Justice for Bernard Burden Indeed

The recent lynching of Frederick Jermaine Carter now has folks on the net recalling similar deaths in the 21st Century (the lil sis informs me there have been approximately 89 black male hanging "suicides" in the past 5 years).  One such death is the lynching of Bernard C. Burden, found dead October 13, 2004.  Unsurprisingly enough, his lynching too was immediately ruled a suicide.

From Harambee Radio:
On the morning of October 13, 2004 Bernard C. Burden was found hung from a tree in the yard of a white family. His feet were touching the ground with his knees bent. The Coroner Wimp Pierce ruled it a suicide. There was a house full of people that night and no Police Investigation was done. No one was charged as suspects in a possible homicide despite the numerous contradictions. Now we all know if that was a white man found hanging in the yard of a black family, everyone would have been taken downtown for questioning or WORSE. We know Bernard was lynched. WE DEMAND JUSTICE!!!

After 4 months the GBI has completed their investigation and have also ruled this a suicide and have closed the case. They claim to have performed a Toxicology Test to check Bernard for drugs and their results show that he had no drugs in his system. However this contradicts the statement given by 2 people in the house that state that they, including Bernard, were smoking marijuana earlier that day. Also, Bernard was on prescription drugs, and that supposedly didn't show up in his system either.

A statement given by Robert Barnett, another white male who was also in the house that night selling Ice (drugs) to the mother of the home, states that he only met Bernard that week. However, he has known Bernard for at least 6 months. Six months prior, he and Bernard had gotten into an altercation where he threatened Bernard's life. This incident is on record. When Ms. Pless questioned the D.A. on this contradiction, they still felt no need to investigate further.

The contradictions and inconsistencies are endless. This cover-up has gone up to the level of the Georgia State government.

Contradictions and Inconsistencies:

1) How is it possible for a person to hang himself while his feet are still touching the ground and knees bent?

2) Chris, resident of the home, says he found Bernard hung at approximately 7:00am, yet 911 was not called until 8:30am.

3) Police Chief Ramos of Grantville stated that no police investigation was necessary because the Coroner, Wimp Pierce did an investigation. Since when are Coroners trained and authorized to perform criminal investigations?

4) When Ms. Pless, the mother of the victim, requested that the Coroner perform a toxicology test to see if drugs were in Bernard's system, he rigidly refused.
As some of you may have noticed, I've created an R.I.P. tag for our murdered kin. If you find more deaths like these, let me know ASAP.  That black men are being lynched in the 21st Century is something which should horrify and concern us all. Let this be a testament to the human rights violations committed by the "United" States of America. I want everyone to look at these pictures, read these stories, and remember what they saw here the next time pundits and politicos are on the news denouncing the actions of other countries. The hypocrisy of American democracy has reached an all-time high.

This is your post-racial America, people, in all her despicable glory.

This happens here. We are that society.  It is not "ancient history."  It is not a figment of a people's paranoia.  We won't "lighten up and just let it go" because there are others who refuse to "let it go."


  1. Thank You. And further more, we didn't start this. Everybody else(except the Indians) came here by choice, we were forced to come here, we're the last to get everything, and we get treated the worst.

  2. Student:
    Technically, black men and women both got the right to vote before Native Americans.

    Get treated pretty bad too, though I suppose "worst" is rather up to the viewer. Sadly, anybody who wasn't a rich, white protestant land owner has been treated pretty badly.

    And if it needs to be said, this shit makes me sick* You've said that people treat this like a historical thing, but even if it wasn't still occurring, luckily in fairly isolated incidents, if it occurred within living memory it isn't a historical thing, its something obviously effecting people alive today.

  3. W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Interviewed The Honorable Min.Abdullah Yasin Muhammad, The Son Of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, About The Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging case.

    please check out the powerful video of that interview here:


    To Listen to the entire interview please click on the following link:

    W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Suicide Or Strange Fruit? You Decide. A Bro. Frederick Jermaine Carter Update.





  4. The hangings are murders. There are murderers allowed to be on the loose!

  5. @ Anonymous

    I concur. Thanks for stopping by. Leave a name next time, please.

  6. A major problem within the United States involves racist acts of murders on African America males without any justice. Obviously, if the officers have claimed that the victims commit suicide is because no efforts of work is done and a non-acceptances that the victims have been lynched. Therefore, no convictions will exist of the perpetrators. The same patterns are occurring today, as in our pass days of slavery. Cold-bloodedly behaviors are acceptable in the United States! I wonder were the officers’ racist on the case. There are no answers and hardly any media coverage involving the callous acts of racists’ murders. Attention is in need to solving the murders committed on African males inside the United States.

  7. @ Anonymous

    I concur whole-heartedly. Welcome, but please leave your name next time.

  8. The murders will surely have to stand before God on judgement Day....No one, absolutely no one gets away with murder!


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