The Posts of 2010

Inspired by Abagond, I decided to reflect on my first full year of blogging and see what drew folks in the most.  I'm not really surprised what drew people in.  Behold, in the order of most viewed to least viewed:

Bai Ling really
drew in the views.
Underappreciated Actress of Color #27: Bai Ling
Apr 11, 2010, 7 comments

"I Guess I'll Just Go That Way Then"
Dec 3, 2010, 67 comments

Black Women, Let's Be Honest
Nov 5, 2010, 20 comments

Raizo and Mika - the Addicts' Circle
Jun 5, 2010, 130 comments

Black Women...Stop Being the "Platonic Friend"
Sep 14, 2010, 30 comments

Kill this Bitch
Sep 17, 2010, 36 comments

As did Rachel!
Underappreciated Actress of Color #8: Rachel True
Jan 25, 2010

Stages of Modern Black Communication - Denial (2)...
Dec 26, 2010, 60 comments

Seriously, White Women...We're Really Not Jealous...
Oct 3, 2010, 32 comments

So Yeah...I Don't Watch "Bones" Anymore
Jun 29, 2010, 11 comments
 'Twas an interesting year for Moi indeed.

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