Contemplating "the Bitchiness of Irony"

The assassination attempt on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords left six people dead and a dozen wounded.

We have no idea if the gunman was, as many pundits presume, motivated by right-wing vitriol or Sarah Palin’s crosshairs or some other conservative fear-mongering tactic.

However, it would be the ultimate elephant-in-the-room moment to avoid bringing up the unsavory connections.

After all, we’re talking about a psycho in a red state who took advantage of lax gun-control laws to carry out an attack on a Democrat. The guy spouted conspiracy theories that are close to right-wing talking points, and he expressed hatred for the government. Let’s face it: It’s unlikely that he’s an Obama man.

Still, we don’t know what this domestic terrorist’s agenda or motives are, and we’ll set aside the hyper-defensiveness of right-wingers who are tripping over themselves to shout, “It wasn’t us, so don’t you dare even bring it up!”

Instead, what interests me is the story of Daniel Hernandez, the young intern who is credited with saving Giffords’ life. Five days into his job, he wound up running toward gunfire, taking action to prevent his boss from choking to death on her own blood in a Safeway parking lot.

The irony, clearly, is that in Arizona, a lunatic can obtain a Glock without question, while a hero named Hernandez may be stopped by cops and asked to present citizenship papers.


  1. *Doing the same thing Moi is doing.*

  2. Accountability to the authoritarian is like oil to water. The two just don't mix and that's why the right has once again tried to pin this event on the following:
    a) Gubament
    b) LIBRUL media
    c) Leftist political agenda

    It's disgusting how these types constantly talk about personal responsibility and yet never seem to exercise it in anything that they do. They feel no sense of connection to anyone who doesn't support their rightist ways. What's amazing is that no one (once again) is pointing this out in the corporate media. Instead, they're talking about bullshit bipartisanship and once again allowing these cryptofascists to have their way yet again.

  3. ^TRUTH! And my question is why do they keep asserting and alleging this boy was JUST mentally you honestly think if his name was "Jareed Akhbar" they would just be coining him as JUST mentally ill? Why are they not calling this what it really is TERRORISM! And I dont just blame the right. Its the left too, exposing sarah palin's silly ass at every booger hanging out of her nose is enough to drive ANYONE regardless of partisanship mad.

  4. And now Sarah Palin has the gall to claim to she's the victim here.

    Could someone smack that bitch already?

  5. Could someone smack that bitch already?

    I'm so on it! >:)

  6. Forget smacking SP. How about stomping her in the ground like an insignificant cockroach?

  7. *jaw drops*

    Excuse me while I go cross-post this EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

  8. *standing ovation* That truly is ironic.

  9. Hernandez is a good man. Because if I found out 5 days into my job that dodging bullets would be an issue, I would've just said fuck it and hit the deck.


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