Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #27: Tim Kang

(Thanks, Renisanz and Cinnamon!)

Born in 1973, Tim Kang is a Korean American TV & film actor who's been working in Hollywood since 2002.  Many of you recognize him from his currently work on The Mentalist as Agent Kimball Cho.  Apparently, his character is a hitman-turned-agent.

Tim has a BA in Poli Sci from the University of California in Berkeley, and an MFA from Harvard.  *nods* Accomplished man on deck, kids.

I first learned learned about him when Renisanz emailed us over on the Narrative about Robot Stories (2003), whose fourth story, as you can see, has been efficiently screencapped by Cinnamon for our convenience.  Indeed, Mr. Thang here needs to continue with the Blasian love scenes.  *nods*  The Force is strong with this one.


  1. Yes Lawd!

    *taps red lightsaber on both shoulders*

  2. He looks like a friend of mine...

    Never heard of him, but I couldn't believe he was born in 1973!

  3. He is the reason I bought Robot Stories. <3 But seriously, that DVD is the shit!! You guys need to buy it. The stories are amazing. Such good representation of mixed race Asians and Asian people. I liked the concepts but that last story was so good.


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