Contemplating "Sticks and Stones"

Why is that whenever a person of color rejects to racially motivated insults, white people counter with, "Whatever happened to 'sticks and stones'?"...yet when these same white people are called racists, they have a nervous breakdown?
I mean, seriously...whatever happened to 'sticks and stones'?
~ Ankhesen Mié



  1. Seriously. It's a crazy double standard. Blacks are supposed to turn the other cheek, be noble and all that shit and never defend themselves, meanwhile white folks lash out like the most venomous snakes the moment you defend yourself.

    See: Every damn confrontation a black woman has had with an antagonistic white woman on ANY reality show.

  2. Ankhesen Mié
    ...yet when these same white people are called racists, they have a nervous breakdown?

    When this happens they’re unable to discern how you feel. Secondly, they aren’t the least bit interested in how you feel. However, they do want you (and the world) to know how ‘they feel’ when they’re called out on racism; because it’s all about them. They want you to empathize with them-- to feel their angst as they go down a two-mile-long list explaining why they can't be racist. And pray you don't call a white woman out on her racism, for if you do expect, Those Tears...

    To call him/her out on racism when they’re so open and honest about race is just incredible!! Not to mention the far-reaching implications it would have for parents, with respect to their views on race.

    “After all the strides we’ve made in the last fifty years, culminating ‘In a Black President mind you’ and I’m racist? Dude… I called you out your name yeah; but I didn’t mean anything by it. Sticks and stones dood. Besides you black guys are always calling each other 'the N-word,' so why the thin skin?

    But me?? Racist?? I mean seriously dood...

  3. It's like a saying, "Calling a child molester 'child molester' makes him feels worse than the children he molested."

  4. Ankhesen Mié said...
    It's like a saying, "Calling a child molester 'child molester' makes him feels worse than the children he molested."

    Well aside from what he did, calling a spade a spade would simply serve no purpose. Gotta spare that fragile ego. Besides if he is a 'child molester' its certainly not his fault. We must consider mitigating factors that brought him to such lows. His upbringing for instance; sociological issues-- not to mention a fragile mental state. I mean we don't want to brand him for life now do we? The outpouring of empathy 'for the offender' stinks in one's nostrils.

  5. The reaction from racist white people that M.Gibson described is so common and predictable it is almost funny. Without fail some white dude will show up on an anti-racist site to educate the lowly POC about what racism really is and how unfair it is that he can't say the N-word. They can ignore millions of posts and comments from POC about racism they have experienced to direct the conversation to themselves and how white people are the true victims of racism.

  6. Yeah, it's a pathetic sight and it seems to trascend political views because I've seen it from right-wingers, left-wingers, and even those who are post-left. I think the worst ones are the ones who talk about how it's only about class. Not because class shouldn't be addressed at all, but because they can't seem to understand that class and race intertwine in the USA (my personal experience; can't speak for other countries).

    This is a little off-topic, but look at this: Brief&utm_campaign=daily_brief

    The rationalizations in the comments are just fascinating. To me, it's like having a soccer game where the team wins 3-2 and then making the score 3-5 because the other team had weaker players. I'm no fan of the concept of school, but this was blatant BS.


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