Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #30: Dustin Nguyen

*blink* Because I had to.
~ Special Edition Post ~

After a very important discussion on the Narrative, courtesy of vlogger Kon, I felt this post was looooooong overdue.

Born in 1962 as Nguyễn Xuân Trí in Saigon, Dustin Nguyen comes from a family of artists (apparently they escaped the day the city fell). This would explain why in addition to being an actor, the man's a writer, director, and martial artist (explains the body).

The brave amongst you will admit to loving him in 21 Jump Street, and not giving a damn about dating yourselves in the process.  The shameless amongst you (like Moi) will remember him from that Pamela Anderson show, V.I.P.  *shrug*  Hey, my dad liked the show and I needed something - or someone - to help me get through it.  He was also in Vanishing Son II and IV, among a lot of other things.

Dustin recently completely work on The Gaunlet, playing the character of Jin-Soo, and is rumored to appear in the upcoming film Popular Dysfunctions.  It would appear our main man has stayed quite busy, which is always good to know.  I suggest going to Netflix and just ordering everything with him in it.  I strongly recommind Little Fish with Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchett.  Dustin does an Australian accent to perfection.

Dustin is a devoted husband; in the infamous car accident which claimed the life of Thuy Trang (the Yellow Ranger, *sniff*), Dustin's wife was rendered paralyzed.  He's stuck by her ever since, and become active with the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Resource Center.


  1. I'm ashamed to say this, but the only reason I started watchiing 21 Jump Street was because of Johnny Depp. *sad*

    I only remember and began to like Dustin Nguyen when I saw the movie 3 Ninjas Kick Back and when he was on an episode of Kung Fu: The Lengend Continues.

    Because of this Dustin will no longer will cast behind the shadow of Johnny Depp, Dustin you have my full attention.

    Glad that he's still making movies and still with his wife, Angela, and RIP Thuy Trang.

  2. OMG! there my man..still looking good.

    It's sad that he had to go through that,but for him to be caring for his wife shows that he's a man with a heavy heart. Most men in Hollywood would have gotten very frustrated with the situation and surrendered.

  3. How is he almost 50? How?! But yeah, I remember him from 21 Jump Street even though I was pretty young. He was definitely a reason to watch VIP. That show was a guilty pleasure.

  4. I'll date myself for my beloved "Aoki". I always loved him in 21 Jump Street. I am pleased to hear he's working and his devotion to his wife says so much about him.

  5. Well, this is the best thing that I have read all day. I have always loved dustin. He is the reason that I started watching 21 Jump Street. I mean come on he is Hot!!!!!!! I have seen everything that he has made. I am looking forward to his me movies too. I am happy that he is still working. Everytime I look up to see what he is up to I get all excited. I love that fact that he is so devoted to his wife too. He is a really nice guy. Thank You for writing this it make me fell good that people still think of dustin the way I do.

  6. How is he almost 50? How?!

    ...wait what? For real? damn.

  7. How is he almost 50? How?!

    I refuse to believe it.


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