Irony of the Slave

Dr. Housebroken
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"MEN LIKE BLONDE BOMBSHELLS: Blonde hair changes with age, notes Dr Kanazawa. Typically, young girls with light blonde hair become women with brown hair.

So blonde hair is a signal of youth* and men who attempt to mate with blondes are unconsciously seeking younger, more healthy women."


A short while back on the Narrative, I did a piece debunking some myths about black women.  I brought up a quick point about how when POC like Kanazawa here throw themselves at white people and proclaim the white aesthetic to be superior, they don't seem to realize that they've just accepted the role of being "less."  They're so caught up in the thrill of rolling with the supposed king that they don't stop to notice they're not the ones wearing the vaunted crown.

And POC like Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa don't just end things at white worship, mind you; they take it a step further with black devaluation.  They spit on one to impress the other.  And the reason they spit on black, whether they accept it or not, traces its roots back to the enslavement of Africans.  In other words, they reject the slave to appease the king.  The irony here, of course, is the moment POC like Kanazawa roll over and accept white superiority of their own free will, they enslave themselves.

To be honest, I'm not surprised we're seeing more and more of this now. There seems to be this agenda of the West to remind Asians that they're not white, can never be white, are less than white, but must never forget to worship white.  And it's not "white" folks who are saying, no...stuff like this appears to conveniently come out of the mouths of Asians themselves.

Now, for those of our Asian siblings shuddering and recoiling in horror...don't.  Black people have been there, done that, and burned the T-shirt; we know this routine like the back of our hands (Happy Belated Birthday, X!!!).  We'll go over the manual with you page by page, line by line.

And just for fun:

Asians, we're all family here: POC like Kanazawa are House Negroes - pure and simple.  Hell, because folks like Kanazawa are paid to do what they do, you can even call them "Rented Negroes" - take your pick.  They're just here to remind you that even though you're the ones technically running shit right now, you're still supposed to kow-tow to them, and not so much as fart without their permission...much less wipe them off the face of the earth if they take the wrong tone with you.

This is simply slavery 2.0, revamped and remodeled for the 21st Century and geared towards maintaining white hegemony, without ever having to lift a finger.  I mean, why use real chains when you can slap on invisible ones?

Back to Black
It is very interesting to note that, even though black women are objectively less physically attractive than other women, black women (and men) subjectively consider themselves to be far more physically attractive than others.

~ "Dr." Satoshi Kanazawa
Heheheheheheheheheh...some folks got up in arms about this statement, but quite frankly it amused the hell outta Moi.  This right here tells me that shit is going according to plan.  We are right on schedule.  This right here means that once again, we haven't been broken.  Folks have talked shit to us for centuries, and now they're realizing they should've just saved their breath.  It doesn't mean a damn thing.  Yeah, it annoys us every now and again, but ultimately, it doesn't mean a goddamn thing.  We're the shit and we know it.  Ain't a damn thing gonna change that.

As I return to the dating world here in H-Town, I've started hearing a certain old line again and again.  In addition to being hit on left and right by men - black and non-black - I'm hearing the usual, "I'm not usually into black women, but...."  One guy (non-black) that I was seeing briefly was browsing through his Facebook and scratching his head as he showed me how all of his ex-girlfriends (including the mother of the only child he was willing to have) were black.  He claimed he didn't have a thing for black women, but I had to laugh aloud because that's pretty much all I saw him with.

Some black women may be apprehensive in such situations, but the thing is, you just have to take a few things into account and then translate.  If this is a person who appreciates every inch of you and has a long history of dating womenfolk who look just like you, you're most likely in the clear.  So when someone like this - male or female - says "I'm not usually into black women, but...," what they mean is, "I think I'm not supposed to be into black women...all my life I've been told not to be, but in spite of all that, I am, and I fail to see what the big deal is anyway."

*Funny story: the lil sis was in cosmetology school right before we left Appalachia. One of the first things she learned - at a practically all-white school - was that blond hair is incomplete. It's missing outer layers present in black, brown, and red hair which, of course, are brutally stripped during bleaching. So in order to make their hair look good, even natural blondes have to regularly "tweak" their hair color in order to avoid the "dead hair" look. Now, this wasn't news to Moi, but I found amusing as hell that contrary to Kanazawa's supposition, natural blond hair is symbol of "incompleteness" to cosmetologists, not youth and health.


  1. Great article as usual.

  2. That blonde hair thing is all wrong. Blonde children may have their hair darken around puberty. So he is basically saying men are attracted to blonde children as sexual partners.


    beautiful women

  4. So he is basically saying men are attracted to blonde children as sexual partners.

    LOL - that's one explanation for pedophilia in the Western world.

  5. He SERIOUSLY said black women are "less attractive"? And that "men sexually harass women because they are not sexist"? AND that "more attractive people are more likely to have daughters" because that helps women get ahead?

    Who awarded this guy a Ph.D? He's so clearly Eurocentric and chauvinist that I can't believe the Sun published him.

  6. Who awarded this guy a Ph.D?

    $64,000 question girl. These are the folks who give higher learning a really bad reputation.

  7. I was having a bad day as it was when the news of the Kanazawa story broke and was just shocked on so many levels.
    1. Why does this guy hate BW so much to put this much energy into degrading us? I have trouble believing that BW have caused him so much misery that a pseudoscience hit job with no real scientific basis was in order.
    2. Why is Psychology Today paying this dude? They sell this magazine at Whole Foods
    3. Why can't someone please talk *ish about another group of people for once. I would prefer invisibility to our current treatment in the media. If everyone would just keep our names out of their mouths for at least a year that would be such a welcome respite.
    4. Dude is fugly, why does he feel qualified to critique anyone else's looks?

    On another note, the Catcher song is hilarious.

  8. I think he's also a shill. He's obviously on someone else's payroll. A lot of racist/think tanks have powerful financial backers. A lot of government programs receive their funding on a conditional basis.

    The best example I can think of is in regards to STD/AIDS research.

    Interesting story, I dated a Hungarian researcher. He said once a think tank approached him and asked him to be co-writer on a paper. The were going to pay him a shit load of money. The only problem was they were going to publish it in some journal that was not reputable in the least, and he hadn't done any research for the actual paper.

    When he questioned them further, they offered him a $75,000 advance. I guess to stop him from asking questions. He was at Boston University at the time and he finally looked over the study and told them," I would not jepordize my career by adding my name to this fucked garbage."

    It was some paper about the unattractiveness, supposedly genetic of Western Europeans. They people who approached him just knew about his background in toxicology and genetics. At the time he had been interviewed for a show on Epi-genetics. He's also a British national and has an English name so the assumed he was Anglo Saxon ethnically.

    They wanted to use his scientific credibility, to pass the paper. He had some choice Hungarian slurs for them. This happens a lot in research unfortunately.

    Bias of researchers alone makes 80% of studies, even double blind, inaccurate.

  9. I knew this post was coming. It's not even an article. It's a blog entry, and it's obviously not peer reviewed, he disabled the comments on his blog.

    One time a friend of mine said Southeast Asians tend to be less white worshipping because they have experience of being discriminated harassed because of skin color.

    I don't know much about Japan but I know japan's relations with southeast Asians were explotative to say the least. Leads me to believe white worship is a by product of colonialism/US foreign policy but Hateya already explained this in her series on The Narrative.

    You should link her posts to this article Ankh, might be helpful to new readers.

  10. Speaking of which I wonder what Hateya has to say about this? Given her current location her perspective should be interesting.

    Also apparently this guy is universally despised in his field of Evolutionary Psychology. Been doing some checking.

    But WTF why would Pyshcology today even put this up? All these racists let their guard WAAAY down since Obama became president. The title isn't even subtle, nor is the content of the paper.

  11. MG,

    "So he is basically saying that men are attracted to blondes as sexual partners?"

    With that warped racist mind that he has, he'll probably will agree with it. After all, this is coming from a man who can make opinions as facts.

  12. Recently relocated to Toronto, and despite my obvious blackness men feel the need to call me beautiful in the streets. Everytime I walk outside basically.

    I almost caused an accident yesterday while walking around in a sundress downtown. With my natural hair free flowing and a smile on my face. Some guy driving a Mercedes was so busy looking at me and trying to pick me up that he almost rear ended a patrol car!XD

    The cop ticketed his ass, and then nodded in my direction like "Nice Work."

    I guess these men didn't get the memo that I'm so damn ugly I'm genetically predisposed to send them fleeing in terror from my ugly ass.

    Fun Fact: Guess which race most of these men are?

  13. I weighed in on this issue earlier this week:

  14. I like your post on this matter better than I like mine...I do agree that this is slavery 2.0. I'd call it The Great Programming myself lol.

  15. "4. Dude is fugly, why does he feel qualified to critique anyone else's looks?"

    IKR?! Dude got smacked by every branch of the Mufuggly Tree, yet he passes judgement on the looks of millions of very diverse woman. One thing, though - he gave me a good laugh. Next time you're going to (try to) pull me into despair, dude? Make it look sensible, because you clearly pulled this out of your ass.

  16. Intelligence2 says Kanazawa received his M.A. from the University of Washington and his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

    More info on the pumpkin-headed monster:

  17. I love you Ankhesen for posting this! The white-worshipping behaviour of some East Asians really needs to get called out for what it is.

    I also have to agree with zoopath; that dude is really fugly.

  18. Dr. Housebroken


  19. Loved your post Ankhesen.

    From what I am hearing here in the UK this fool is in danger of loosing his job. commence happy dance.

  20. Why is Psychology Today paying this dude? They sell this magazine at Whole Foods

    *is dead*

    Kanazawa received his M.A. from the University of Washington and his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

    You know they're kicking themselves now!

    From what I am hearing here in the UK this fool is in danger of losing his job. commence happy dance.

    Considering that he's been doing this for some time now...I gotta ask why it took so long to fire him in the first place. These institutions who keep paying him are seriously killing their own credibility. Did none of them stop to think about that?

  21. Who are we kidding? That dumbass got his Ph.D. through mail-order from the "Get Yours" Home University 6-volume DVD set.

  22. That dumbass got his Ph.D. through mail-order from the "Get Yours" Home University 6-volume DVD set.



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