Le Jour de l'An

Moi et une amie...a decade ago.
So I'm spending the "crossing over" sippin' a "Pink Elegance" (one part pink champagne, one part Sprite, one part vodka), and I'm wondering:  Ladies, what are your New Year's Resolutions?  Share, share....

I'll start:
1) Trim down some more.

2) Eat even less meat.  And ice cream.

3) Do more creative writing.

4) Move back to Houston.

5) Brush up on Spanish before moving to Houston.

6) Continue to furnish my new apartment with palatial Gothic furnishings.

7) Continue rebuilding my once-fabulous and envy-inducing wardrobe.

8) Keep my freezer properly stocked with vodka.  2010 was difficult without it.

9) Hang out more with the fabulous black women in my life.

10) Get rid of my stash of clove cigarettes and Virginia Slims and admit to myself I still crave them.
I know I'm probably missing something, but I'll just get to it later this year.

*pops open pink champagne*


  1. The only one I make is not to lie to myself or to God.

  2. Im going to come up with mine when I get off of work.

    You used to live in Houston?! I do as well, but I go to school in Austin.

  3. Happy New Year!

    My plans for the new year are to be more of my authentic self at all times and take care of self more. That also includes writing, laughing, dancing and traveling more.

  4. @ Zaire

    My family has basically conquered Texas.

    @ Black Butterfly

    I definitely want to travel more this year.

    *looks at Amaya and thinks of Vegas*


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