Count the Fail


  1. Saw a preview for this when I went to the show last. I've got to say that it made the first five minutes of the actual movie less enjoyable than they should have been. I mean, the whole time I was thinking, during the preview and first five minutes of the film, "WTF? Really? I mean, reallllly? Really, really? Nah...really? Well okay, but...WTF?"

    Seriously, it costs me 7.50 to see a movie matinee, there's no way in hell I'd see this crap even for some lolz with some friends. This should have been a Discovery Channel special at best.

    SMH, white producers, smh fo' real.

  2. Fuck Disney's Simba. They got a cartoon for almost every damn culture on Earth, but when it comes to Africa, there are talking animals? GTFOH! Or let the Black princess get her own cartoon and she's a effing frog for half the movie while the other half is focused on her fat little white BFF. No other Disney princess was subjected to having to share the damn screen.

    1. AFRICAN cats
    2. "In an untamed land"
    3. Dark and mysterious AFRICA...because only in AFRICA do mothers defend their babies with such ferocity.
    4. The stupid indie pop saccharine ass music.
    5. "Striving to make a home in the WILDEST place on Earth." Yeah, because it's AFRICA! It's SO wild. More wild than the jungles of South America and more wild than the cold of the Antarctic. Ooga booga Africa is SO wild.

    Yeah whatever Disney.

  3. Also, WTF is this "Untamed Land" and "Wildest Place on Earth" bullsquick? Great, let's play up the under/undeveloped "Africa" stereotype. Based on those two sentences/statements alone, if I lived anywhere on the continent of Africa, I'd half expect a lioness and her cubs to stroll through my g.d. living room and grab a snack out of my fridge. Of course I could be taking this a little far, but I'm a little disgusted right now.

    Anyway, whoever proposed this crap, and whoever green-lit the project, needs to get kicked, hard. Here's hoping it booms out of the box office.

    Cheers! :D

  4. untamed land = wild life preserve/park in a country with a name

  5. LOL! I counted the fail the moment I saw that f**kery of a preview. Everytime they do a movie about Africa its never about the people its about the animals and white people in smome jungle running around and its labeled as "exotic." Those mofos wouldn't know "exotic" if it bit them in their behinds. Either way I don't trust them to make a movie about Africa and Africans correctly at all.

  6. I like cats and big cats, but I love wolves better (hint).

    Anyway, I'm pretty anti-Disney, and this has "CRAP" written all over it. Whey is everything to these media companies about Africa has to deal with either how poor it is and how wonderful the animals are?

  7. Wow, I totally meant to spell "bombs" not "booms. lol

  8. It's Disney. Which in and of itself is a massive FAIL!

    I remember reading a biography of Walt Disney as a kid, like in the third grade, he was a racist asshole, and he treated his workers like crap! Problem was I did it for a school project and found that I really had nothing good to say about him. I ended up just focusing on his innovation in business or something.

    Lion King is entirely ripped off from this Anime called Kimba. Scene for scene practically.And they did not pay the creators of that anime or credit them. BUT if anybody tried to do something not even remotely similar they would have a letter from Disney's lawyers so fast.

  9. Lol. Wow. I wouldn't pay to see this. As someone said in a previous comment, maybe it deserves a spot on the Discovery Channel. But I'm tired of this Africa is a "wild," "untamed," and "dangerous" place. Like no other continent is like that? Like we don't got bears and sharks and bacteria and viruses and shit in America? Seriously . . .

    I don't expect Disney to ever get it right. I am pissed and pleased about the Frog Princess Movie b/c for the first time we have a black princess and she's a fucking frog for like half the time she's on the screen. I suppose that was to make her black ass more white friendly or more palatable for people who are used to see "black referenced" or "African referenced" animals rather than actual living people.

    I loled a bit during this previous. I almost felt like Disney could have done a story about a black mother in the projects with this mess. At least we have had some black people in the film.

    When I get some money I'm taking my ass to a slave castle, Eritrea, Nigeria, S. Africa, Gabon, etc. The motherland is a beautiful place with some beautiful people. Disney better recognize.

  10. *Looks at teh adorable kitties* How cute!
    "Untamed land." ....Oh?
    "Wildest place on earth." Lol, no.

    I wasn't planning on seeing this anyway, but geez. Disney get your ish together. "Tangled" was a lazy hot mess (I don't know why everyone loves it), "Cars 2" is only being made because of the merchandise for "Cars" sold extremely well despite the fact it was a crap movie, and now this race fail of a trailer with NO African music? No me gusta, Disney!

    I was meaning to catch "Babies" but after this trailer I'm scared to see how they dealt with the different races. Has anyone seen it?

  11. This is a complete and utter FAILURE on all counts.

  12. I saw babies, mmmmm it was Okay. I didn't see anything offensive about it. But it's been awhile since I saw it. The Himba baby seems like it got less screen time than the other babies, but the finnish baby didn't get very much either.

    All the babies reached the same developmental markers at roughly the same time though, so I see the larger point the filmakers were trying to make. Sometimes Disney doesn't eff it up.

  13. Well, it’s just Disney being Disney, if you ask me…

    The good news is that we’ll soon have our own images. The past years have seen the creation of several animation companies on our continent. Most of these companies are still struggling, their productions have yet to match the technical standards of the big names in Hollywood, but they already bring a new perspective.

    I assume that most of Ankhesen’s commenters have never seen an African cartoon? Here are links to 2 web series by Nigerian artist Obinna Onwekwe:

    Mark of Uru

    Business & pleasure

    See the difference?

    And just because I’m in a good mood, here is a little gem by South African artist Lebo M:

    I don’t know who did the animation, but I just love it.

  14. LOL. I just realized that Disney did the animation for Lebo M.

  15. When I first heard of African Cats I thought to myself, why is it that North Americans think the only good thing about Africa is the animals? Seriously...that's the message I get.

    I teared up at the Lebo M video. I love what it signifies.

  16. *grumbles* Samuel L. Jackson's supposed to be narrating this thing.

  17. What the hell is this The Lion King live action and yest that was a tip off of Kimba the white lion anime.

    It will be a called arse day in hell before Disney makes a film about humans in Africa and if they do it, it owuld be a huge fail.

    Untamed land indeed, the first time I went to Nigeria the only animals I saw were mice, a lizard, cattle a vulture, goat, and some cute little baby chicken dogs and a few cats as in domestic kitty cats one that I called Sugar. and that was on my father's old village where there was a huge arse farm.


    Don't know if anyone remembers but in the Zula thread I talked about a book I saw in the shops well seems like that woman ripped it off another book called "The Help" and that shit is being made into a movie.

  18. I love the way Disney continues to keep Americans in the dark about the names of actual countries in Africa where these animals live. They're not important - just know that it's Africa.

    Also, the fake British accent voice-over was a GREAT touch. Gotta have that colonizer flavor in there too.

  19. "f I lived anywhere on the continent of Africa, I'd half expect a lioness and her cubs to stroll through my g.d. living room and grab a snack out of my fridge."


  20. I actually lived in the Sahel for a good three years and never saw a single one of these damn animals. The closest I came to an "exotic African animal" was the incredibly chatty palm-bird.

    However, I did see a helluva lotta schools, taxis, cafes, drinking houses, and churches.

    Fun fact: your average African living in towns, cities, villages - basically anywhere to do with human civilization - doesn't run into these animals. In other words, a person can live their whole life in Africa and never see first-hand what's in that trailer.

    I remember arriving at nighttime in Douala at the age of 7. I looked out my plane window and saw the whole city lit up. I remember wondering why we'd spent two days flying back to New York.

  21. @Dahoman-X

    Thank you for these wonderful links. My eye is always on the Black prize. Bless you!

  22. One could argue that New York City is a wild, untamed land and one of the wildest places on earth. I could hurl...and the fact that this shit is going to be a movie?

    *hair uncurls in frustration*


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