Kill this Bitch II

Heifer Jones
Heifer are not exempt.

From Hispanic Fanatic:
...For example, [Heifer] Jones, a weather anchor for ABC’s New York City affiliate and an occasional forecaster on Good Morning America, has recently been suspended from her job and has been arrested for lying to the police.

Jones claimed that a man tried to rape her while she was jogging in Central Park a couple of months ago. After investigating her claims, however, “investigators found inconsistencies in her story and could find no witnesses or suspects” and eventually got Jones to admit that she had “spun the tale as a ‘plea for sympathy’ because of trouble in her personal life.”

Jones has been charged with two counts of filing a false police report, and she faces a year in jail or a thousand-dollar fine.

One’s first reaction to this is disgust. Jones’ actions are incredibly harmful to real rape victims, many of whom often face hostile accusations of making the whole thing up. Here we have a public figure who has fabricated a sexual assault, providing ammunition to misogynists everywhere.

Pity is also a common reaction. How messed up must this woman’s existence be to create such a grotesque tale “in a plea for sympathy to counter some unknown setback that she was experiencing in her personal life”?

Once we get past those responses, however, we see the modern twist on the Stuart trope. Jones knew that to have any credibility, her fictional rapist had to be Hispanic.

Saying the guy was black seems suspicious, because that’s what [Charles] Stuart and other liars claimed. However, a white perpetrator strains credibility, because… well… you know.

So Hispanic it is. After all, we make handy targets in political ads, and we have been blamed for everything from skyrocketing crime rates to the housing collapse. As such, creating a Latino thug who jumps women in the dark is a logical choice for the imaginary crime victim.
But gets better. From Associated Press:
Jones' attorney, Paul Callan, told The Associated Press that his client would plead not guilty to any charges.

"Ms. Jones has had a distinguished career as a broadcast journalist and urges all concerned to refrain from jumping to conclusions about the unproven charges against her being discussed in the press," Callan said.
*sigh* Bethany-fucking-Storro returns.

Disclaimer: Do not go out and actually kill this bitch; that's not what I'm advocating here.  "Kill this Bitch" just has a ring to it.  And going straight into my post right after the title maintains momentum, hence the appearance of this disclaimer at the end.  Now...if you do kill this bitch, don't blame me.  Don't even mention Moi.  The point of posts like these is to get people to accept responsibility for their own actions, and crazies like you are not exempt.


  1. SMH, it's not even a shock anymore. Pathetic is the only word I can think of to describe this excuse for a human being.

  2. I think I'm gonna be sick...

  3. At this point, cops need to start throwing these bitches in jail. Just lock them up and let the inmates deal with them.

  4. And all of this because she was just so desperate for someone to feel sorry for her ass? They need to throw this bitch under the jail! This shit is so tired, and it always involves the phantom ethnic person smfh.

  5. She thought those magical tears would seduce everyone around her; that there'd be an outpouring of love and support for she, the 'fragile nymph'. She got just what she deserved... the shameless hussy!

  6. I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I'm not. When she goes to jail--and I cross my fingers in hope--she'll experience rape first hand. And no one won't feel sorry for her.

    This is all assuming, of course, that she goes to jail for her lies. The 1000K fine is bullshit. If you want to deter women like The Cow from crying rape, fine them $250,000 AND six months in jail. Automatically. Because the credibility of women who do get raped goes down even further because of tramps like The Cow.

  7. "However, a white perpetrator strains credibility, because… well… you know."

    Thats strange considering the fact that white men are much more likely to rape compared to other races. And not only as an absolute number, but also relative to their population size. It has to do with white privelege granting them whatever they want 99% of the time, and american society as a whole telling them 24/7 that they are entitled to everything. The other 1% of the time, when they don't get what they want, often causes white men to experience some mean cognitive dissonance.

  8. @ hunter

    You noticed that too, huh? Bewildering, isn't it?

  9. I just wonder what makes these white chicks do this crap? Troubles in her personal life? Right now, I'm unemployed, looking for work and I'm dealing with a chronic illness and my mother is currently gravely ill in the hospital on a breathing machine. I would think the last thing I would want to do is trump up a story for some fricken sympathy!

    These broads lives are just too boring that's why they make up stupid stories like this. Attention whoring at it's finest because they know that white girl + trouble + possible black perpetrator = unlimited sympathy and possibly free gifts!

    I SO want to strangle heifers like this!

  10. @ Jade Star

    Word. Some of us have some very real problems. I have a feeling she's deliberately not telling hers because people are going to read them and say, "That's it? People are losing their jobs, their homes, and their kids in a bullshit war and she's making up tales because of this? Seriously? Like...seriously?"

  11. This is one of the few times I advocate police brutality.

    *readies the piano wire*

  12. *Sarcastic Applause followed by a Tired Sigh*

    This woman should be drop kicked.

    *Puts on metal boots*

  13. I don't feel any sympathy for this bitch. Why would anyone feel sorry for any crazy ass white girl that lies about being raped by a POC because she was depressed or lonely or some other crap. Hell no. POC have died cause of this bullshit. So, screw her and screw her sympathizers.

  14. So, screw her and screw her sympathizers.

    The fact that people like her have sympathizers amuses Moi to no end...not.

  15. ankh, when you title a post: 'Kill This Bitch'-as you've done twice now-are you doing so in order to actively encourage someone to take real-world measures to terminate the bitch's actual biological existence on earth? to literally commit the felony crime ofpremeditated 1st degree murder?

    or is it meant to be taken somewhat less-than-literally? in 'this person is utterly repugnant; contemptible in every way, and i wish all misfortune upon her.'

    i honestly don't know, thats why i'm asking. WP tend to take words absolutely literally...and seriously. to most WP 'kill this bitch' means just that, no less, no more...KILL this one bitch here. so i personally would be pretty nervous about posting an instigation like that on my blog; the legal ramification...if this woman DID get murdered. but that's me.

  16. @ randy

    Obviously, POC think & operate differently from WP.

    Now...are you going to talk about what she and others like her did or are you just going to make it all about her?

  17. And cue the predictable responses trying to diagnose this woman as sick instead of as a morally bankrupt excuse of a human being.

  18. @ RVCBard

    Hence the convenient "army of sympathizers."

  19. @randy:

    Funny, I often tend to believe that White folks are incapable of detecting irony or sarcasm when it comes to the words of Black people, but they're quick to do so when it comes to White people.

    It's as though White folks don't believe our pea-sized Negro brains can ever be clever enough to use figurative language.

  20. men have died over these kinds of lies, entire towns have been burnt down

  21. @modest goddess:

    Bah, whatever! Who cares about innocent people when the purity of White women is at stake?

  22. Who cares about innocent people when the purity of White women is at stake?

    Innocent POC. You forgot to mention the innocents are of color. If white men were dying and whole white towns were burning to the ground over white women's lies, there'd be some "caring" all right.

  23. @randy

    "i honestly don't know, thats why i'm asking. WP tend to take words absolutely literally...and seriously."

    Yeah, so... how many times have you heard somebody say "Oh my god man, I wanna KILL that dude!"? People have said that about actors they don't like (I've said it about Hugh Grant and he's doing just fine...).

    Agreed with RVC Bard! Would you be pretending to be this stupid if this were a white guy's blog?

  24. Pajamas said...
    "Agreed with RVC Bard! Would you be pretending to be this stupid if this were a white guy's blog?"

    White male sympathizers would have wrapped that comment up in a nice big pretty bow (topped with glitter) telling us to stop being so sensitive! As I recall the tea partiers used the word ‘Kill’ a lot. They were loud- boisterous, (on some occasions armed), shouting bigoted slogans with a righteous indignation.

    But ‘Kill’ sounds more menacing when it comes from somebody without white skin.

  25. Randy, I'm still waiting for the part where you show concern for POC harmed by lies like these.

  26. of course i'm concerned about the damage to POC and their well-being that foolish twats like the above foment. i agree; its NOT TRIVIAL. i understand the fury...

    but no, i also don't think its a good idea to use that word 'kill'. i thought that was sort of understood; a line that is risky to cross.

    it actually would not totally surprise me, ankh, to learn that by posting the words 'kill this bitch' you are now personally in violation of some law, or are vulnerable to a lawsuit.

    i'd look into it...cuz i can promise you that if *I* found MY pic and name on a website with an exhortation that i be murdered, i'd be lawyered up and out to do MAX DAMAGE to whoever was responsible.

  27. You'll be waiting a long time Ankhesen since Randy lives to troll around blogs that he ideologically opposes on a fundamental level. (Go figure.)

  28. Thanks for the concern, but on this blog, always focus on my point, NOT whether or not I want someone killed. If I want someone killed, I'll politely request an official execution,

    However, a disclaimer wouldn't hurt....

  29. exactly...a disclaimer is a good idea. as for sticking to the point of the post; this appalling bitch SHOULD go to prison('tho i doubt she will). she surely does deserve that.

    someone might be able to sue her, too. its a long shot, but maybe some class-action thing initiated by hispanic men, perhaps.

    more broadly tho; i think the general public is beginning to wake up to this whole 'WW attacked by random POC' story and be suspicious of it right off. its happened so many times by now...i don't think its like back when susan smith tried it, anymore.

  30. Voila. Behold disclaimer (at the end).


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