Women...This Applies to You Too

"You wanna what's also great about this movie?  There's no love story.  There's no bitch fucking up this movie, yelling at the dudes, complicatin' shit...."

~ the infamous lil sis, talking about The Boondock Saints
I have criticized actors of color who take shitty roles which demean their being of color (Lawd knows some of what I said didn't sit too well with some folks).  But now I need to say something to actresses who take shitty roles which basically relegate them to just being "the woman" - ladies, cut that shit out.  There are more respectable ways to make a damn paycheck.  Many of us function sanely pulling a 9-5, and if that's what you need to do to pay your bills, then goddamn it...get yourself an alarm clock and work that 9-5.

Critics panned Ninja Assassin, but at least Naomie Harris served a purpose; fuck, she saved Raizo at least four times, and Rain earned a "Biggest Bad-Ass Award" for that role.  Yes, there were some tears and some screaming, but I'd be screaming too if there was a price on my head and fucking ninjas were the ones gettin' paid (not to mention, psycho super-ninjas like these).

And let's not forget how critics also panned Alien vs. Predator...but Sanaa Lathan was literally the last one standing when all hell broke loose and a major shitstorm when down.  She didn't even have a gun, children.  Ole Preda-dude gave her a shield and a friggin' spear, and she represented nonetheless.

How bad-ass is that?  Gee...let me count the ways.

And no...in the first Matrix movie (the others sucked), Trinity didn't have long, flowing hair, or abundant cleavage, or a face full of makeup, or a high, sweet, "damselly" voice.  What Carrie Anne Moss did have, however, was a gun, a 'tude, a sharp pair of sunglasses, and my complete and utter respect.

Now...I get that the bigwigs in Hollywood often hesitate to write these types of roles, but ladies, you have got to stop settling for anything less.  I'm tired of seeing homebound, nagging, whining, unfulfilled wives and moms making unrealistic demands of the men in their lives while annoying the shit out of their kids.

For fuck's sake, it's about to be 2011.  I want to see more ladies like these.  Give me bad-asses, give me brainiacs, give me tank girls, give me vampire-slayers and warrior princesses...give me the ass-kicking, all-female horror movie cast.

We've talked about the stubborn "white saturation" of America's current visual market, but we haven't talked much (here) about the testosterone poisoning that's been infecting the visual market (and musical market as well, as evidenced by the "silencing" of female rappers).  It's always "about the guys."  And the growing comfort with male frontal nudity and supposedly "platonic" homoeroticism (looking at you, Spartacus) isn't helping; it's just the newest excuse for men to hog the camera.

Women make up roughly half the population, if not more.  And our spendaholic asses have more buying power than men.  There is NO excuse for the rarity of good female roles in Hollywood - nada.  When you have these female roles, everyone wins.  The womenfolk win (obviously), the male nerds win ('cause they don't suck), and Hollywood wins because these films never fail to make bank.  So the $64,000 question becomes...why aren't there more?


  1. I second that! Can't wait for "Hollywood" to get their scared-to-try-something-new heads out their butts and get real. The last time I've checked, women are now at LEAST 54% of the population.


  2. Girl, I could not have said it better myself!!!! I love AvP and Sanaa was a bad beeyotch, and she earned the respect of the Predator. No easy feat. I would pay good money to see women in the roles you described above. I'm sick to death of movies now, and I'm a movie lover.

    Did you see "Death Proof" by Quentin Tarantino? In that movie, you have two groups of women, but the second group is who you should focus on. Those chicks stepped the fuck up and handled their business.

    You hit the nail on the head, girl! Awesome post!

  3. @Amaya:

    I wanna be Tracie Thoms when I grow up. Saw her at Feinstein's not too long ago. Woman can sing. Also very gracious & generous.

    Also, notice how "Death Proof" has the Black women in charge. "Redneck lunatic bastard" trying to kill them? Won't nobody running around screaming in the woods with fucking high heels on. Won't nobody calling no boyfriends to help out. They took the fight to Stuntman Mike's ass and fucked him all up.

    *considers writing a semi-sequel for You Know Who to star in*

  4. "Death Proof?" *scurries to Netflix*

    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Alien vs. Predator, and I don't know what the hell the critics were bitching out.

  5. @ RVC

    You need rehab over your unhealthy fascination with You Know Who.

    @ everyone

    Did anyone else get the impression that Trinity would wipe the floor with Neo? "The One" be damned.

  6. AGREED. I only when to see Ninja Assassin because Rain was in it, but when I saw HER, I literally had a "OH THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!" moment. I was so happy, I practically cried and went back FIVE different times just to see our lovely "Mika" in action!

    Moreover, I DEMAND to see more badass, take-charge women. Take the anime (bear with me, lol!) Red Garden. You have four, regular teen girls, all from normal backgrounds, (one girl is a "good girl", sort of the backbone and very levelheaded, one girl is the stereotypical, rich, blonde valley girl, another is a hardcore, street-wise girl, and the last is a sniveling baby who almost gets the other girls killed SEVERAL times because she's such a fucking coward.

    And suddenly, all four girls are put up against this whole army-of-the-dead thing, and they show an AMAZING transition, both psychological, physical, and emotional change into the baddest chicks I have EVER seen in anime. THOSE are girls we need to see in movies.

    My favorite badass woman in a movie is ALWAYS the one who is not only a femme-fatale, she can shoot a gun, crossbow, and will stare a zombie, vampire, enraged, racist serial killer/rapist in the eye and the guy will say, "BITCH!" and she'll say, "And proud, sweetie. And proud." and take his ass OUT. I'm not a HYPER feminist by far, but I am SOOOOOOOOO sick of seeing these dumb, weak, scary, "desperately needs a man to save me" women in television and movies.

    And you're right; women who AREN'T made up with a ton of makeup, sporting long, beautiful hair, and has cleavage out the ass aren't attractive to people FOR REASONS BEYOND ME. Are you kidding me?! And what's funny is that they really are called either "butch" or "bitch" for their no-bullshit policies, EVEN when she's being at her sexiest, whereas a "damsel in distress" with the IQ of a cantalope are "hot".

    Um......yeah, please give me the femme fatale any day of this week.

  7. "Death Proof" is the shit. Put it at the top of your queue. Tracie Thoms, Rosario Dawson & Zoe Bell put the smackdown on Stuntman Mike. Put it at the top of your queue NOW.

  8. @K:

    Ain't nothing unhealthy about a rich fantasy life.

  9. Considering that they're recycling hits of movies past like they lost a bet, I don't trust mainstream Hollywood to be original and daring on a large scale any time soon. Independent projects on the other hand...*drops anvil-sized hint in the indie direction*.

  10. @ moonwalker

    Boo-boo, we do not speak of that film. Though it's good to know Miss Thang whooped.

    @ leoprincess

    Links, please!

  11. "It's always "about the guys."  And the growing comfort with male frontal nudity and supposedly "platonic" homoeroticism (looking at you, Spartacus) isn't helping; it's just the newest excuse for men to hog the camera."

    HEY! HEY! HEY!  Blasphemy woman!!!!!

    Homoeroticism and male frontal nudity is a wonderful thing. Not only should it be encouraged, it should required. But only if they're hot. ;D


    Seriously though, I definitely understand your point. I'm also co-signing on all the movies mentioned here.

    And yes put Death Proof to the top of the queue RIGHT NOW!!!!!

    Other movies I highly recommend: Blood: The Last Vampire. Based on the popular anime, you'll see how a true badass chick gets down. Great action, solid plot. And WOC as the lead. Epic win!!!!!

    People mentioned Trinity, and while she kicks 10 kinds of ass, I don't think Niobe got the due she deserved. For those of you who aren't aware, her storyline is further explored by the Wachowski brothers in Enter The Matrix video game where she's the main heroine. You find out what she and her crew are doing during the first two movies and the events in the game actually lead up to what goes down in the films.

    More than that, you get a further look into her character and see how phenomenal she is. Of course any woman that can capture the heart of Morpheus has to be a world class badass.

    Also, any movie featuring Michelle Yeoh has to be added. Even the campy fun action-packed superhero flick, Silverhawk. Fun stuff and it's Michelle Yeoh.

    And if you're into B-rated action flicks, check out Cynthia Rothrock's films and Marjean Holden has a few flicks too.

    And Zoe Saldana has a new action flick coming out too.

    And if I have any comic readers who are looking for graphic novels featuring strong powerful women, hit me up and I'll share the list.

  12. *sigh*

    I gotta tell You Know Who that shit like this hurts the fantasy.

  13. "What Carrie Anne Moss did have, however, was a gun, a 'tude, and my complete and utter respect."

    *Sunglasses* You forgot the sunglases! :) Which is all the more reason why I hated where her character went and not even Niobi(For me it's The Matrix and Animatrix and I just pretend that those other installments never happened.)

    Anyway, your post just reminds me of why I've blocked out Hollywood movies for almost a decade now. They exhaust, frustrate and insult me on so many levels that I seldom walk away feeling 'refreshed', let alone 'entertained. Their insistence on promoting white privilege or outright supremacy actually warps and limits their ability to narrate in interesting and insightful ways. But of course, they don't care as they recycle the same tired 5 ideas that they have over and over again along with the same constraints and confines in terms of "representation".

    (It's always curious to me how people don't seem to find racism/sexism/homophobia etc. damn BORING and repetitive.)

    I remember Naomie Harris from '28 days' and appreciated Selena taking out her best friend without batting an eyelid before she got sidelined by Cillian Murphy's character. Haven't seen Predator vs. Alien. Have to say The Deathproof car chase clip had me roflmao. Those women were something else!

  14. Yes!!! The sunglasses! I did forget the sunglasses! Hang on....

  15. Ankh,
    Sorry, sorry! NEVER again!!!
    *covers mouth*

  16. I loved the inclusion of kick-ass Niobe (!) and Zee (who was dignified) and even Cas (though her role was so small) and the Oracle and I agree that they were seriously underrated (and funny how they are all women of colour, huh?), Trinity being the main lead and being seriously downgraded into a mindless Neo acolyte really hurt the series.

    On to happier things. Yay, at the Michelle Yeoh reference up above! Here's a link to a Youtube tribute to her: "When She Comes Around":


  17. @ Nykinora

    I first fell in love with Naomie Harris in "28 Days!" LOVED that character!

  18. @ Ankh - They're releasing Teen Wolf for the Twilight Generation,Final Destination 5 (in 3-D! *jazz hands*), rebooting Fantastic 4, remaking Child's Play, The Blob and An American Werewolf in London..pretty much a full-on '80s revival.

    For more info, you can check these links:

    And some sequels:

    Maybe one of them will have a female bad-ass. Who won't die before end credits. Am I asking for too much?

    In any case, I really hope some indie folks are scoping out blogs like this one and seeing that there is a huge niche waiting to be filled. Just sick of all the big budget studio dreck in recent times.

  19. @ neo-progidy: Link me to those graphic novels, please!

  20. I've read your whole post, but not the comments (too tired right now), but I think the reason is that most of the directors are straight guys - generally white and from wealthy families. So, I guess they choose or write roles that identifies with what they are/want to be/think everybody wants to be: a powerful white guy. That's totally egocentric and dumb, but I guess most of the directors that have tons of money on their hands are like that: Michael Bay, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg. And one that's comparable to (the worst director) Michael Bay to me is Eli Roth.

  21. @ neo-prodigy

    Homoeroticism and male frontal nudity is a wonderful thing. Not only should it be encouraged, it should required. But only if they're hot. ;D

    I didn't miss this. And just so you know, I whole-heartedly concur.


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