent black women back some steps)

    "So I whooped this black girl's ass. She thought she could fight but I know how to throw down."

    "Black people can be goths?"

    "My black eyeliner doesn't show up on you because you're black duh." (it was just cheap)

  32. Allow me to state for that record that if you are drone...then, um, no...we can't be friends.

  33. I have a few more:

    "Do you love America? If you do, then stop complaining!"

    "I'm colorblind."

    "You people commit most crimes in this country. Why can't you people just behave?"

    "You are so articulate for a black person."

    "Are you Chinese or Japanese?"

    "Like, this is so ghetto."

    "You're not like the black people I see on TV."

    "You see racism in everything! God!"

    "I heard you black guys are good in bed because you have bigger dicks."

  34. @ Brotha Wolf

    Those definitely fall under "classics."

  35. Hahaha. What's sad is I've heard every single one of these before.

    I find the "you're not black" shit from white people (whether they are talking about you physically or your personality/interests) particularly insulting. As if they know what it means to be black in the first damn place.

  36. O_O

    I think I'll stay right here in Jamrock.

  37. These are all so spot on. My favorites are the" you speak so well for a black person"(what the heck does that even mean?) And" you aren't like all those other black women". I was told that by a friends girlfriend. She actually thought she was complimenting me. Oh and I hate when im occasionally complimented for my full lips and white people say they are" so full,kinda like angelina jolie" I have nothing against angelina, but lots of women of color have had full lips for years and years.

  38. "You can go through your life being angry, or you can let the past go" ~ can't believe I forgot that one!!!

  39. How could I have forgotten this one? I've seen it used by POC and white people alike all over the net:

    "Since humans originated in Africa, that means we're all African. We're all one race." <_<

    Feel free to add others like "we're all the same, we just look different, etc" to that statement.

  40. "Loud, fat, ghetto, black women" - this is gaining HUGE popularity amongst drones. Also amongst non-black POC who fear their fandoms & men are at stake.

  41. Ooh ooh ooh; and "our way of life".

    Now THERE'S a classic.

  42. You guys have been having all the fun.
    I've heard so many of these in real life. lol.

  43. @ idiclove:

    You and me both on the Angelina Jolie comparisons. What is up with that? Black women can just have ours anymore? Shit, we've had all human features imaginable for centuries, but let white people control media and then people think what they come up with is new.

  44. That(upper middle class black and Jewish) suburb is dangerous/full of gang bangers

    NBA players are thugs!

    Why did the cop pull you over if you weren't doing anything wrong?

    *touches my hair without permission* then comments on it

    I saw the movie Good Hair, I am now an expert on black women

    *selects every race but Black and Middle Eastern on their dating profile*

    What about the Koran makes Muslims so violent? You don't see Christian's killing people!

    It must be so nice for you to not have to tan

    "If I had a dime for every time I was called a nigger lover" and referring to my mother as the nigger of the family THANKS GRANDMA

    Do you know your father?

    I rather not jump to conclusions and say that person is racist and/or homophobic.

    Non black people reclaiming nigga *side eye deluxe*

    Black women don't have to worry about their weight/think being obese is good (no dumb ass we think curves are good)

    It is racist to call biracial people black, black people always want to claim everyone!

    They are not racist, they are just rude

    She's not black she's Latina

    She's not fully black, she has long hair

    That black female character forced herself on that white male character!

    I pictured [white actor] playing [non white character] when I read the book

    The civil war was about State Rights!

    Antebellum South reenactments

    It will be easy for you to get hired and/or accepted to college ... you're a black woman!

    It is racist for non white people to self segregate!

  45. @modest-goddess, I feel you on the comment about college. I was told once by a woman at my school that it must be so stress free for me knowing that affirmative action got me into college so I didn't have to work as hard. I wanted to punch her in the face so badly,but I didn't. Instead I felt sorry for her that she possessed a level of ignorance no amount of education could cure. And im not going to even touch the latina not black thing that I've heared waaayyy too often recently. Guess I should tell some of the black hispanic people I know that they are having an identity crisis when they call themselves black. Also a big LOL to the" that black female character forced herself onto the white male character" statement. I've been reading comments like that online alot recently and it makes me wonder if some folks are either in denial, delusional or have comprehension issues. I swear somedays I think we are going backwards not forward when it comes to race issues/discussions

  46. *selects every race but Black and Middle Eastern on their dating profile*

    *Does black and Middle Eastern women a huge favor*

    I was told once by a woman at my school that it must be so stress free for me knowing that affirmative action got me into college so I didn't have to work as hard.


  47. Hmm!

    It seems that I've been desensitized by these "Slogans of White Ignorance", because I've heard most of these lines so many times, that I can't even rage over them anymore. I seem to be "Numb to the White Dumb." Well this "type" of white dumb at least...

  48. oohh yay!! here's one of my favsies: "Slavery was practiced in Africa too.."

    *and refers to Africa as just one whole country*

    or how bout

    "I've forgotten about/or/got over it. Maybe you should too."

    *The N word comes up and it's all eyes on you*

    "If you go around thinking that you're a second class citizen all your life, then they're gonna treat you like one." (yeah fucking right..*I'm looking at the president*)

    *A black person with a College level Vocabulary= pretentious/white/threat*

    and the classic..

    "Why do THEY get to say it and no one gets offended..but if I say it its racist"

    *It is racist for non white people to self segregate!

    i'm so sicka that one! be the ONLY black person in the room, though, and watch the whole room clear out or shift to ONE side..true story.

  49. @ krystal lyte

    I can't believe I forgot that!

    Which reminds me..."The Ancient Egyptians weren't black."

    "Ancient Egypt was a multicultural society."

  50. What about the Koran makes Muslims so violent? You don't see Christian's killing people!

    *ahem* The Crusades, The Inquisition, The Witch Trials - oh, and Tim McVeigh and Adolf Hilter were professed Christians. Which Bible were all of those cats reading?

  51. Can't believe I almost let this one go:

    "...sticks and stones", which white people utter whenever a POC objects to racially motivated insults.

  52. "So you're saying we can't be friends/go out (or you don't trust/like me) because of what I said? That's just...sad." ~ when you call a drone out for being racist.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I find this to be a big problem; People saying mixed children don't belong or should never have happened (fucking racist) and it bothers me.

    This one bugs me too: "Wow you have that many nationalities that mixed that's really dirty blood"...and that's when I say" Thank you very much; I'm mixed proud and fucking fine as hell. Dirty blood my ass". (yes I have had this happen to me personally, I'm very mixed heritage and I haven't listed all of my heritage but I don't think it's still fucking racist to say the above statement).

    @leoprincess thank you god someone shares my opinion of Christians and on what is considered 'Holy Wars'. There's no such thing as Holy and War thay just don't go together as Wars are not holy but just blind hate and greed. Least from what I've seen. I don't like the Hypocrisy of the Christian faith it's ridiculous.

    I had someone last year in a store call me a 'Jap' (yea I'm using the word I hate it and it's VERY INSULTING) I've also been called a Shovelface too (don't know what that means look it up; I had to and when I found out what it meant I was mad as hell) any token Asian Derogatory slur You name it I've probably been called it. I find it absurd; but then again Ignorance is Ignorance; all you can do is educate and hope it helps buuuuuuuuuuuut odds are it won't.


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