Underappreciated Actress of Color #51: Robin Givens

Not-so-fun fact: while you're scraping to find POC in films and TV shows, you'll be horrified - like Moi - to find that many of our dearly beloveds actually stay busy.  Their films just aren't talked about, we don't see them in theaters, and if it's TV they're doing, well...can you spell "imminent premature cancellation"?

Take Miss Thang, right here.  I've been a fan of Robin Simone Givens since her brief stint on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  She just had this je ne sais quois which kept me wondering about her through the years.

Born in 1964, she's a bona fide New Yorker.  Turns out, when she was 15, she enrolled in Sarah Lawrence College.  After that, she took medical courses at Harvard.  Eventually, she became a lithe, enchanting actress.  Quite a life, huh?

And to my delighted surprise, she has stayed busy.

She's also been involved with folks you wouldn't have guessed: Brad Pitt (before he became famous), Eddie Murphy, and Howard Stern.  Personally, I think she could've done soooooo much better.  Like, we won't even talk about her one-year marriage to Mike Tyson.  Ironically, their marriage ended in shambles on Valetine'sDay, and got her branded "the most hated woman in America" for accusing her Mike Tyson (of all people) of spousal abuse.  Who woulda thunk, huh?  *shakes head*


  1. I am glad to see ol' Robin still doing her thing. I've kinda sorta followed her since "Head of The Class." Her best role, IMHO, was the bombshell boss diva who broke Eddie Murphy's heart in "Boomerang." She NAILED that role.

  2. I'm jealous she used to date Brad Pitt! I wanna used to date Brad Pitt! But only Brad from Legends of the Fall or Meet Joe Black. Not Kalifornia Brad or Snatch Brad. Yuck! I thought she was awesome in Boomerang. She had "corporate bitch" nailed down pat!

  3. She's held onto her beauty and reputation admirably. I'm all about some Robin Givens right now.

  4. I always thought she was one of the most beautiful women in the industry. I love the movie where she dates the french exchange student in the 50's.

    I always thought he was hot in Snatch. I just loved trying to figure out what the heck he was saying.

  5. I was a fan of her in "Head of the Class", but lost track of her after that.


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