Underappreciated Musician of Color #24: Nhung Napalm

She's on the left.
If you've ever tasted the saccharine, naughty venom of the UK-based Lolita Storm, then you've beheld the dark glory of Nhung Napalm.

I can't find a lot of information about Miss Thang here, which is why I would love to interview her (I'm actually in the process of sending an invite).  Her musical medium of choice is digital hardcore which, if you've been properly introduced, is an awesome genre (that's my favorite song by ATR).

*sighs...twirls hair* Yeah...I went through a phase.

Because the girls of Lolita Storm sing in unison, I really couldn't tell you what Nhung sounds like by herself.  Nevertheless, I commend her for being a woman of color doin' her thang in a musical genre where one probably doesn't expect too many POC.


  1. ..hello ..did you make the interview you are writing about?

    1. No...I can't seem to reach her. I don't think they're still together anymore.


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