I Have a ReQuest

...Crew, to be exact. These ladies traveled all the way from friggin' New Zealand to be on ABDC, and then got sent home, like, after week 2.


First of all, let's pop a bottle of pink champagne and toast to our glorious Maori sisters.  I hope to see a hell of a lot more of these ladies in the years to come.  I want to be able to go to YouTube and find countless videos of them performing their signature "Poly-Swag".

Secondly, let this be a testament to the power and adaptability of hip-hop.  Voice of the oppressed indeed, as the Maori were no strangers to invasion and colonization.

ABDC can be a hater all it wants; it's no surprise that clearly talented non-American groups keep getting sent home for no good reason (remember the Canadian Bluprint Crew? And 787 Crew from Puerto Rico?). It makes no difference; Request Crew is a boss crew, and I expect to see them Poly-Swaggin' long after most of ABDC's more favored crew ares forgotten.


  1. Thank you so much for posting them!
    These girls are nothing but talented.
    They had some some really clean dancing and deserved to stay longer than a lot of other groups that made it further. All female groups on these types of shows get zero respect. If the majority of the crew isn 't male they suck as far as people are concerned.

    They were my second faves, taking a back-seat to I aM Me. It's a complete and total joke that Iconic boyz got to stick around to the finals, while these girls went packing. They even got more votes than I aM Me! You serious?

  2. They had some some really clean dancing and deserved to stay longer than a lot of other groups that made it further. All female groups on these types of shows get zero respect.

    So I've noticed. We Are Heroes had to unleash some android-level precision to win that shit.

    They were my second faves, taking a back-seat to I aM Me.

    They definitely deserve to win this season. They've got white, Asian, black, and Latino members - talk about strength and innovation. That and Philip Chbeeb's movements are inhuman.

  3. I wish I had watched this season, those girls are beyond amazing.

  4. I could listen to that accent all day.

  5. ....I always knew America's Best dance Crew was BS when they voted out that one LGBT dance crew. They were the definition of fierce! I can't remember their name though!

    These chicas are BO$$.

  6. I can't remember their name though!

    Vogue Evolution.

  7. Thanks, I got them confused with this other online dance crew called Vogue Dramatics. They make dance videos too.

    America... your privilege is showing.

  8. Shows like these where America is allowed to decide the winner as opposed to well versed judges are always jokes. Because when the vote relies on America it becomes a popularity contest not a talent contest. That's why I've never approved of this show.

  9. I stopped watching stuff like this years ago for that very reason. I call shenanigans on shows where America gets to choose who wins. It's bullshit and I'd rather waste my time watching my plants grow.

    For the record:

    1. Every single woman in that crew is stunning. STUNNING. Ain't a ugly one in the bunch.

    2. Want to dye my hair red, but a red wig will have to suffice. I'd never be able to pull that off with my own hair.

    3. They should have won. Their routine was so original, theatric and fun. I'm sure the actual winners followed the status quo.

  10. Honestly, I think most of these dance and song shows are for white people, mainly white women. I never really expect WOC to win. These sisters from New Zealand are awesome. I swear, b/c of them I'm going to dye my hair red sometime in the future. Red is in. I've admired how Rihanna has been rocking it for a while. But seriously, they don't take women, especially WOC or mixed groups, seriously. Always gotta have a dick in there somewhere.

    And I never really understand what Lil Mama is saying. XD

  11. There is so much I can say about ABDC but I will just say what my twin said when last season's best dance crew Jungle boogie got voted off:

    "They can't dance the black off them"

    Or in there case they can't dance the vagina off them.

  12. The truth of the matter is with these type of "america votes" shows, the majority of the voters are teenage girls who often vote for the semi talented yet undeniably cute young men. And id be willing to bet that most of the teens doing the voting are white females. Women and poc with talent often have to be phenomenal enough to get older and more diverse crowds to call in and vote in order to win a lot of the time.


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