My Uncle is Running for President

Dr. Nfor Nwayuke Susungi
~ Very Special Announcement ~

In a move which has polarized our entire family, my uncle is running for President of Cameroon.


He's an official candidate for the October, 2011 elections.  And while I'm not surprised one of my uncles is running, I didn't expect his platform.  He supports the maintained unification of the Cameroons which, quite naturally, upsets some fellow Ambazonians.

The irony of brotherhood
There are those Southern Cameroonians who just dream about independence without having any idea how to go about achieving such a goal or even lifting a finger to do anything about it. They only sit around and bang their shoe on the table.

At the other end of the spectrum there are those who believe in this idea that Cameroon is one and indivisible and that the only thing that needs to be done is to get rid of Biya. But like the first group they have no idea how to go about achieving that goal and are not even lifiting a finger to do anything about it. They only sit around and bang their shoe on the table so as to drown out the first group.

On the other hand there are people out there who are doing things that they believe in. I am not sure whether Ben Muna or Chris Fomunyoh running for President are bigger dreamers than Dr. Ngwang Gumne and Chief Ayamba battling it out with the ACHPR for the independence of the Southern Cameroons. But I can assure you that the future belongs to people who dare and are willing to get up and chase a dream, however far-fetched it may appear to onlookers.

Mind you, my Uncle Susungi is from my dad's side of the family. One of the more prominent journalists who thinks it would better if he didn't run is my uncle from my mother's side of the family.
Having sold the Southern Cameroons to La Republique, the forebears of the John Ngu Foncha would do all to eternalize the captivity by their greed. Time enough for Northern Zones to rein in their ministers and ex ministers, fons, parliamentarians, misguided presidential candidates (Nfor Susungi, Christopher Formunyoh, etc), the works, who sap the energy of the struggle thanks to their stretched libido of greed.

Twenty bucks says these two don't even know they have relatives in common.  And by the way...that Dr. Ngwang Gumne my uncle refers to up above?  *nods*  You guessed it.  He tends to fall on my mother's side of the family.

*shakes head*  All these men are talking African brethren this and that, and I bet none of them realize they're actually related.

Does he have a shot?

Etoudi Palace
(the "Cameroonian White House"),
in Yaoundé
Well, he's popular, and his laidback, "we're all Africans here" message is very well-received.  Some consider it quite refreshing after decades of tension, preceded by centuries of colonization.  So he has that going for him, especially since everyone is anxious to be rid of Paul Biya (imagine if, instead of eight years, George W. Bush was president for twenty-eight).

My uncle also has advanced education and international economic experience, so he's pointed out quite a few interesting economic tidbits to his fellow Cameroonians.  From his declaration:
• Do you know that in 1960 Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria produced respectively 73,000 tons, 93,000 tons, 433,000 tons and 195,000 tons cocoa?

• Do you know that 50 years later, the cocoa production of Cote d’Ivoire is now at 1.33 million tons while that of Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria are respectively at 200,000 tons, 590,000 tons and 185,000 tons of cocoa?

• Do you know that Cote d’Ivoire produces 365,000 tons of coffee while Cameroon only produces 70,000 tons?

• Do you know that Cote d’Ivoire produces 1,162,000 tons of rice while Cameroon only produces 62,000 tons?

• Do you know that Cameroon imports 500,000 tons of rice per year?

• Do you know that Cote d’Ivoire produces over 400,000 tones of raw palm oil while Cameroon does not produce up to 200,000 tons?

• Do you know that Cameroon imports 50,000 tons of palm oil per year?

• Do you know that Cote d’Ivoire produces 200,000 tons of rubber while Cameroon only produces 56,000 tons?

• Do you know that the land area of Cote d’Ivoire is 322.462 km² while that of Cameroon is 486,000 km²?

• Do you know that when Cameroon started producing oil in 1977 the government created an account known as “Compte hors Budget” into which oil revenues were kept and details were known only to the President of the Republic?

• Do you know that the National Assembly which passes the Finance Law each year did not know how much money there was in the Compte hors Budget?

• Do you know that Cameroon’s oil reserves have been completely exhausted?

• Do you know that Nigeria’s oil reserves are 43 billion barrels; Gabon’s reserves are 2.5 billion barrels; Chad’s reserves are 1.0 billion; Equatorial Guinea’s reserves are 1.7 billion; Angola’s reserves are 10 billion barrels; Congo Brazza’s reserves are 1.6 billion barrels?

• Do you know that Cameroon is now the poor neighbor in the Central African region and in the Gulf of Guinea?
It's interesting the things you learn when you're paying attention.

I'd rather he lose the presidency than his life

As befitting a daughter of the family, I support him, however....I am Ambazonian.  I don't trust Cameroonian politics as they've been corrupt - literally - my whole life.  I already lost my cousin, my childhood playmate with whom I used to practice our dialect, to the Cameroonian military under "inexplicable circumstances" when he was stationed at Bakassi.  It was one of the worst weeks of my life.  No one in the family is ready to live through something like that again.


  1. Wow. I sincerely hope everything works out for the best.

  2. I did not know these things about Cameroon. I commend your uncle for standing up for his beliefs, regardless of how unpopular. I pray they do not cost him his life.

  3. I have a friend that is from Cameroon. He is gay. He is a Canadian National but he doesn't consider Quebec his home. What is would be your Uncle's stance on homosexuality? He wants to know if he will do something about oppression of homosexuality?

  4. Not that you personally would know, but if you could direct him to where he could find that out he would appreciate it.

  5. I bet my uncle hasn't even considered the issue, and now will be great time for gay & lesbian Cameroonians to bring it up to him. They can go to his Facebook and ask questions, and that first quote is from a forum where he discusses various issues. Use the links, kiddies! They're not here for decoration!

    And have your friend contact Moi.

  6. Congratulations! I know you couldn't be any more proud and I am sincerely happy to hear great news about Uncle's candidacy! I have confidence that he will make positive changes in the Cameroonian government out of years of the tragic destruction that has befallen upon more than just one specific group of people and families due to corruption in the system that has not been otherwise brought to attention in western society. With this opportunity I have hope and admiration that things will in many ways progress and become a better country for its people.

  7. Oh, duh.

    He was reading over my shoulder while I was pretending to pay attention in my chemistry lecture when I asked you that, so my apologies.

  8. This is so cool,wishing him the best of luck

  9. That is really cool and I am sure under his rule Cameroon can change, but as usual the corrupt want to stay in power. May God be with him as he campaigns. Thumbs up to your uncle.

  10. I'm not sure congratulations, prayer, or both are in order. I hope he can bring definite change to the nation that will revolutionize the public, but I also hope that he doesn't fall victim to the corruption that comes with the job in any nation.

  11. @ Blaque Ink

    LMAO - you sound like my cousin.

  12. By the way, his daughter is Menoosha.

    Yup...I have an interesting family.


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