Violet Dusk

Maasai model
I have wandered too far,
trekking for many sunburnt hours
into the dust
into the West
and now even the sun is going home.

My husband calls to me,
his voice a cool and supple breeze
dancing in from the East.
With his words come
the laughter of children,
the crackling of hearths,
and my honey-throated grandmother,
singing an evening song.


  1. That poem was beautiful, and so is that picture. I can't take my eyes off it.

  2. @ Ankhesen Mie

    Hey I really enjoyed the poem, if you don't mind me asking, what tribe is the woman in the picture from? She truly is beautiful. :)

  3. @ Ashra

    I'm guessing Maasai.

  4. Lovely, all of it. Thank you for recentering me this morning...

  5. @ Ankhesen Mie
    Thanks. :)

  6. this is truly beautiful... when's the book of poems coming out?

  7. LOL - merci. I think prose is more my medium than poetry, so...enjoy!


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