Like I Said...We're Not Jealous

Here are a couple of examples of what I mean when I say black women really aren't jealous of white women, and that [some] white woman tend to flip out when a white guy shows any interest in a black women.

Mind you, I never liked this show, but it illustrates something black women deal with daily in real life.  And keep in mind, Natasha ain't no prize.  She lost mad brown girl points the moment she joined this drunken skank parade.

The quality on this one sucks, but I couldn't find a vid of their little tiff anywhere else.


Once again, black women deal with this sort of thing in real life all the time, so you can go ahead and just skip on the usual derailing/denial/dismissal routine.

Notice how desperately the girls want to get rid of Natasha, especially when it looks like when she's getting preferential treatment/special attention.  Because in the minds of white women like these, if a black woman is getting special attention from a white guy he either feels sorry for her or doesn't want to offend her.

Now, if he's kissing on her and deliberate arranging private dates with her instead of white girls who think they "deserve" it, then white women find they can no longer indulge that particular delusion.  So they have to go to the guy himself and "remind" him that he's not supposed to like black girls.  They're ugly, remember?  They're pretty much likes guys, right?  They don't know how to be with "someone like you."  They're willing to strike any low blow, take the sabotage to any level, and pretty much rob the guy of his right to choose, if necessary, to get rid of the threat.

Fashion Tips from Moi (on the real-life everyday version of the problem...obviously)

For black women: Level with the guy immediately.  If he gives you the "pay no mind" spiel, or pulls the "don't let it bother you" schtick, then he's basically saying, "Take it like a man."  Once he does that, he's officially not worth it.  He clearly didn't get the memo and has a long way to go.  Time to end the date/relationship/what-have-you prontito and replace him.

For white guys: Duh - deal with it.  Immediately.  Unequivocally.  Ignoring it/telling her to ignore it is not an option.  Make no mistake; when a bunch of white girls try to crash your date and/or begin insulting your girlfriend, they, their tears, and their precious feelings are not your priority.  Your girlfriend's feelings and comfort are your main priorities in that situation; her color doesn't magically change that.


  1. Okay she needs serious help! How dare you tell someone they have nothing right because they are Black and then start saying im not racist and begin crying and talking about how you have Black in your family. If your grandfather is such a "beautiful Black man" why did you not take that into account before you opened your mouth and said what you said? I can't even start on her and the rest of the white girls in that house felt the same way as her, they were smirking, trying not to laugh, and no one even jumped to Nat's rescue, nonsense, I'm glad I do not watch that show.

  2. How dare you tell someone they have nothing right because they are Black

    Funny you should mention that. The challenge on the show was to test the girls' knowledge of Bret Michaels/Poison trivia; the women with the most correct answers would earn private dates with Bret. Natasha got every question wrong, but Bret still invited her onto a private date anyway.

    Hence the unleashing of the crazy.

  3. It's very hard for me to be sympathetic when I know they're all competing for Bret Micheal's affections. I see your point, Ankh, I really do and I concur with said points but....ICK! XP

  4. What in the blue fuck? And all this over who? Bret Michaels? Like this is 1985 or some shit? I think this is pathetic and sickening to an extent.
    Yet another reason why I don't watch TV.

    1. Good thing the guys on "The Bachelor" get rid of the black girls right away so this is never a problem.

  5. Y'all are cracking me up. And yes...believe me, I understand the ick factor.

  6. Damn that's a lot of white women tears....

  7. @ ravenstar84

    Indeed. The WWT knew no limit on this show.

  8. There's a segment of the reunion which I couldn't find which made me shake my head. It's where the "Blondterage" is whining about the presence of black girls on this show, because they figured that's not what Bret liked.

  9. Brett Micheals, Ewww! That's nasty.


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