Adventures of "Dude", Pt. 2

And so it continues:

7:24:25 PM Dude: Again, you have to understand what is meant by "privilege".

7:25:06 PM Dude: I have… a shit-ton of material that can explain that to you, and maybe that's something you should see before you read the Alcoff article, because she refers to privilege, I think, in a way that presumes the reader already knows the context.

7:25:42 PM Dude: Privilege is not about drawing lines between it and any quantifiable material benefit

7:25:48 PM Dude: It's more abstract than that

7:26:06 PM Dude: again to make it easier...

7:26:50 PM Dude: If you and your brother were to work at the exact same company, doing the exact same job for the exact same wage

7:27:11 PM Dude: and have the exact same standard of living, and all the same financial habits, such that you had the exact same lifestyle

7:27:19 PM Dude: He would still have privilege that you do not, being a man.

7:27:36 PM Dude: how would that priivlege manifest? Well...

7:27:52 PM Dude: For one, he could be guaranteed that no one would assume that he got to his position by sleeping with a boss or someone similar

7:28:11 PM Dude: He can be almost certain to never be a victim of sexual harassment

7:28:32 PM Dude: it is not likely that anyone will talk down to him or patronize him on the basis of him being a man

7:28:43 PM GIRL: brb

7:28:44 PM Dude: assume that he needs help in doing his job

7:28:45 PM GIRL: phone

7:28:46 PM Dude: pk

7:28:48 PM Dude: ok, too

7:32:45 PM GIRL: actually

7:32:49 PM GIRL: gonna go read for a bit too

7:32:56 PM GIRL: will be here on and off

7:33:04 PM Dude: really? That's a bad place to bail out on the conversation.

7:33:17 PM GIRL: sorry

7:33:27 PM GIRL: you actually caught me in the middle of a chapter

7:33:37 PM GIRL: and distracted me

7:33:39 PM GIRL: well done

7:33:54 PM Dude: Yeah, well...

7:34:19 PM Dude: might as well be distracted a bit longer until we come to at least a suitable breaking point

7:34:34 PM Dude: and understanding what is meant by "privilege' is a good one.

7:35:31 PM GIRL: ok

7:39:41 PM Dude: We're talking about systemic privileges here, not individual wages

7:41:21 PM Dude: Oprah is outwardly an optimist herself, and she has a few billions reasons to be...

7:42:02 PM Dude: But what she doesn't talk about much, and you'd probably be hard pressed to get her to talk about, is how she had to navigate the absence of race and gender privilege in her climb to where she is today

7:43:11 PM Dude: and that's reflective of black people's relationship to history in this country; we tend to look forward, rather than backwards, because looking back, things were invariably shitty and we can only hope that it'll be better in the future

7:43:30 PM Dude: whereas white people can reflect on the "Good ol days"

7:43:40 PM Dude: It's just a different relationship with the country

7:43:44 PM GIRL: as far as i know

7:43:50 PM GIRL: most of us don't think about that though

7:43:54 PM GIRL: as with most anyone

7:43:59 PM Dude: Heh, and that's another thing in itself

7:44:10 PM GIRL: we're more focused on what's going on in our daily lives

7:44:13 PM Dude: The freedom to exist in a cultural temporal vaccuum

7:44:29 PM GIRL: as opposed to what happened centuries ago

7:44:31 PM Dude: We tend NOT to reflect back on it, but it is essential to our prosperity that we do

7:44:41 PM Dude: What happened centuries ago IS supremely important to black people

7:44:47 PM Dude: but it does not have to be - and often is not - for white people

7:44:51 PM Dude: such as who we talked about today

7:45:09 PM Dude: the whole "Well, it wasn't me or my ancestors, so why should we have to apologize for anything"

7:45:32 PM Dude: I wasn't enslaved either, but I still have to think back on that shit, because it echoes into the present in some powerful ways.

7:45:37 PM Dude: I do not have the luxury of ignoring history.

7:45:55 PM Dude: not only not ignoring it, but digging for the truth, rather than misrepresentation to serve political agendas

7:46:54 PM GIRL: i don't ignore it

7:47:01 PM Dude: nope, not saying you do

7:47:10 PM Dude: But you have the luxury of being able to ignore it, if you so chose.

7:47:12 PM GIRL: but also don't use it as a basis for how i treat people daily

7:47:15 PM Dude: I would do so at my own peril.

7:47:24 PM Dude: Neither do I.

7:47:28 PM GIRL: i sure as hell don't look down on camden b/c it's mostly black

7:47:33 PM Dude: Not saying you do.

7:47:33 PM GIRL: it would be terrible of me to do that

7:47:42 PM Dude: You're thinking too… heh, black and white about this.

7:47:48 PM Dude: (and I don't mean race in that case)

7:48:53 PM Dude: Having the wages of whiteness, for example, does not translate automatically into material wages - but it does in many ways represent the potential to gain those material wages

7:49:10 PM Dude: Whether or not you do it has nothing to do with the fact that you have that ability that others do not.

~ TBC ~


  1. Please tell me that in part 3 he says that all the mind-blowing sex in the world isn't worth this much saint-like patience... I can't believe she thought it was an okay time to just go read a book.

    (I still applaud him for being a good writer. I am so sorry, Dude, that you lost this much time and energy.)

  2. *deep breaths* I have a feeling part 3 the ish will hit the fan it's building up for damn sure.

  3. LOL. This is getting awkward: the chick doesn’t even pretend to care about what the guy says anymore...

  4. "7:33:27 PM GIRL: you actually caught me in the middle of a chapter

    7:33:37 PM GIRL: and distracted me

    7:33:39 PM GIRL: well done"

    Wasn't she the one who asked the question in the first place??? -_-

  5. Surely there is an easier way to get a date for the weekend.

    'TBC'..wait, there's MORE?!

  6. Hey, just for the record, I'm Ramona posted above. Ravenstar84 is my livejournal, but forgot to write the 84 in the link. -_-

  7. I think it's apparent girl is uncomfortable with being "schooled" in this way and wants an out.

    I may be beginning to understand why these exchanges are so difficult to have and also to witness.

  8. I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceburg.

  9. Seriously, why the eff is he so invested if its apparent that she doesn't care. I don't get it. Save your time and energy because this idiot isn't learning and she doesn't want to.

    Lesson to people of color: not all folks are DESERVING of a lesson.

    And yes I'm moving back to Trinidad at some point because I can exist there!!

  10. Damn, is White pussy THAT damn precious?

    Dude, I'd just feed her some bullshit line about how she's sooooooooooo superior to horrid, evil, ugly, unfeminine BW and soup her empty head up and get the drawz and some cash off of her and leave! At least till the next time I wanted some easy, stupid White ass and some walkin' around money.

    It honestly is NOT that crucial.

  11. Damn, is White pussy THAT damn precious?

    LOL - if it were, I don't think this is the convo they'd have had. He'd have just done like you said and then gotten the hell outta there.

  12. Please tell me that in part 3 he says that all the mind-blowing sex in the world isn't worth this much saint-like patience

    "Saint-like" indeed. I couldn't get past the very first question. Had it been Moi, the convo would have ended right then and there. Click. Good-bye. Thanks for comin' out.

  13. i don't think i've ever read a better-and more composed, reasonable, intelligent, point-by-point explanation of the whole issue of White Privilege than his breakdown of it here.

    i mean...yeah, he's RIGHT.

    but...but...i kinda lose respect for him some because he bulls right on ahead even tho she clearly signals she's NOT INTERESTED in the subject or continuing on about it. that's her right. just as it would be his right not to talk about, say patriarchical oppression.

    after that point, it's a lecture, not a convo.

  14. ok homeboy is wasting time at this point.. She basically told him to f*ck off because she is reading a book... AKA Id rather be reading something else than listen to your ass... SMH. Done.


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