Nerd Candy: Benjamin Sisko/Avery Brooks

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Captain Benjamin Sisko

Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko was an extremely powerful character.  An honorable, ethical man to the core, he was also a culinary artist and a no-nonsense warrior.  The more I re-watch old episodes of DS9, the deeper I fall in love with his characterization.

For those of you who are die-hard fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, you were probably both amused and understanding when the Prophets constantly referred to him as "the Sisko."

My favorite thing about Sisko was the way he'd tell people to either get the hell out of his office or off his station.  Sometimes he yelled it.  Other times he calmly implied it.  And when he was really irritated, he just pushed the button on his desk to open his office doors, so Kira Nerys the offender(s) could just show themselves out.

Avery Brooks

The greatness of Sisko is owed to Avery Brooks, who is an opera singer, college professor, and jazz musician in addition to being an actor.  Brooks made sure that the issues of racial inequality and discrimination never strayed far from the writer's minds.  His role on DS9 was in itself a gold mine; colonialism, holocaust, and genocide were already main themes.

Brooks made damn sure black men were not misrepresented on the show; he portrayed a devoted father, not an absentee.  He portrayed a man with a good career, not a deadbeat.  When Brooks' character remarried, and he became a "Prophet" shortly after, the writers initially intended for him to never return to the corporeal world.  Since his character's wife was pregnant, Brooks stepped in and stated in no uncertain terms that he was not going to portray a black man who knocks up his wife and then just leaves.

*nods*  A man, children; 'tis a grown-ass man.

Brooks has a strict policy about the roles he accepts, in case you're wondering why his credits are few and far between.  He has kids in real life, and feels he must set an example in everything he does.  This perhaps explains his diverse and well-rounded resume.  I would guess his children are strong motivating factor, as well as his undeniable creative drive.


  1. "If I were a carpenter, I'd find a way to empower using that skill. I'm using as much as God has given--my mind, my voice, my heart, my art forms. This is the highest form of expression on the planet from God, to me, to you".

    Rock this shit!

  2. *nods* He is the man. No argument whatsoever.

  3. Girl, you know I had to give a whoop! whoop! every time he told Kira to get the hell out of his office. Me looks forward to watching him tell her this many more times!

    *bows down* Awesomeness personified!

  4. When he goes off on and Worf and Dax and throws them out of his office, it's absolutely hilarious. They actually look terrified.

  5. Worf? Terrified? I refuse to believe it!

    *rubs hands together...* Don't tell me which season...

  6. Sisko is the man. No questions asked.

  7. "Brooks has a strict policy about the roles he accepts, in case you're wondering why his credits are few and far between. He has kids in real life, and feels he must set an example in everything he does. This perhaps explains his diverse and well-rounded resume. I would guess his children are strong motivating factor, as well as his undeniable creative drive."

    *approving nod*

  8. I love Avery Brooks! As a kid I used to watch him in "Spenser For Hire" and then his own spin off "A Man Called Hawk". My Grandmother and I were huge fans and I remain one til this day. He represents how a Man should be to me.

  9. @ Lenoxave

    He represents how a Man should be to me.

    Amaya and I were watching the pilot episode "Emissary" together, and in the scene where he's transported through time and space (in his mind at least) to when he first met his wife, he utters these lines which made us go, "Men don't know how to spit game anymore."

    Seriously...menfolk need to watch this ish and take some detailed notes.

  10. You have no idea how much I took notes off of him growing up as a teen. He taught me about being a strong regal black man more than most textbooks ever could.

    Let me stop now or I'll be typing for the next six months. All I have to say is: CO-SIGNED!!!!!!

  11. @ Neo-prodigy

    Where Sisko is concerned, boo-boo, type away!

  12. I know I am really late to the game, but as a TrekFan I have to comment. 'You ain't speaking nothing but the truth.' (feel free to include southern accent :-D )

    Disciplined, ethical, thoughtful, educated, compassionate, just......I could go on. Yes, yes, yes Sisko is 'The Man'. And yes, guys could do a lot worse for a role model.


  13. @ Southland Diva

    Ain't nobody too late to this party. Y'all need to just chat away.

  14. "...
    He represents how a Man should be to me..."

    Funny. No mention of how he compares to Tuvok or perhaps most people see no difference in these contrasting portrayals of Black men in the Star Trek series?

  15. @ Kwamla

    What's so funny? Why do the two have to be compared? Honorable, ethical, competent, efficient, family men - species aside, there's not much difference between the two in terms of character. They are both good man.

    *raises eyebrow* Let me don't see him as a self-respecting black man?

  16. He is the Denzel of sci-fi. As for as his ethics and prescripts for taking a role are concerned. I like 'em. :) Gonna go watch me some more Star Trek.

  17. I agree with you on the things that make both Mr. Brooks and his character great. I admire his integrity.

    It is too bad that in a novel written after the show, Star Trek: Typhon Pact 3, he abandons his wife and children and divorcing her from a far. I hope they put the character back together soon.


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