How is the Chad Holley video "inappropriate"?

Someone please explain to me how this ish is "inappropriate" for the public to view.

Excuse me, but taxpayers deserve to know where their motherfucking money is going. The cops and mayor of Houston can all go to hell.  If you get caught doin' shit while you're on the clock and everybody else is paying the tab, then they automatically own the tape which outed you.

Houstonians, revolt.  That's your money getting wasted right there, employing these shit-for-brains cops who were soooooooo big and bad they had clipse a child with a car and then gang up on him because they were all soooooo tough and sooooooo manly.

*rolls eyes*


  1. So Parker was so digusted and shocked that he/she agreed to block the footage? Yeah uh-huh well actions speak louder than words. These cops out here wonder why there is a code of not trusting them by POCs, they take their job too dang on seriously. They treated this boy as if he was trying to assassinate the President or something. I do not know how they got their jobs back or why, but they should know that this will not be tolerated. Now if it was a group of Black cops and the criminal was white, I could bet $100 all of the cops would have been suspended and found guilty.

  2. Amanda O,

    I was thinking the same thing about the mayor's statement.

  3. Am I shocked....of course not.

  4. People need to get over the fact that this is the Age of YouTube and the blogosphere. If you are misbehaving, we will know, and crying foul won't help.

  5. they'll be suspended with pay just like all the other pigs

  6. Videos like that are blocked in the same manner in France.
    But beatings like that are so common here that you will not find a single young POC who'd trust the police. With them, it always blows out of proportion because they're scared to be around us. And when they're scared, they hit hard and for no reason. Like we're stronger than men with guns & sticks...

    "Jeopardize the prosecution"? Yeah right.

    The worst thing is, they'll find thousands of excuses to minimize the actions of those policemen.

  7. I think masculinity is also a factor. These men enjoyed beating up that child; they probably felt empowered and more in control ganging up on him like that.

    I mean, Asian men are rendered invisible in America and black and Latino men are locked away in jail. This is no coincidence.

    And as for the house Negroes who participated/facilitated.....

  8. "And as for the house Negroes who participated/facilitated....."

    My sentiments exactly.


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