WTF? of the Day: "Not Prejudiced...Just Pissed"

Now you want the signature you fucking nigger thief. You want me to lock you up for life you asshole? Give me my shit back. … And I’m not prejudice, but right now I’m getting really pissed off. Because you’re acting like a nigger, now give me the cards back.

Um...does this line of thinking sound familiar to any of you?

Never mind the usual, "We find this disturbing, but it had nothing to do with losing his job" spiel.  You know...they can't tell us why he lost his job for "privacy reasons."  That's so Omar Thornton, I don't even want to go there.

First of all, white people, if you're hell-bent on calling black people niggers (and so many of you are), stop looking for "justification".  Quit with the preambles, the "not you, just them" or the "I'm not racist, but..." or the..."I'm not racist; your behavior is making me call you this...." - it's not going to fly.  It doesn't negate your racism.  It doesn't make you superior.  All it does is clarify that you're no different from your sadistic, soulless shithead predecessors (and contemporaries) who raped, tortured, and murdered people for shits and giggles.  And resources.

I'm tired, I'm pissed, and I'm going to end this on a negative note: this country makes me sick.


  1. This lady made me sick. At least we know who she is now. (Though honestly, I'm not too crazy about places like 4chan and the way they track down people ruthlessly.)

  2. This is what I don't get about other WP who come to the defense of "our people's" behavior/words/feelings... we KNOW that WP talk like this and feel this way. White people, just admit it to yourselves, figure out what you're going to do about it on a personal level. The truth is painful. It's not an isolated incident because someone was pissed. It's not "some WP". It's most WP, and I challenge ANY WP to tell me differently.

    You know exactly what's said behind closed doors. Don't act surprised when some news like this comes out and try to kid yourself into thinking most of the WP you've ever known haven't made comments like that, and this person just lost it. I've never been able to make a white friend because they will disappoint me with cloaked racism and try to whisper it in my ear in a closet somewhere, then make excuses like above for why it's ok to talk like that. Their expressions of their feelings of betrayal when they realize they've told their secret to someone who will tell them about it would blow your mind.

    White people, stop kidding yourselves. Search your mind and name any WP you know personally who have NOT uttered feelings like this to you in private. Now, if you come up with any answers to that question, which for most of us is doubtful - has that person EVER stood up against other people speaking that way in private. Chances are, your list is now blank. If you don't plan to stand up yourself, at least stop jumping to the defense of other people when they act like this. And stop telling yourself that this situation is different. It's not. It never is.

  3. Hmm absconding the country is looking better and better each day. I make less money even though I work harder and am smarter. White people can verbally physically and economically attack me for being black as long as they hide the fact that that is the reason and there isn't anything I can do about it. No one even acknowledges that this problem exists. What can I do? I don't feel safe especially since I'm at the lower end of the economic spectrum, the only reason I keep going on is because of my family and my hope that I will one day get them out of poverty. Which seems less and less likely each passing year.

  4. Why should anything spewed by a white person surprise us anymore? Because of the adversarial climate in this country Whites have lifted the guise that implies 'tolerance and civility' saying, "Screw it- I'm gonna say what I damn-well please... this is America!

    Remember, a white person's words and actions do not necessarily have to match up (rhetorical ethic). Hypocrisy is a way of life; Whites are merely expressing what they've repressed for yrs. They just don’t care anymore.

  5. I'm not surprised by this incident at all. However, now I know I've gotta get the heck out of here. Anybody know how Burkina Faso is looking these days?

  6. What gets me is the shock White folks express when shit like this happens. They say shit like, "OMG!!!! I can't believe this!!! I would never . . . !!!"

    Believe it, goddamnit. Yeah, muthafucka, you would. As a matter of fact, I would not have been able to write a certain part in my play without your help. Like my daddy says, I don't put nothing past White folks. That don't mean I distrust White people or think they're evil right off the bat, but I gotta say that if I heard Anne Hathaway drowned a litter of kittens because Satan spoke to her and talker her into it . . .

    Look, I like her. I respect her. She's everything I want in a girlfriend, but I would not be her character witness at the trial. I will write to her regularly while she's locked up. I will volunteer myself for conjugal visits to keep her urge to kill kittens under control. But she would not be catsitting for me anytime soon.

  7. I cant help but notice how many people(mainly white) were trying to pull the "mental illness" card for this lady.

    Mental illness is no excuse for calling people "nigger thief" and slapping federal workers...

    Too many people are trying to play that "Maybe she's not racist, she's just mental!"
    No, there are plenty of "sane" people who think exactly like this woman and are looking for an excuse to go off on a black person so they can name-call. Mentally ill or not this woman is dead WRONG...She should be thankful she didnt go off on the wrong person. A lot of people DO NOT make allowances for mental illness, and said people would kick her ass.

  8. planet is you from?

  9. What gets me is the shock White folks express when shit like this happens. They say shit like, "OMG!!!! I can't believe this!!! I would never . . . !!!"

    THANK YOU! In what Victoria said as well, I can't go along with the "shock" anymore. White folks, you got relatives that say the SAME SHIT at every Thanksgiving, co-workers who whisper that shit at lunchtime, parents who say that ish when they think you're out of hearing range. And yet you want to be/feign surprise at each new instance of White racism?!

    Y'all really need to quit with that.


    Hey, you have your lust objects; we have ours.

  10. @ Victoria
    I actually hate "people" like this because they put people like you under a cloud of suspicion. I usually don't, on some level trust WPs actions toward POCs until they earn it in some way. My experience has taught me this repeatedly. But i'm not hostile or resentful towards them, it's usually the other way around. I usually just give people the benefit of the doubt until and unless logic and experience prove me wrong, which isn't the same as trusting them but I think it's fair enough.

    But even so I can't continue to live in a place where I'm constantly worried that people have ulterior motives or are trying to exploit me or harm me in some way just because they want to use me as a scapegoat for their frustrations with life. My experience with racism wasn't as physically violent but it was just as angry hostile and disrespectful. And it just came out of nowhere! Like NOTHING that I did provoked it. I was just reacting to them. It was like living in the twilight zone. All these people I had been civil with and even friendly towards turned on me like I was a criminal in their midst or I had done something equally deserving of their evil.( I hadn't, but such distinctions didn't matter)

    There was one person like you out of all those people. And she wasn't quiet about them doing wrong she told them to their faces. We were both ostracized but I still talk to her.

    Basically Victoria I'm sorry these people share your skin color.

  11. Speaking of which where is the NAACP when you need them anyway? ACLU? SNCC? Shit, somebody?!

    Are we all basically on our own if we don't have the resources to employ a lawyer and have him/her around 24-7? And have video/audio evidence and witnesses 24-7?

  12. @ RVCBard,

    You're precious.


    Racist Mailman Hater Placed Under Police Protection:

    "...Police in Hingham, Mass. say Winchester has received harassing and threatening phone calls since the video went viral earlier this week, and "because of the attention this has gotten in the media, we feel she needs to have protection." Hopefully they're all black cops...

    "When Jean told his bosses at the post office about the incident, they notified the police who say Jean declined to press charges against Winchester at the time. But after seeing the video, police decided to charge her with assault and battery and committing a hate crime anyway, and to dismiss the charges after a year if she didn't get in any more trouble."

    Everyone, send your thanks to Adrian Chen!

  13. Fucking Hingham. Of course. There were quite a few families at my high school from Hingham. Just the type that would say that only "rednecks" from "the south" are racist.

  14. At the very least, something good came from all this: White bigots are starting to realize there are fewer places to hide. Now if only we could give them some real consequences for their bullshit . . .

  15. White bigots are starting to realize there are fewer places to hide.

    Yup. The whole world's watching. And eventually white America will put two and two together: when the world - which is predominantly of color - sees white folks behaving like this, the price of shit goes up.

  16. And oh, yeah...white folks abroad are more likely to get deported, 'cause Lawd knows they won't be toleratin' that ish on home soil.

  17. Seem like we've got the same issue here from a fellow pink brotha who wants to know why we need black history month, and in the same context claiming that he LOVES black people


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