Underappreciated Actress of Color #47: Tichina Arnold

I've been meaning to do this post for a while.

I loooooooove Tichina Rolanda Arnold.  I loved her on Martin, and I adored her on Everybody Hates Chris.  She's an excellent comedic actress, a sultry beauty, and an all-around bad-ass woman.

Born in 1968, Tichina is a New York native.  She got her start on the stage, later moving to film and television, and in 1998, she briefly worked as a designer, creating "China Moon Rags."  Unfortunately, she stopped once her daughter was born.  These days, she and her band KNOW Pressure play shows regularly in the Los Angeles (you can follow them on Twitter).

The lil sis and I have always felt Miss Thang here was was the prettiest woman on Martin.  *nods* We maintain this opinion...no disrespect to Tisha Campbell.  But light skin does not automatically a beautiful black woman make.


  1. I love her to death! She is a stunning woman and yeah - better looking than Tisha. She is a great comedienne. I will have to check out her band.

  2. I hate that she has been typecasted as an ABW but I love her anyway she is so funny. Have you seen her in The Lena Baker story? I am so used to seeing her in comedies that was really the first serious film I've seen her in. She was good.

  3. I have always like her in anything she does, because she is what a truce actress/actor is. She puts herself in every character and makes it believable plus the lady is just stunning. I was wondering if you will or have done one on Regina King. I would love to see her and King in a movie together.

  4. Yeah I loved both her and Tisha Campbell since, well....Little Shop of Horrors.

    "But light skin does not automatically a beautiful black woman make."

    Co-signed. Personally I thought both ladies were equally stunning for different reasons.

    Thanks for the tip on the band.

    *scrambles to iTunes*

  5. Most definitely she's the bomb! I think Martin thought so as well.
    I loved her so much in Martin and feel that although she been in other comedies, her skills have yet to be fully displayed!
    Plus the girl had a booming figure! Padow and badonkadonk! A very beautiful SISTER, with a Sister's figure, no apologies, thank you very much!

    Never knew exactly how to pronounce her name
    Teecheena, Teechina, Tichina or Ticheena?

  6. Her and Terry Crews made one of the best couples on tv...amazing actress

  7. @ Anna

    I think it's "Tisheena".

    @ Motorboat

    LOVE Terry Crewes's character. Awesome work on his part.

  8. she is great on Everybody Hate's Chris

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