Story of the Red

There was a time when trees were plentiful*
and the grasses grew tall, spreading wide.
And rivers?  Many rivers,
many, many streams and rivers
rushing through and bringing life with the tide.

They say we angered the gods then**,
and that they cast us out to wander
up the Hapi***, down the Hapi
through Abyssinia and beyond
we trekked, leaving our kingdoms
to the sands.

We do not regret the exodus;
we are children of the tides.
That life is a circle is the natural order of things,
and none but the gods may call the rain.

I have kept our memories with me
Seven thousand years I've kept them with me
Otjize written upon me
Maintaining the purity of our mind
and the story of our line.

Who knows the red like I do?
Not those who crossed the biblical sea
Brandishing scimitars at me
and claiming my fallen kingdoms.
Nor those who count their Reichs
by three
and sought to abolish the line
....and me.

If you ask, I could tell you
many a tale, written in crimson and dust.
*Refers to the time before the Sahara was a desert.
**Ancient myth that the gods cast the Ancient Africans out of the fertile regions and into the desert, with the Nile to keep them alive, as a sign of mercy.
***Hapi, Ancient Egyptian name for the Nile, also a god.


  1. ok this red dust, what is it called? i want to buy it.

  2. Depends. I don't know if you can get otjize. But other red clays/powders may be available. I'll attempt more research.


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