Telisha Shaw as the Next Ororo "Storm" Munroe, Please

I mean...I just said that off the top off my head yesterday, but the more I think about it, the more I dig.  I really do want Telisha Shaw to be the next Storm.

She needs the right costume of course; no dark colors. She's dark-skinned and a contrast would heighten her beauty.

See what I mean?

As with the one above, this image is courtesy of FYtelishashaw.
If she's not the perfect candidate for Storm, I don't know what
the hell else to say.

(And don't think the lightening/white-washing of this character has escaped Moi.  *shakes head*)

Cast your votes, nerds.








  1. Personally, I torn between 1, 5, and 6.

  2. I'm between 5 and 6 but I'm surprised you didn't put one of the original white ones in. It needs updating out of this world but it made her stick out and look badass.

  3. I'd prefer to see her in #6 out of my three favorites (4, 5 and 6).

  4. #2. She looks fiercely awesome!

  5. @ GoddessMaverick

    I thought about that one.

  6. I'm casting my vote for 1,3, or 6.

    But let's be honest. It's Storm/Telisha Shaw. They would look fine rocking any ensemble.

  7. Lemme see...1,3, and 4.

    As a side note when I heard about the first 'X-Men' movie that came out years ago, I wanted them to cast Angela Bassett. Instead, they picked Halle Barry??? I felt insulted.

    If they do choose Telisha Shaw, I want her to sound as powerful as her power and not like Halle's soft-spoken, nervousness.

  8. I'm not surprised #1and #6 are in the lead.

    So...about this petition Carribelle suggested. Any thoughts?

  9. Just a thought: She'd also make either a great Jade or a great Tanya.

  10. "If they do choose Telisha Shaw, I want her to sound as powerful as her power and not like Halle's soft-spoken, nervousness."

    *nods* Halle didn't bring the Fierce African Weather Goddess vibe at all, but that's Hollywtf for you.

  11. LMFAO - first Hollyweird, then Hollywack, then Hollywhite, and now Hollywtf.


    I do believe "Hollywtf" wins.

  12. Yeah! Telisha. I vote #5

  13. Number one for me; love the pencil-work- the shadowing, (and those hips). Number 5 looks too much like Beyoncé for my tastes.

    You forgot HollyNodeydidnt!

  14. number 5 looks a little like megan goode

    i vote number 2

  15. Favorite image of storm ever is this one right here

  16. I like 5 because she looks like such a sistah but I think 4 actually looks the most powerful even if she is kinda whitewashed there

  17. I don't think #4 looks that white wasehd. She likes like Gina Torres to me in that pic (reference maybe?). What bothers me is the composition in that pic. It's too crowded.

    #1 and 6 for me.

  18. Ankhesen, you've been linked to on FYTelishaShaw@tumblr!

    It would appear people agree with you, and after seeing her with blonde/white hair I must say...I like it.

  19. @ Martia

    I blame Lenoxave. ;)

  20. And she really does look fabulous with the white hair!!!

  21. Now I really want to dye my hair white or at least get a weave. I was born with a lot of white hair thanks to my mum and have been patiently waiting for everything else to turn white ever since watching the 90's X-men cartoon.

  22. Ok...I hate to be the spoil sport who rains on the parade, but isn't Ororo supposed to be African? Where the hell did she get hair the texture of wookie fur?? Why can't o'girl have some really cool Lisa Bonet/Goapele locks? Or is Ororo a mutant so her hair texture mutated too?

    *side eye*


      Here you go!

    2. Lovely pic! What's your name?

  23. @ BlackPeopleSuffreomFromPTSD

    *dead on the floor from Wookie Fur*

    From the comics its from her mother's side which is the African side strangely enough. It goes all the way back to the witch doctress. Maybe too much magic to keep a curl?

  24. Well isn't Storm East African and some of them have wavy hair so whateva I like #5 picture hair since it has some curl to it.

  25. Yeah because wavy hair is SAFE and having tightly coiled hair is not. Yes, Africans have wavy hair, however, I find it telling that when "some" people think of Africa, it is instantly broad noses, dark skin, and full lips. But let the portrayal be positive and all of a sudden, the wavy hair becomes the norm. Sorry, I'm not buying it.

    When you do a Google image search for "Storm Ororo dreadlocks" a wonderful picture comes up that is more what I envision of a powerful African goddess. And I'm not sure that powerful African goddesses commonly come with bone straight hair. But once again, maybe that mutant gene changed her hair texture. Because when you look at the comics and see her surrounded by her village and her people, SHE is the only one with golden retriever textured hair.
    I'm just sayin...

    Oh and I LOVE drawing number one. She looks bad ASS in that pic!

  26. I said that #4 always seemed white washed to me because both Storm and the white queen back there have the same fricken face just different coloring. Pointy nose, barbie lips whitewashed.

  27. LOL@ golden retriever textured hair

  28. Yep.

    Storm drawing/design to me [and generally POC characters in comic books] is conveniently ambiguous snowflake from Africa. Big race fail.

    As long as they use someone not so ambiguous for the sake of making white audiences comfortable, i'll be happy.

  29. X-men news guys did not know where to put this!!!!! Not about Storm but someone else. I would have loved for her to play Storm though...

    Naturi Naughton former member of 3lW (The one who had chicken thrown at her by those two bitches) 'FAME' and she played Lil Kim in 'Nortorious', and is in the main cast member of 'The Playboy Club'.

    "Naughton will play Cecilia Reyes, a former X-men member and doctor, who has the abilities to generate a forcefield that is tied to her life force; she can also use that force to provide her with basic weapons like spikes, hammers and battering rams."

    Meanwhile one of her former band member is filming some nasty reality show on youtube and the other one was Rob Kardashian former girlfriend.

    Ain't Karma a bitch


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