Violet Dusk (2011)

I am an army of one
in a legion of zombies
in a fleet of the dead.
Up the river, down the river,
Styx and stones, professor, break our bones.
Skulls and hollowed out innards;
pluck one, professor, pluck two
make a sound, make a sound
for we cannot…not of our own will.

~ from "The Zombie's Lament"
Ladies, gents, and undecideds, Violet Dusk (2011) is now available from


  1. "I hereby declare my 3-year hiatus over."

    Over like a mofo. This is an awesome book of poetry. I know people will feel I'm biased, but I can acknowledge brilliance when I see it, no matter who writes it.

    When's the next one?

  2. Definitely have to get this.

  3. I'm falling behind. Will get this!

  4. Thanks, everybody!

    *blows kisses*


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