Underappreciated Actress of Color #45: Hayley Marie Norman

Damn, Hayley Marie; you is just too fine.

*shakes head*

Some of you may remember her from Fired Up! which, I don't care how much the critics dissed it, the lil sis and I found immensely entertaining.

Born in 1984, this California native's been acting and modeling since she was a child (family in the industry).  She's traveled extensively because of her modeling.  Some of you will recognize her from The Young and the Restless, while the nerds among you will recognize her from Hancock and Trailer Park of Horror.

Fans will get to see her play an archangel in the upcoming film Nephilim (2011).


  1. Hey, just a heads up...boobs are overrated. Trust me.

  2. Except when they're fabulous.

  3. I'll stick with my A-cups, thanks! :D

  4. I've got D-cups, but still....

  5. boobs are NOT over-rated. no way.

    so, question; are WM more boob-oriented than are BM? i'd say yes.

    except for dave chapelle.

  6. @ randy

    How did I know you'd be the first man on here to say that?

  7. Randy, do you have breasts?


    Didn't think so.

  8. Amaya, you have a rack to write home about.

    Now, if you want share some of the wealth, then I'm sure we can arrange something with our doctors.


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