POC I'm Watching: Regina King

Let me begin by stating that I am a huge admirer of Regina King. She's a versatile actress, and woefully unsung dark-skinned beauty. And while many of us are used to seeing her in comedic roles (Miss Congeniality 2), I think drama is where she truly shines.  I haven't watched Southland yet, but I may just have to start.  Make no mistake, I'm glad she's the voice of both Huey and Riley Freeman on The Boondocks, but her portrayal of Rayne Johnson in Truth Be Told (2003) really woke me up.

Once again, this post was supposed to be about someone else.  I'm a fan of Monica Calhoun, and I decided to check out this film.  Turns about, Calhoun's barely in it for 5-10 minutes.  It's all about King.

King plays Rayne, a woman trying to survive the mafia and a couple of dirty cops.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I can't tell you any more because I was pleasantly surprised to find every detail in this film mattered.  To say any more really would give the whole film away.

The film is low-budget, independent, with some admittedly annoyingly long opening credits (King is a producer as well as star).  But the viewer gets over it quickly; after all, the best thing about this type of film is we get to see a host of fabulous WoC whom we wouldn't normally get to see.  Click to enlarge:

There's Regina King, of course.

Monica Calhoun reliving The Players' Club.

Jade Jenise Dixon

Xylina Cooper

Doreen Brown

Renee Goldsberry looking
too damn fine for no damn reason...

...and hittin' on an ungrateful Regina!!!

Marci T. House

Kandi L. Burroiss

Failiest fail in Failonia*...

...which, fortunately, soon corrects itself.
*Seriously...Craig Sheffer????  What...was Adam Baldwin unavailable?  He would've been perfect for this role.  Did he just not want a check?


  1. I've been down for all things Ms. King since her days on 227. Another movie to add to Netflix.

    Also, new rule: All casting of white boys will be done by me from here on out. And only the best gets roles. How do they prove they're the best. They're gonna have to convince me. ;-)

    And since turnabout is fairplay, K, I have a rec that I think you'll enjoy.


    It's the Canadian middleclass version of the Wire but don't get it twisted.

    Klea Scott owns as the HBIC on that show. It amazes me how mofos try to play her, but she's always one step ahead and pimpin everybody as a powerful black woman.

    The show only lasted two seasons but she owned that fucking role.

  2. Hey, I thought Craig Sheffer was good in that role. He's cute too.

  3. Oh Regina! She's one of my favorite actors ever. I have to check this one out. I've never heard of it and I'm an indie film fiend. I'm about to check out the "Small Island" (below) w/Naomie Harris.

    Small Island

  4. Regina is so boss! And she's always been gorgeous. My fave role? Marcee Tidwell from "Jerry Maguire." When she slaps TeePee (her husband's brother) for talking smack about him in front of their son, I felt like she was robbed of an Oscar, or at least a Golden Globe. 'Gina can act, and she don't get nearly enough props.

  5. I dunno why, but I always loved to look at her face. I knew someone from college who reminded me of her a lot.

  6. I dunno why, but I always loved to look at her face.

    I know exactly how you feel.

  7. fuck yes I love Regina King- she's fantabulous in Southland - she's brave, competent, compassionate, and just adorable - her exasperation at some of the antics of the criminals is so funny and if you see the last ep in Season 1, you will know why she is so fucking kickass (hint: her + a huge rifle + gang members trying to fuck her home up and kill a little kid - guess who wins?)


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