Underappreciated Actor of Another Color #23: Rick Yune

~ Special Edition Post ~

Whooooooo...it has been a while (six months, to be exact).  But that's not what makes this Korean American actor special.  See...I'm dedicating this one to my man gyal Amaya because this is her man.

It's perfectly understandable, of course.  Touted as one of 2002's Sexiest Men by People magazine, Rick Yune is over six feet of honed, chiseled, lethal gorgeousness.

Born in 1971, this screenwriter, producer and martial artist first caught my eye during The Fast and the Furious, (which I only admit to seeing because he happened to be in it).  God...he was fine in the movie.

I recognized him in Snow Falling on Cedars, and during Ninja Assassin, my eyes swiveled back and forth between him and Rain, unsure of where to settle.

It's strange, though; not until I found this picture did I know he had such a brilliant and beautiful smile.  Talk about a panty-dropper....


  1. *stares at the pretty*

    Oh I'm sorry K, were you saying something?

  2. Baby, if I was, I've forgotten.

    Lawd.have.mercy. That smile is a lethal weapon, y'all.

  3. You should check him out in Snow Falling on Cedars. I think that's one of his best performances. Also, that was his brother, Karl Yune, that was in Memoirs of a Geisha.

  4. Damn it, it was...and I knew that. And I remember his scenes from Snow Falling on Cedars.

  5. *licks claws* Back off, ladies...this man is MINE!

    I don't chase men; queens don't have to. But I will buck my own standard, get a pair of sneaks and run this fine ass man DOWN! He's perfect; the right age, the right height, the right amount of sexiness...*drools*

    I don't like kids and I don't want to be a mom, but yeah. I'd have his baby.

    This made my day. Thank you, Ankh! I owe you! What can I do to return the favor?

  6. @ Amaya

    Thank you, Ankh! I owe you! What can I do to return the favor?

    Give me your firstborn with Rick Yune.

  7. @ Amaya & Neo Prodigy

  8. I came across your blog a few months back by way of Abagond, and I have been visiting/lurking for about as long. SORRY! I know that's kind of creepy when people do that, but I'm a shy girl. Anyway, I want to say that you just made my freaking month when you decided to make an entry on Rick Yune! xD

  9. @ Yssa

    You're very welcome. Looks like he made all our months.

    Lawd...that smile is just doin' shit to me.

  10. Rick Yune got me in Die Another Day (James Bond). And I mean really got me. Panties and all.

    Just something about the way he gazed at the camera and carried himself, and that fine profile. AND the smile. That's a given. This man is Handsome Personified.

    LOVE this post. Thanks for it!

  11. Yeah that is one of my fave pics of him. I tend to pic him for the character shang-Da in the Anita Blake series. I haven't seen Snow Falling on Cedars but that will totally go on my to watch list.

    @Amaya LOL!!! I love that!!

  12. Stephe:

    I bought Die Another Day because of Rick. $20 well spent. TV got covered in sexy bits of lace...and then he was rollin' in a bottle-green Jag. *sigh*

    *pulls self together*

  13. I'm delightfully surprised to see people responding more to the Actors/Actresses/Musicians series. These POC really work hard and most of them try to represent us well in a racist, hard-as-hell industry.

    @ Amaya and Stephe

    Does Rick feature prominently in Die another Day?

  14. LOL @Amaya pulling self together :)


    So sorry! I didn't mean to ignore you. I need to pay more attention, that's what.

    Rick was pretty prominent, and ended up being one of the most unusual villains I've ever seen (probably that anyone's ever seen, for that matter!). There was always this beauty about him and his profile, even after the make-up to change his appearance came into play, at least to me, or could be I was just so damn infatuated LOL. I don't think so, though, because I had never seen him before at the time. And the only reason I ran into him then was because my father has been die-hard James Bond since I was in elementary school, and he raised me on that stuff. Ha.

    I'd really be interested to know what you think, so I hope you catch the movie sometime. Different people can see the same movie in completely different ways...


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