Underappreciated Actress of Color #43: Natalie Venetia Belcon

Born in 1969, this goddess from Trinidad caught my eye during my Fresh Prince of Bel-Air marathon (Season 4, Episode 5...where she took Carlton's virginity).

I...LOVE...her face.  I like the inflection in her accent, I love her voice, and I want the dress she wore in the episode in where she took Carlton's virginity.  She's just one of those women you want to grow up to be when you're a little person. *nods*

Natalie Venetia Belcon's actually a stage actress by trade; if you Google her in images you'll find a gazillion photos of her various roles (this one's my favorite, and not because of the bosoms.  Though I wouldn't mind owning that corset as well)....


  1. I've seen her before. I can't quite remember where, it wasn't on the stage. But her face is soo familiar, especially when she was on Fresh Prince.

    BTW that was sooo funny.

    My favorite singer is Tom Jones*cue "love is a many splendered thing"*

  2. aww, you know I had to rep for Trinidad. She's amazing!!

  3. What a gorgeous picture of her! I just wish there was more opportunity to see her talent.

  4. @ nykinora

    For real. There's something utterly mesmerizing about her face.

  5. Caribbean MASSIVE! XD Always did have great admiration for stage actors and actresses. No room for do-overs, so they have to be on their game at all time.

  6. When you mentioned The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it all came back to me...she's gorgeous. I agree. I want to be her when I grow up.

  7. I can't imagine her giving a better performance than the one she gave as Vi in the broadway hit play on.


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