White North America, Get Over It

(Thanks, Abagond!)

So Canada-based MacLean's released an us-versus-them article in which Chinese Canadians (referred to strictly as Asians in the article, by the way, regardless of citizenship status or birthplace) are being branded the enemy for filling the top universities.  While reading Abagond's blog, I noticed he made some excellent points which clearly (and unsurprisingly) went over the heads of some his commenters.

Anywho...some things Abagond had to say:
...according to Maclean’s these are “Asian” values:

The value of education has been drilled into Asian students by their parents … there’s a long tradition in Chinese culture, for example, going back to Confucius, of social mobility based on merit.

So wait, whites do not drill this stuff into their children’s heads? And if they are not teaching them to succeed on merit, what in the world are they teaching them?

...When Asian parents want their children to go to the best university possible – something I thought everyone wanted – they are called “single-minded in their approach to university”.

When white students do not want to study hard to get a good education but would rather spend more time partying, drinking and playing sports, they are not called “lazy”, “undisciplined” “irresponsible” or “uncompetitive”. No, it is called "a sacrifice of time and freedom they’re not willing to make."

Reading Maclean’s you would think that whites want a free ride: a good life without having to work hard for it.

Maclean’s even has doubts about judging people on merit regardless of colour:

Likely that is a good thing. And yet, that meritocratic process results, especially in Canada’s elite university programs, in a concentration of Asian students.

Yet if whites are unwilling to work hard and do not value education, then they do not really belong at the nation’s best universities. As simple as that. After all, that is just what blacks in America are told when they are stereotyped in the same way.
I'm getting really tied of this whole "waaaaaah hard-working POC are doing better than we are...waaah, it's affirmative action.  Waaaah, Confucius, waaaaaah."

Because that's all this is - white whine.  So when pointing "the lazy finger" at people, white North America is simply going to have to accept that the people who actually deserve the label of "undisciplined" or "unprinciple" or "unfocused" or flat-out "lazy", aren't going to be the people they expect.

China's on top; deal with it

My uncle has a saying, "The most powerful countries in the world right need to just shorten their names to BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, and China."

One of my older sisters adds, "...but you will not hear about them.  You won't hear about them in America except to hear about their refugees or their human rights violations."

Hey White, White West...China is on top and these little temper tantrums against North American Chinese won't change a damn thing.  If anything, they're more likely to fuck up already fragile foreign relations with a nation whose army is 2.3 million strong.  You had your moment in the sun.  You enslaved a lot of people for hundreds of years, you bombed their lands, and you committed holocausts.  Probably not the smartest thing to do when you have your moment in the sun, but whattaya know...you did it.  And like everyone else in history who did anything similar, you have to deal with the consequences.

Take some responsibility

Remember that old T-shirt, "D.O.P.E: Your kids are on drugs"?  Here's another one: "D.U.H...Your kids are spoiled and fucking lazy as hell."  And you know what, white parents?  It's your fault.

When I was growing up, my father didn't believe in television.  If I was bored, he wanted to know if all my chores were done.  If they were, then then he wanted to know if all my homework was done.  If it was, then he started handing me books - Sophocles, Shakespeare, Ferdinand Oyono, Wole Soyinka - and basically told me to hush.

There was none of that "dating talk" in his house.  Nor talk of wearing makeup.  I had friends, I had sleepovers, and such, and my father could've stood to be a bit more lenient with me, but he was an African father raising a daughter in America and he was horrified by other people's children.  I see that now.

In college, I only had white roommates.  With the exception of the lesbian disowned by her parents, none of them had a damn work ethic.  They didn't want to go to class and I had every possible excuse in the world as to why they couldn't hold a job.  At one point, I found myself in court because my roommate at the time hadn't paid rent in 5 months.  She was the same one who skipped class for a whole semester, bitched about failing, complained about being depressed (she slept all day), and while she talked about constantly being stressed over money problems, she didn't do any job-hunting whatsoever.  This didn't stop her from shopping, mind you, or visiting our neighbors at dinnertime, or asking to borrow my car every fucking day.

I don't give a fuck - I worked hard and still work hard for what I have.  I met plenty of Africans and black Americans in college, but they were never the ones raiding my fridge, trying to crash on my couch, or ride in my car on long trips without chipping in for gas.  It was the white kids.  They were the ones who felt entitled to good grades even though they didn't go to class or do homework; they were the ones who acted as though their landlord was irrational for expecting rent; they were the ones who felt getting a second job was beneath them, and they were the ones who shed WWT when time came to explain their shitty grades to their parents...who in turn always let them off the hook.

Keep our names out your mouths

Due to the Three Bears Effect, issues like this get me riled up because of the unspoken divide-and-conquer strategy.  First white folks complain that Latinos are stealing jobs and Asians are filling up the best schools, then they turn to black folks for backup.  Keep in mind, these are the same people who brand us as violent, illiterate savages whose women are unattractive and whose men are to be murdered at whim.  In their eyes, the only thing we're good for is building up their country and being good little darkies while we're at it; after all, we're supposed to be the dumbest and laziest of the bunch.

White North America needs to stop trying to shoo the spotlight away from its own laziness onto everyone else.  Black women in America, for example, make more money than white women not because of affirmative action, but because they're more driven to pursue advanced degrees and are more willing to work 2-3 jobs.  I, for example, work two jobs.  My day job with the government involves assessing families, and my part-time job involves conducting sociological research.  Neither of these includes the tireless, complex work I do for Middle Child Press (whose sales are coming quite nicely, thank you).

My black female colleagues all work extra jobs.  Once in a while, I meet a white female coworker who's willing to do the same, but usually white female coworkers look appalled when you simply suggest they work a few extra hours somewhere (mind you, they have no problem making their hubbies work 2-3 jobs).  None of the my black female colleagues have children, nor want to when money is tight.  Can't say the same for my white ones.

So what needs to happen now is the POC of North America putting all these bullshit articles on blast, and telling it like it is once and for all.  White North America: Your children are lazy.  You have not done right by them.  You have failed them.  You didn't smack them enough, or say "No" enough, or enforce rules and standards consistently enough.  Remember...you looked down on families which did that.  You published studies denouncing the ways Africans and Asians raised their kids, remember?

And now you can't even accept responsibility for the failures of your own damn families.

With articles like these, you are screwing up your children as we speak.  You're telling them their laziness and academic incompetence is not their fault.  This does not help them.  It tells them to expect everything to be handed to them "just 'cause."  You are no different from the dim-witted white hicks scraping a living in the South, wistfully staring at the old plantation houses and dreaming about the "glory days."  Get over it - you don't "run the show" anymore.  The world is changing rapidly and you need to get used to it.

So keep our names out your mouths, haul your asses home, and go fix your goddamn kids.  Switch off the TV, take away the games, give 'em some chores, lay down the law, set stricter curfews, axe the unnecessary adolescent dating, and straighten them out already.


  1. First: I f*cking l<3ve Russell Peters.

    Second: @ the rest of your post... damn straight. I may be one of the eccentric American born Africans that you may meet (I think I'm hardwired that way), but I was never raised to settle for "less than" by my African parents. They always knew what was up. Even if I didn't understand or agree (and still don't) with some of their stances, it all came out of wanting to raise their kids PROPER.

    I actually am not a fan of "beating" one's kids. However, so many folks interpret "not laying hands" on them as being a parental wimp. This is not okay and is JUST as harmful as corporal punishment... perhaps even moreso. Those undisciplined kids are more likely to cause chaos to many others in their lives than those who got spankings. I'm just saying...

  2. Girl...co-sign on that shit. I had a few White girlfriends, who I don't hang with anymore, who were lazy as HELL, and expected me to help them make up work or let them copy my work at the last minute. I was helpful for a bit, but once I put my foot down, best believe I lost good darkie points.

  3. My first sign that something was dead wrong with some of those children came from tv shows I watched as a child. When I saw how they back-answered and shouted at their parents, little Leo went "Their parents let them DO that? Seriously?! And their not getting belt-to-rump?!". Then I went "Ah, this is tv. Real life can't be like this"...and that lasted until I was old enough to watch 'Nightline' and '20/20'. Boy, was that rose coloured glass shattered.

    Then again, many of those parents want to be their child's grown best friend instead of raising them properly. As for the comments, it didn't take any time for it to devolve into "f*ck the Asians, they're f*cking racist anyway". Way to miss the point, folks.

  4. I must say, white people never cease to amuse me. The message they're saying is that other people have problems, not them, even though they are responsible for all kinds of sh*t done on POC, and that they avoid their own dysfunction willingly.

  5. Oh fuck, and these people are running our country.

    *rips hair out*

  6. Co-sign. You spoke the gospel right there! I can't argue with anything u said.

    Btw, "professional lunatic?" Lmao! Mine should be, "psycho. Fdic insured."

  7. I like how whites want to hold Asians up as the example for us "bad" minorities to follow and then as soon as the model minority starts surpassing their asses, it's a problem.

    What's the issue WP? Aren't they doing exactly what you expect immigrants to do which is buckle down, work hard and "pull themselves up by their bootstraps." Where are your accolades now?

    And yes, while Abagond's post was spot on, some of the commenters did miss the point; whites want to shift the goal posts. When someone starts beating them at their own game, those same qualities that they claim to laud become abberations.

  8. I like how whites want to hold Asians up as the example for us "bad" minorities to follow and then as soon as the model minority starts surpassing their asses, it's a problem.


  9. shifting the goal post is exactly what these white people are doing

  10. The thing is, they don't know how to.

    What's preventing these parents from straightening out their own kids and regaining some goddamn control is the same thing that's preventing them from getting along with POC - they, as a group, don't know how to. It literally eludes at every turn. So instead of shouldering the blame and at least trying to fix the situation in their homes, they seek to shove the blame off onto other people - and not just any people, but the parents who are actually doing their job.

  11. Well, shows like "Super Nanny" which my mother looks upon with utter scorn and disbelief while I marvel at how utterly pathetic these so-called 'parents' are. It's nothing new though. When my family immigrated to NZ I learned very quickly that too many white kids were thoroughly spoilt, undisciplined yet completely entitled because their stupid-ass parents thought it was 'normal', or worse, cute and endearing.

    Look at the recent DWTS in the states, with Bristol Palin being a figure that so many white Americans were fond of and identified with, never mind that she was spoilt, lazy, whiny and under-talented and was the only person on the history of the show to actually put on weight. She wasn't even a star, yet was placed on the show on account of who mother was. (Affirmative Action indeed.)

    Yet, she got the seal of approval and so much support which speaks volumes about the values that white America identifies with and holds dear.

  12. Ankhesen:

    Thank you for NOT missing the point of my post! I think maybe my point was a little too subtle or maybe black anti-Asian racism is too strong. Not sure what went wrong there.

    I agree with most of the points made in your post and the comments: shifting goalposts, bad white parenting, etc. Whites show a profound lack of self-insight.

  13. So instead of shouldering the blame and at least trying to fix the situation in their homes, they seek to shove the blame off onto other people - and not just any people, but the parents who are actually doing their job.

    That is the main reason for racism. A white woman wants to step out on her husband and gets beaten by her lover? She was "raped" by a black man and then that's an excuse to destroy Rosewood, a thriving black community.

    To me white people are extremely narcissistic and constantly need a scapegoat, that's how they get through life.

  14. @ Abagond

    You're very welcome; it was an excellent and powerful IMO. The reactions to your post were pathetic and utterly shameful. The comments were rife with anti-Asian.

    @ everyone

    Who wants to join me in a scathing letter-writing campaign to MacLean's?


    I think a united POC campaign would get their attention.

  15. note the cute WHITE CHICK on the cover of the mag...

    you all raise some very good points. who can defend lazy, unpleasant, spoiled, ungrateful child-adults after all...? but i wouldnt count us white folks out QUITE yet. ;) that's premature. i think we've still got a few possibilities and resources in reserve. one of them being-as noted above-some of us are pretty easy on the eyes...when young, anyway.

  16. Co sign everything!!!!! Especially in engineering at my school, all the Whites do after every exam is complain that the Asians are setting the curve too high (which btw the "Curve" or average is a White invention to help prevent their precious White kids from failing out)

    In my hometown newspaper last May, they had the Iowa All-State Academic team which was supposed to encompass the best academic seniors in the state. I nor any of the other academically smart kids from the "urban" schools (white, black, or asian) had ever heard about this award.

    Anyways there was controversy as another newspaper called them out on excluding three high achieving, exceptional Asian students-one who was doing research at HARVARD!! HARVARD as a freaking high school student. Yet he got passed up by a White girl whose only activity was "Ms. Iowa Corn" at the Iowa State Fair and another White boy whose academic achievement was choir. CHOIR!! That's right, award Whites for "mediocrity" and not those Asians who actually value MERITOCRACY!! Another story I had heard was that Indiana used to give out full tuition scholarships to class Valedictorian but stopped a few years back after it was Asian student after Asian student who became valedictorian. Subtle much, White folks?

  17. wow the deep thoughts I buried in my head right before my very eyes, excellent post...although I'm not biased to the fact I could throw the "raise your kids right" to POC I constantly came across working in social services I love the idea of the focus being on those who honestly think that their poo doesn't stink buahahahah great job!

  18. @ Nykinora - I thought I was the only one cackling in a "This cannot be life!" fashion at 'Super Nanny' and other such shows. However, I am not surprised. I remember a news report about a bakery in New York that put up a sign asking parents to tell their children to 'use their indoor voices', as the screaming and rampaging brats were turning away customers - and the parents were SO upset by the sign! You'd have thought he called their darlings 'ugly' or 'inbred'. I couldn't believe those people's gall. They DON'T raised their children properly, yet have the nerve to get upset when Wider Society refuses to accept their spawns' outrageous behaviour. Entitlement gone amok!

    @ Abagond - If your point had been any more clear, I would have smacked my forehead into it. Unfortunately, people only zeroed in on the article speaking about Asians - and then the "F*ck Asians!" sentiment took over.

    @ Bcbgrl33 - I am not surprised they pulled the scholarship, or ignored the students who performed above and beyond academically for that state team. Corn beat out Harvard..yikes!

  19. @ asummermoon

    although I'm not biased to the fact I could throw the "raise your kids right" to POC I constantly came across working in social services

    Thing is, POC tend to be more honest about this, and how can we not? White America can't wait to broadcast all our problems to the whole world. There's no point in denying our issues. So we embrace them and at least try to fix what we can.

    We're not so obsessed with our image that we - as a group - can't admit when we're at fault. More black men need to get off the streets, enter and complete college. Black women need to focus on themselves more, the men less, and increase our self-esteem. Black Americans altogether need to combat colorism.

    Did the universe explode by my admitting that? No. The world goes on, as it always has, and as it always will.

    And now, let me call out the pink white privilege elephant in the room. White North Americans are mad because they didn't see this coming, and certainly not from the Asians. They were too busy condescending to Asians, branding them as "docile" and "complacent" and harmlessly "asexual". Well for one, Asians make up 40% of our species, so we can officially kill the whole "asexual myth" now.

    And two, White North America is extremely pissed because while they were feeling secure and self-assured amidst the sweet smiles, respectful nods, and quiet demeanors (read: "passive" Asians), whites didn't notice their whole damn universities and economies getting taken over. Well ha ha, motherfuckers: this is what happens when you lead yourselves to actually believe in the existence of a so-called "model minority."

    Fuck you. You are at the top of a lot of people's shit lists right now, and bullshit like this doesn't help.

    When you're not running the game, it's pretty dumb to try to shift the goalposts.

  20. And two, White North America is extremely pissed because while they were feeling secure and self-assured amidst the sweet smiles, respectful nods, and quiet demeanors (read: "passive" Asians), whites didn't notice their whole damn universities and economies getting taken over. Well ha ha, motherfuckers: this is what happens when you lead yourselves to actually believe in the existence of a so-called "model minority."

    Oh White folks STAY doing this. They're always on the lookout for Blacks. Do everything to keep one Black family out of their neighborhood and don't notice the twenty Latino families that have moved in. And then wanna look up shocked to see so many Latinos and Latino-oriented businesses in their neighborhoods like all the shit happened the night before while they were sleeping.

    The thing is, I don't see Whites getting any better. In fact, I see them getting much, much worse as their hegemony dwindles here. There's going to be some major acting out and against PoC in the near future from Whites. I wouldn't be surprised to hear about some Rosewood-type shit going down.

  21. @randy,

    SOME of you all are easy on the eyes and definitely only when young (young for Whites meaning less than 25 years of age, when y'all's faces start ta cracking). If that's all you all got (and most of you all don't even have that) then time to just step aside.

  22. "Who wants to join me in a scathing letter-writing campaign to MacLean's?"

    These clowns have been publishing such racist articles for years. For example, they published an anti-Islam article in January 2010:


    An article from that perennial gearbox Mark Steyn(a lovely fellow who 'pens' similar articles, but oohh no, he aint racist Steyn!):


    And may think that Canadians aren't racist! For getting into the top universities the equations are simple; Study, study, study, and stop drinking bucketfuls of beer, passing out in public, pissing on monuments, and tomfoolery in general. Most of all, stop blaming and racializing others for your failures! Ultimately, stop reading rags like MacLean's dipstick magazine. I can walk out onto the street if I want some goof to call me a nigger as there are millions of ways for doing this, I don't have to pay I can get this for free. A Time magazine wanna be at it's most base. In reality it is more akin to MAD magazine, the only difference being that the laughs are not intentional!

  23. Well for one, Asians make up 40% of our species,

    60% and counting.

    (Somewhere, an old White lady is falling out.)

  24. @randy

    Cute? To me she looks like some creepy Osmond throwback, or one of those German posters in the forties (minus the blonde hair) no joke.

    Don't ever go to the West Indies where even with prevalent colorism, white looks and bodies are often pitied or looked upon as strange and unfortunate, or downright plain when they're thought of at all. (And if you look at the kinds of white tourists who go there, is it any wonder...)

    I'm always in stitches whenever a West Indian woman I work with talks about blonde children, particularly if they're ultra-fair. To quote her in reference to one blonde, pale child she saw: "She was so white and *blonde; it was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen."

    So no - not everyone finds you guys cute and irresistible. Trust me on this. I only discovered that the entire human race was *supposed* to collectively and automatically genuflect to white "beauty" after I immigrated to a white colonial settler country. And it was quite a surprise to be expected to see white people in that way (especially given what most white people over here, actually look like...)

    Sure, there are *some* that I find attractive and a handful are even more than that, but on average, I really don't see this fantastic looking race of super-cute people, blessed with super-beauty, despite the propaganda. I can genuinely say that I really don't understand what all the fuss is about in the main.

  25. Back on topic:
    @ leoprincess. "Entitlement gone mad" is the perfect description for that type of (mis)behaviour. I drew the line after watching some screaming, cursing 3 - 5 year old attack his own mother with a corkscrew because he didn't get what he wanted...

    @ Student of the World.

    "To me white people are extremely narcissistic and constantly need a scapegoat, that's how they get through life."

    Absolutely. They just aren't adult enough to take responsibility for anything. (Watch some of them get apoplectic with rage or have a nervous breakdown the minute their incredibly ugly history is brought up.)It is like dealing with people who never got past the mirror stage and who suffer from - to quote a white author that I do like: "Mummy! The cat made me kick him" mentality. It would be laughable if wasn't so damn dangerous. All eyes are trained on the US but let's not forget how Europe, like a chronic condition tends to periodically lose its goddamn mind whenever there is a depression and they feel that they're veering off the path of the colonial mission statement (To have the best of everything, all the time, guaranteed)...

    They're already making noises about the Roma and pointing at Muslims. Let the scapegoating begin!

    @ Witchsistah:
    "The thing is, I don't see Whites getting any better. In fact, I see them getting much, much worse as their hegemony dwindles here."

    Absolutely. But I think most POC with an iota of sense know that there are some truly awful times ahead at the hands of whiteness and to brace themselves. Most white people don't know of course. Somehow, they never do and don't have the introspection to know themselves and admit to what they're like.

    They'll just go on a rampage, take it out on POC then plead temporary insanity and 'ignorance' as always, with a side order of "shocked and surprised" and "it wasn't really them..." Right.

  26. i seem to recall reading that after kenyans started winnming nearly all of the major distance footraces in the u.s.-like the boston marathon-the race organizers began instituting new rules to try to prevent these kenyans from entering races. not sure how things are now...

  27. Damn nykinora!

    Why you wanna burst randy's White supremacist bubble by stating that not everyone on the planet Earth is in awe of superior White beauty? You mean ol' darkie, you!

  28. I'd hate to see the narcissistic shit hit the fan if these Asian countries that we are currently very deeply in debt to (Americans at least) decide to tell us to go fuck ourselves and call their loans back.

    Would that not just be the most ironic thing ever? This is probably what all this Asian scapegoating "they take over everything" shit fit is about anyway.

    Actually they already are-


  29. @ Student

    Yeah, they took over...without chattel slavery or colonialism. They used actual hard work. Like...their own.

    Maybe that's what stings.

    Because despite all their advantages and privileges, whites are still falling behind. Shit like that tends to fuck with self-esteem, you know.

  30. I hope you don't mind, but I linked this post in one of my blog entries (specifically in reference to Randy's comment, but also the post in general). If it's a problem I'll remove it immediately.

    Thanks! :)


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