H-Town...How I've Missed Thee

"...you're destined to come meet me at this bar....  Cocktail with your name on it."

I'd forgotten how different the menfolk were in Houston.  I mean I hadn't forgotten, but didn't quite remember until this guy asked me out yesterday.

Houston men are very realistic; it makes them forward, and I mean that in a good way.  They understand that if they've noticed you, then someone else has too, and they simply refuse to take any chances of letting you fall into someone else's hands.

When I was in Appalachia, I noticed that you could give a guy the green light and he'd still blink at you (perhaps in disbelief) as though you hadn't just accepted his clumsy advances.

Which was why I sorely missed Houston men.  They know how to play.  They make first contact, establish singlehood, get your number, and ask you out within a single conversation.  Granted, some conversations take longer than others, but the final results are often the same. You find yourself out on a date with guy you were mentally talking shit about mere hours earlier, and even though you both KNOW you have to be up at 7 a.m. for a new job, he still somehow manages to keep you out until 3 a.m.  Meanwhile, you stand dumbfounded, wondering exactly how the hell he managed that (personally, I blame the espagnol).

"It was the lips."

Hanging lamps and candlelit tables create
a very laidback mood at the Davenport.
What's cute about Houston men is that even after they get the green light and the date, they're still kind of shy, at least when it comes to explaining exactly what drew them to you.  So naturally, this is where liquid therapy comes in handy.
For "quality lounging," it's tough to beat the Davenport. Tucked away in the bar scene off Richmond, this lounge takes you back to a simpler time of dim lighting and shelves full of scotch. With personable bartenders and regulars, it would be hard to find yourself out of place in any of the various lounging areas. The Davenport brings a classy touch to the dive bar scene, where the drinks are strong and the lounging plentiful. (City's Best)
And Lord, are those drinks strong.

After the first two or three, the semi-drunken confessionals begin and and they can range from humorous to downright sensual.  Like most liquors, CIROC has a fascinating way of strengthening a man's resolve.


  1. @ Brotha Wolf

    There were lots of lovely WoC at that bar. All of them Bohemian/into nerds-ish.

  2. I see that I'm seriously am gonna have to check out Houston.

  3. Damn, Houston is where it's at huh? Sounds way diff from he guys in Cali. But maybe it's cause I'm in university. I don't know, some guys here seem to be more about playing and "hanging out."

  4. @ Neo-Prodigy

    Boo-boo, this gay interracial couple strolled in lookin' PIMP. Absolutely polished chic. *wipes tear* Made a pygmy proud.

    @ Marona

    LOL - dude I was with? Originally from Cali.

  5. All I have to say is: 1. Told you. 2. Don't do it. And 3. If you do decide to do it, have a fucking ball! Time's a wastin'!

  6. @ Ankhesen Mie:

    En serio? I must rescind my comment then. Haha. Anyway, keep sharing the experiences.


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