Underappreciated Jamaican Sistas: Bow Down

This right here?  This diva right here?  This thick, full-lipped, IDGAF-looking goddess is Stacious: chanteuse, MC, and self-professed "Gangstress".  I came across Stacious on YouTube while watching some other ish, and I'm pissed I wasn't aware of these ladies sooner.  Look at that confidence.  Look at the swag, that bite, and that fierce body - thick women, holla if you hear me.

I need you to play very close attention to her video I just linked.  This video was posted two years ago, and Nikki Minaj can just bite that.

Beyonce's "To the Left" ain't got ish on "I'm Leaving" by TifaHer video was posted three years ago, roughly the same time Beyonce unleashed her ish.

Tifa appears to be one of those Blasian Jamaicans; her eyes and complexion hint at possible Chinese ancestry.  Don't be fooled by her cute face and innocent-looking image, though.  Tifa's voice is strong and her 'tude doesn't flinch.  Even when she's singing to a laidback beat or in a high, girl key, her strength sass, and vocal control shine through.  Makes sense, since her influences are Earth, Wind, and Fire, Patti Labelle, and Aretha Franklin.  And pssssst....she's a prep school graduate.  Can't you just picture her in one of those little uniforms?

Getting back to sass, by the way, this is one of the tamer pics I found of Spice.  Like her contemporaries, Spice doesn't care what color her wig is, whether or not it matches her outfit, whether or not her outfit matches its damn self.

In the vid I just linked to (two years old), you can see she's on fire.  Ciara, eat your heart out.  Clearly you've been fangirling dancehall, but chica...this island gyal's got you beat.  Even with the simplest movements of her body, even with the inexpensive quality of her video, you can tell she's in control, her confidence is unquestioned, and she knows she's a living deity.  American diva-wannabes, this is what "swag" looks like.  You can mimic it, you can "borrow" from it, but if you ain't got it deep down, you're just pale shadow of this goddess right here.

Talk about forbidden sweets right here!  This is Candy, and she's aptly named.  Her videos "Hot Gal & Wine" invite you to the "Candy Shop", and to go clubbin' with the girls who "just don't care".  For the slender gyals, here's a goddess for you: she's petite, sexy as hell, tramp-stamped, and on fire (and her thick friend in pink is too fine.  You notice how she got one them close-ups for no real reason).  But back to Candy herself; ain't she fine?

I had trouble finding info about her because of her name.  But she can sing, she can rasp, and she rhyme with the best of them.  And you can tell she is so much fun!  Now...I ain't sayin' she's a role model for your young'uns, but her music is bomb, her videos are tight, and we could stand to have a few more like her rounds these here parts.

I'm really feeling their music, and wish it was easier to research these ladies.  I dig the beats, I love the speed at which these ladies rap (even though I don't understand 98% of what they're saying), and it's great to see beauty, sexiness, and talent combine with good music in a simple video.  It's, like, so rare to see such a thing anymore.  Bow down!


  1. This is awesome. I'm especially loving Stacia and Tifa. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stacious is amazing. She's kinda makes me think of Lil Kim.

  3. that stacious is too damn sexy; love those upper arms and shoulders...oh yes.

  4. YARDIE LOVE! *dances*

  5. West Indian Massive *stand up*

  6. I love discovering new people that are in the arts no matter what!!


  7. Now you see I like em rounder...fuller...healthier. Here is a picture of an unknown beauty opposite Amber Rose. While the commenters make over Amber, I’m wondering who this Rubenesque beauty is she's talking to. ‘This’ is my definition of Thick.


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