Underappreciated Actress #42: Lynn Chen

~ Special Edition ~

I first saw Lynn Chen act opposite Michelle Krusiec in Saving Face and I was very impressed.  She's got a dark, sultry look to her, and obvious good taste in roles.

Her popular blog is about food, where she reveals some very painful personal history:
I used to hate talking about my history with food because it’s been such a roller coaster. I’ve been a binge eater my entire life and spent over six years balancing it out with anorexia.

In 2003 I had literally worked my butt off to play a ballet dancer. When I stopped the dieting, I naturally gained the weight back. But my managers weren’t happy. My fans called me chubby. My relatives commented. And since I wasn’t booking, I figured it must be because of the weight. I looked for examples of women who were about my size but I wasn’t even sure what I saw anymore; the bingeing and anorexia were taking over every aspect of my life.

...I took a year off from show business to come to terms with my disordered eating.  Through lots of therapy, self-love, and soul-searching (plus ditching fad diets/weighing myself/focusing on size) I have gone over two years without relapsing into old behaviors.

...Now that I’ve reentered the acting world, I want to hold myself accountable. The same pressures are going to be there and I don’t want to fall back into abusive behaviors.   I also have some health issues, including possible prediabetes and high cholesterol, that I have to face.  I’m hoping this food blog will present an honest look into this actor’s daily diet, burgers and fries and all.
And thus, I continue to be impressed.

I'll be honest; outside of Saving Face, I haven't seen much of Lynn, but she works!  She really does try to stay busy and  I'm going to have to browse Netflix for more of her work.  I'm looking forward to getting to know this remarkable young woman.

For anyone who's ever talked bitter smack about "skinny Asian bitches" it would behoove them to think of women like Lynn Chen and Margaret Cho.


  1. I had no clue she went through all that drama with her body. When I saw her in Saving Face, I just assumed she was a ballet dancer in real life.

  2. Thank You Ankh! I love Lynn Chen! She was awesome in "The People I've Slept With". I was like why don't I see this girl in more movies?

  3. I was thinking about renting The People I've Slept With. Is it really good?

  4. Yes. You'll definitely enjoy it. It's hilarious,smart and sexy.

    It's also on www.logotv.com for free.

  5. Beautiful and the little smile is very cute. I don't know her work unfortunately, though I'm at a point where I'm looking to see new movies and new faces so I'll check out her films.


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