Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #31: Derek Mio

Mm-mm, Derek, mm-mm.... *shakes head*  You haven't been playing fair, boo-boo.  You've been hiding all this time when I should've already known about you years ago.

This will not do.  It will not do at all.

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Mr. Mio here was born in 1982 and is a fourth-generation Japanese-American actor currently based in Los Angeles.  He studied at USC of Cinematic Arts and is known to his fans as "Wade" from Greek, a show I just might watch if only to see him (and the ep or two that KT Tatara did).

The thing is, I don't really want to watch a show like Greek, even for Mr. Thang here.  Something tells me I'm not going to like his characterization and won't be able to get through the first ep, much less the first season.  *sigh* Call it a hunch.


  1. I've seen a few episodes of Greek. Trust me, you're not missing much.

    I hope he gets better work with more prominent roles very soon.

  2. I've seen a few episodes of Greek. Trust me, you're not missing much.

    *twitch* Like I said: a hunch.

  3. Poor thing grew up in Huntington Beach surrounded "Bros" with tribal tattoos, Ed Hardy and Von Dutch hats, bleached blonds with leather like skin and rusty ass beach cruisers. As a So Cal native, we people of color avoid that meth hole like the plague. Sexy thing could NOT have been appreciated there like he should have. I can appreciate you baby! I can appreciate you! *lascivious grin*


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