And the Nita "Jade" Hanson Award Goes to.... (Updated)

*shakes head*  Tsk, tsk, Halle, tsk, tsk.

From Diane Marsalis at Examiner:
Model Gabriel Aubry was verbally abusive to his ex-girlfriend Halle Berry even going so far as calling her the 'N' word, now he ex-girlfriend says she's shocked he ever dated the beautiful star because he's racist.

Aubry's ex, who dated him from 2003 to 2005, says he often spewed racial slurs during their two-year relationship and was "very disrespectful to women." Despite the fact she admits he often used racial slurs, she considers him "a borderline racist."

Sources close to Halle admit that her baby daddy routinely demeaned her with vulgarities, including using the 'N' word.

Representatives for Aubry have not made any statements regarding these accusations.
Heheheheheheheheheheheh. Flashbacks, anyone?

I'm amused to no end by this; sorry, guys.  But this is Halle Berry - supposedly every white guy's [half] black female fantasy - the Halle Berry, y'all, getting treated like this by...ding ding ding ding ding: a white guy.  Surely, y'all can appreciate the irony here.

Wow...and he's helping her raise their kid.  He's actually going to be around that child, talking to her, teaching her shit, and playing the role of Father Figure.

*cue flesh crawling*


The shudder-worthiness continues. From Transgriot:
35-year-old French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry and Oscar winning actress Halle Berry split up almost a year ago and the most visible result of their relationship was their gorgeous 3 year old daughter Nahla.

A nasty custody battle is brewing over their daughter, and I'm chuckling over a report in TMZ that Aubry gets pissed when people refer to his daughter as Black.

Um dude, hate to tell you eh, but yes, she is.
White people, fashion tip from Moi: if you don't want people to call your children black, stop breeding with black people.

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  1. Ol' Halle's had a history of dating sorry ass abusive men. Now she got a baby by one, which makes her tied to this man for the rest of her life. You'd think she would have learned her lesson from David Justice and Eric Benet. But, sadly, she went from bad to worse. Jeez, Hal, just

  2. I wish I could comment, but I can't because I'm tongue-tied.

  3. #TeamNahla!

    At this point, the baby's looking like the one with the most sense in this mess.

  4. At this point, the baby's looking like the one with the most sense in this mess.


  5. I can only feel sorry for her and hope that baby doesn't have an 8th of her self esteem issues.

    I remember reading an article in (insert mainstream Black magazine here) back when she was married to David Justice highlighting her past bad relationships. She said one ex hit her so hard she's lost 80% of the hearing in her ear.

    Here's a hint Halle, no matter what man you choose, if YOU'RE screwed up, you're only gonna keep netting bad ones. Go get some counseling and lay off the peen for awhile...your daughter will thank you.

  6. Halle is well known for being with assholes. I'm just sad an innocent child was dragged into this mess.

  7. Speaking of Nita Hanson...
    Apparently, Dr. Laura's still stirring the pot a bit:
    If I should post this on the actual Nita Hanson post, let me know and I will gladly :)

  8. None of this has been confirmed, I think it's basically speculation at this point. I agree with leo princess about the baby. Poor kid.

    My sister in one of her more puzzling cruel vindictive moments called her baby's father, "A stupid spic." Not because she's prejudiced against Latino's but just because she's a manipulative, conniving, probably bi polar narcissist. She lies easily and often, and will say the most hurtful things to people she claims to care about as soon as they fail to do as she commands fast enough.

    At that moment, I lost all respect I ever had for her as a person. And she did this in front of my niece. I was thinking to myself at the time, " Do you know how stupid you sound? If he's a spic what does that make your baby with him? A spigger?"

    I don't know what went on between Halle and Gabriel but, I do know that Halle has a reputation for playing the victim whenever something occurs that makes her look bad, like that Hit and Run. "Oh I don't remember doing that."

    What kind of person just drives away from the scene of an accident? What if she had killed someone? A person unwilling to take personal accountability for their actions. She probably hoped it would blow over or that she would get away with it. I think Halle has mental issues.

  9. O_O........

    My mouth was gaping open reading all this. I'm TeamNahla as well. I hope that baby turns out okay.

  10. SMH, but I cant say Im surprised. As other have highlighted Mz.Berry has a history of dating,marrying, and (unfortunately)procreating with cads and assholes.

  11. All of this is speculation at bust, but if IT is true it would not be surprising. Halle attracted terrible black men and subsequently trying to escape them attracted a bad white one. Their daughter is beautiful and for her sake I hope that this isn't true.

  12. halle's mom was in an abusive relationship w/halle's dad. so the only relationship model that halle knows is a dysfunctional one.

    as someone else said, halle should def stop dating for a while & focus on making herself a healthy example for her daughter.

  13. Team Nahla as well.

    As others have mentioned, this is all speculation at this point. If any of this is true, I do hope that Halle split because of his racist abusive bullshit and didn't stick around because of it. It the allegations are true, it is possible that Aubry could've put on a good face for the first year or two (after all he was with Halle Berry, meal ticket to end all meal tickets) and now with Nahla in the picture (and his position as baby daddy secured) he could've decided to start showing his true colors.

    I do agree with the others in regards to Halle's history with her father and previous abusive men. I hope she focuses on making sure her child is well cared for.

    And I'm sorry but fellahs, if "HALLE BERRY" isn't enough for you to act right, then you damn sure have a problem. It's time to hang it up and sit down.

  14. Yeah halle has a past history with bad guys but that is what it is. So far people have been defending Aubrey and making all types of excuses for him. If this is true than its sad that racist people like him are this stupid and yet would have a baby with a person of a race they dislike. Honestly did he think since Halle is half Black that it wouldn't matter. he's dumb, if he doesn't want his child referred to as Black than he should have had a baby with a white woman.

  15. In regard to what Amaya said, Halle Berry has had bad relationships before. She's even been on Opray crying or near crying saying that she may never get into another relationship again. I say, Halley, honey, go see a shrink. It is my humble opinion that you need someone to talk this relationship thing through with. Until you can straighten your mind out, don't marry another man of any color. And, don't have more children. They are the ones who suffer if a relationship doesn't work out. BTW, all people originated from Africa. So, everyone is by our archaic laws black. So take that Aubrey!

  16. Speculation or no, I find this sitch amusing as hell.

    Granted, it's not so amusing when a child is involved. Nahla didn't get to choose her parents and so they need to get their shit together. Starting with Halle suing for full custody if this shit turns out to be true. Which - eventually - it will.

    it is possible that Aubry could've put on a good face for the first year or two (after all he was with Halle Berry, meal ticket to end all meal tickets)

    Seriously! No one gave a fuck about this guy until he hooked up with Halle, and think that was her misguided way of trying to "control the next relationship." Not exactly how that works.

  17. I do hope the child will grow up to be strong and healthy. But with a racist dad and a mother with self esteem/rationality issues, I am not sure how it will go. (She might turn out to be just fine; some kids realize their parents' faults quickly and try to be different than them).

    I am sorry if this turned out to be anti-Halle commenting section... But that woman obviously can't choose men. She goes for the abusive types. She is not the first, not the last one, but it's just sad to see the pattern, not because of her, but because- let's face it: we all know at least one woman who is like that.

    There's no excuse for this guy (if it's true), not a single excuse. Your daughter will be a black woman, and what would you do if she gets called the N word? Would you do all you can to protect your daughter? Is the loyalty to your race stronger than the loyalty to your daughter?
    (Once again, I'm basing this on the assumption the rumors were true - if they weren't, I apologize - but there are enough of the guys this thing applies).

    That being said, however, I don't think this should be taken as a sign that interracial relationships are doomed right from the start, or that all black wives will, eventually, be called the n word by their husbands. But one must be very careful and never forget to do a good vetting process. The fact he's tall, hot and charming means nothing.

  18. Both of them need counseling in the worst way, if you ask me. Halle needs someone to help her work through whatever her identity/self-esteem issues are, and Gabriel needs to get knocked out before getting some help himself (if someone like him can even be helped).

    On the "My daughter isn't a n***er!" thing. It never ceases to amaze me how some white people will call bi/multiracial people black until their little black-white ball of sunshine is born. Then they want to move heaven and earth to make sure they're little bi-racial snowflake is treated like the half-white (emphasis on the whiteness) little darling they are. After all, they're better than those other dirty negros.

    It's also funny because some of them become some of the biggest proponents of pointing how someone people "aren't just black". Excuse me Mr., or Ms., White Man/Lady, I think I can define my racial identity on my own, thank you very much. *Rolls Eyes*

  19. Here's what's annoying the hell outta Moi.

    I've been reading up on this story in various places I've noticed there's a bit of a rush to defend BW/WM couples and to encourage black women to continue dating white men and on Racialous, a commenter is even quoted as saying that "Canadians don't use the N-word."

    This is catering. It sends the wrong message.

    I'm sick to death of the black woman having to keep the faith, and play the role of the long-suffering wife with more patience than her husband deserves - fuck that. Let me be clear: women like Halley and Nita fucked up - I totally get that.

    But bloggers are reaching out to women who aren't these two and trying to encourage them to keep trying with white men - um, why is no one talking to white men themselves? And why aren't more white men speaking out about this?

    Talk about a deafening silence: white people, this is the type of reaction which not only makes you look bad, but kills your credibility altogether

    So I'm on the side of all WoC closing the down the muffin shops until we see/read/hear more white men go off when stuff like this happens. Yes, it matters to them....if they really want to be with WoC. Yes, it's their responsibility to say/do something, not be pampered and petted and assured they're not racists while the WoC do all the goddamn heavy lifting.

  20. BlackPeopleSufferFromPTSD2/7/11, 9:38 PM

    I've been over Halle since the whole hit and run debacle. Ole tragic mulatto ass. She like Alexander Haley's Queen and Dorothy Dandridge had a baby and time warped it to the present day.

    I'm sorry. I know it seems harsh but this woman irks me. Ugh.

  21. @ Ankh - I think I know which blogs you're talking about. I had to flip them the bird over a year ago for much the same reason.

    And LMBO at 'Canadians don't use the N-word'! That's funny, because an old school mate was first called a n*gger in Canada - by a whole bunch of WP, no less! Being Canadian (or any other nationality, for that matter) doesn't make anyone less susceptible to being an asshole.

  22. I can't even begin to touch this topic. I had to grab a recent image of Halle and saw some shit on Huffington - the comments... OMFG. I don't even know what to say. Hundreds of WP talking about how Halle shouldn't be calling her child black - not even based on her own logic and reasoning. What.the.fuck.

    What would WP say if Halle would exclusively call her white? "She's not white!" I'm not going to delve into Halle's personal life, I don't care enough. But the larger issue of this is something to look at. It makes me wonder why WP are not calling on Tiger Woods to claim his whiteness? Why isn't anyone pissed at his parents for not making him highlight his white side? And when president Obama is called the "first black president" I no longer hear anymore hootin' and hollerin' about his white mom. WP want to claim our half 'til the half-BP is found to not possess his or her share of "magic" and then suddenly - one-drop rule applies. Let Nahla get older and mess up...I'll bet her dad will be quick to remember how black she is. Guaranteed.

  23. My goodness gracious. I just came from a celebrity baby blog site where they have a poll asking if folks agreed with Halle saying that she considers Nahla to be Black Full Stop. That quote seems to have them lit up like a Christmas tree!

  24. I just came from a celebrity baby blog site where they have a poll asking if folks agreed with Halle saying that she considers Nahla to be Black Full Stop

    Which naturally distracts folks from the whole possibly-racially-abusive-ex topic which we all know most folks don't really want to touch right now.

  25. It's amazing that all of a sudden, white people care about how bi-racial people identity themselves. It must really get their panties all in a twist that the President self-identifies as black, cause all of a sudden, he's "Not black. He's both white and *stage whisper* black." It's like they conveniently forgot that they're the ones that made up the one-drop rule.

    The browning of the world is really messing with their heads.

  26. The browning of the world is really messing with their heads.

    LOL - more like the browning of them! The world was already mostly brown. This just drives it home more than ever.

  27. Yeah, especially when White mothers of biracial children don't want them to be called "black", they're the ones who lobbied for the "multiracial" label. Then you have White fathers who want to call their children "white."

    White people are a trip sometimes.

    La Reyna

  28. I don't understand all of the Halle hate. Guess it goes with being a celebrity. But you know, she's not that different from any other woman who's had bad relationships and internalized the snafu of her parents' domestic violence. Just b/c people are conventionally pretty doesn't mean they don't got pain and flaws.

    I'm team Nahla anyway. But I certainly don't hate Halle. We got our paths and lives. Maybe things will change for the better. Maybe they won't. That's life. But hopefully Nahla survives with a good head on her shoulders and some sanity and protection from the world's -isms.


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