Underappreciated Musician of Color #25: Trish Doan

Can't give props to Nhung Napalm without giving a nod to Trish Doan.

Born in 1985 in South Korea, Trisha Jai-Mee Doan, is best known as a former bassist for the all-female metal band Kittie (she's also played guitar for over decade).  An ex-Kitten... sound familiar?

She joined the band in 2005 and left in 2007, stating she was battling anorexia, and had been for two years.  She reportedly developed it while recording Funeral for Yesterday.  Damn.  *shakes head*  That band is just condemned, ain't it?

For some reason, I'm having a flashback to my post about Lynn Chen.


  1. wow she's from south korea?! Might I ask is she korean-american then? cause her name...anyway I used to love that band. Thanks for reminding me about them ^__-

  2. Korean Canadian, actually.

  3. ahh ok makes sense. btw, I recommended your blog. I hope that's ok with you?

  4. I met her back when she was in Kittie and she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. She laughed with me because my mom was having camera trouble (pressing wrong button), but she was nice.

  5. @ Anonymous

    Thanks for stopping by. Leave a name, please.

  6. Actually, I'm adopted :) So Korean-Canada yes, but I'm 100% Canada citizenship wise!

    Very nice to see this article :) You guys are great

  7. Thank you!! And thank you for stopping by!!!


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