What the Motherfuck of the Day: RIP Derrick Jones

Uh...can we do something about the Oakland police already?
Community members and the family of a 37-year-old black man named Derrick Jones are gathering in Oakland near his barber shop on Bancroft and Seminary this afternoon to protest his shooting death at the hands of Oakland police officers on Monday.

The shooting happened three days after a Los Angeles judge gave ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle the minimum sentence of two years in prison for killing Oscar Grant.

According to police, they responded to a call that Jones was beating and choking his ex-girlfriend at the barber shop he’d owned for eight years. When they approached, Jones took off. Police shot Jones several times in his chest after they said they saw Jones reach repeatedly for his waistband. Officers said they saw a “metallic object” at his waist, and then killed him. Jones was unarmed.
The rest, of course, is blah blah bullshit defensiveness blah.

Oh, and psssssst  about Oscar Grant's murderer: "It is possible that Johannes Mehserle could be eligible for parole after serving half of his sentence and then his time in prison could be down to just more than 7 months."

Bienvenus à l'Amérique, mes chéris.


  1. the infamous lil sis11/16/10, 10:04 PM

    Cue the ignorant white person with a comment about how "he was beating his girlfriend!"... go forth white person. We're waiting. Btw western white mentality transcends skin tone. So I'm talking to you uncle Tom house negros also.

  2. The Oakland police are among the worst in America. Oakland is one of the worst places to BE a police officer in America, so only the the people who get busted down or whom want to have a chance to be a shithead are cops there. This means nobody trusts the cops (sensible), therefore it gets harder to be a cop which makes most halfway decent cops quit. Its a self-perpetuating cycle of hate and bullshit that probably won't end until somebody send in the National Guard or some other ridiculous measure.

    You could throw a bunch of money at it, recruit from the community, clean up corruption in the police force, decriminalize possession to reduce stupid "jaywalker" level arrests and free up the department for actual serious police work. But that's not going to happen anytime soon.

  3. They gave him the death penalty without giving him a trial. And give me a fuckin' break about him "reaching" for something metallic in his waistband. IF it's even true - he was beating and choking his girlfriend. If he had a gun, don't you think he would have used it? Who grabs at their waist when they're running? Seriously? Why is it that is always the response from cops when they shoot an unarmed person? Oh, right, he was reaching for something. That'll save your ass. And it always does. They never have to pay for the lives they take. How many times have they shot to kill a white man who was reaching for something?

  4. How much of this can Oakland take?

  5. I have a very serious question .. WHY is it ALWAYS black men getting randomly shot? I mean really..?!


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