Underappreciated Musician of Color #22: David Choi

(Just needed a little something to cheer us up for a minute....)

David Choi is a young Korean-American singer-songwriter who ranks as the 6th Most Subscribed Musician on Youtube.  Mind you, David's journey to popularity ain't been no fairy tale (just skip to the part where he talks about working for a studio he calls "Sadder"), but it's well-earned, nonetheless.

Here's the thing though.  With these singer-songwriter types, I usually tend to be very picky.  After watching his performance with Auburn, I'm not buying it when David professes to be "a shy kid".  There's a deepness in his voice which says he's anything but.  Because while David's genre isn't exactly for Moi, his voice is sexy as hell.  It's got a low, husky texture to it.  You know...kinda like a sexy murmur.  It tends to go well with his nature, which appears to be extremely sweet and charming.

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