"Missing" Scott and Cortez

Special Agent Scott
In addition to Weeds, I've been watching old eps of Missing (originally entitled 1-800-Missing) starring Mark Consuelos as Special Agent Antonio Cortez, Caterina Scorsone as Special Agent Jess Mastriani, and Vivica A. Fox as Special Agent Nicole Scott.  A Canadian-American crime drama, it aired on Lifetime (unfortunately) and after three short seasons, it ended in 2006...long before I even knew it existed.

If you removed the Lifetime element, the show had a lot of promise, so needless to say, I'm very disappointed it got canceled.  Especially since Miss Vivica was co-executive producer, and she got to enjoy some hotness with Mark Consuelos.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, it's a crime drama with the primary focus on missing persons.  Nicole Scott is a rebel known for breaking rules, drinking cosmopolitans, having an expensive fashion taste...and a very troubled childhood.  Antonio Cortez is the forensics/ballistics specialist, and a young divorcee who ruined his marriage because he couldn't get over Nicole.  He's also a big fan of bass-fishing.  He and Nicole had a thing before they showed up in Season 2, and by the end of Season 2 - after several episodes of teasing and arguing and being left high and dry - the two get back together.

Special Agent Cortez
Last but certainly not least, young Jess Mastriani is gifted with visions which help her solve cases as an FBI Agent.  Her visions initially begin as flashes, but become more intense and involved as the series goes on.  What's great is that her visions always appear in metaphors and riddles, so once she sees something, she and her coworkers have to figure out the vision's message in order to use it.  One of my favorite visions comes from Season 2, Episode 9: "Puzzle Box."  Sometimes they seem haphazardly thrown together, but often, they're very carefully and cleverly done, like in "Puzzle Box."

Now, as much as I happen to like Caterina Scorsone, I also like that she's actually not the center of the show.  Mark and Vivica showed up in Season 2 after Gloria Reuben bailed in Season 1 and the show was retooled.  If anything, Caterina, Mark, and Vivica are presented in a fairly balanced manner, with much of the focus actually being on Vivica's character.  We also get to see a lot of other Blacks, Asians, and Latinos, and in a positive light, no less.  Many of them are actually cast as professionals (directors, agents, lawyers, officers, doctors, etc.)...which makes the show's cancellation all the more irritating (Lifetime staff members claimed the show had just "run its course"...you know after three seasons...two of which were spent getting the show on its feet).

Now, the show is based of a series of crime novels by Meg Cabot, and deals with some very dark subject matter at times.  And here entereth Lifetime to ruin it all - I can recognize that desperate housewife/tacky soap opera dialogue anywhere.  Some of the best lines come from the characters' boss, Assistant Director of the FBI, portrayed by actor Justin Louis ("In our line of work, the Lord always provides.  It's one of the issues I have with the Lord" ~ S3E1).  But more often than you care to, you also hear that God awful Lifetime-y writing which just makes your flesh crawl.

At the same time, however, there's lots of other good stuff, like Vivica and Caterina whoopin' serious ass like warrior women, and the should-be-shown-more-often pairing of a black woman and a Latino man.

Courtesy of screen capping lessons from Cinnamon (click to enlarge any photo):

From Season 2's final episode

Sexy flashback in Season 3's first episode

Morning convo in Season 3, Ep 4

All three seasons of Missing are currently available to watch instantly on Netflix.


  1. did you know his royal hotness, Russel Wong also had a television series also available on Netflix?

    I believe it's called Native son. aven't had time to watch it.

  2. I will have to check that out!

  3. The Russel Wong series was called Vanishing Son. It was a tv series that followed 4 epic made for tv films. Didn't care for the series, but the movies were wonderful. Highly recommend!!!!

    *Examines Mr. Consuelos*

    So THAT'S WHY Kelly Rippa always has a smile on her face. Damn her! ;-)

  4. The Russel Wong series was called Vanishing Son.

    I wondered if she was referring to that, or if there was another series in addition to that one.

    *sighs at crushed hopes*

  5. Sorry. Yes that was the one. I didn't know they made movies.

  6. @ Neo-Prodigy

    So THAT'S WHY Kelly Rippa always has a smile on her face. Damn her! ;-)

    I LOVE this man, and this show's cancellation just ticked me off all the more. The way he adored Vivica's character was utterly precious.


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