So I'm Supposed to be an Author

...and I still am.  I haven't been writing much about that aspect of my life this past year, and it's not been because of writer's block.  I've been having trouble with style, technique, and deciding what type of writer I want to be.  Mind you, when someone talks about "what kind of writer" they want to be, they're not referring to which genre they want to specialize in (though I do have one in mind).

See, I gambled this year; this fall I started a creative writing certification.  I took Twisted Nonfiction (reading, not writing), a poetry workshop, and a modern grammar course which has given me invaluable advanced knowledge about language.  I never thought I'd become so inspired by studying word classes, material processes, mental processes, etc., and learning about the history of English, or the varying philosophies about language.  Not to mention...I've enjoyed it so much I'm taking the professor's linguistics course next semester.

The grammar class heavily inspired me in my poetry class.  I learned a grammatical term, "desiderative", which led to my writing this:


I will not look to bouquets
or chocolates,
nor other prosaic acts of love.
It’s too easy;
I’d favor a basket
of twining serpents
…at least
I’d know it’s real.

For I’ll know his love
the day he loathes me,
when I’ve unmanned his life
and left it in ruins.
When his head hangs down,
in the emptiest corner of his house,
as he cuts his hate in two
and keeps the bigger piece
for himself.

And if our world
should try to pass judgment
I’ll say I was enamored,
that I was possessed.
Obsessed as a monsoon,
I brought the shattering gales
For I will be the one
who unlocks the whirlwind.

So I’ll want no pretty gifts,
nor sweet words,
nor any bribery
a man would conjure.
All I need to know
is that I can, in fact,
make a lasting impression.

I wrote this in the voice of a young homewrecker. This is the revision; my professor asked that I remove a reference or two, but that was all he suggested. He called the poem "ambitious".

This was the second time a professional called my writing "ambitious", and the moment I realized that, I understood the type of writer I wanted to be.

So I took another gamble.  I went through my old files and documents and had a massive delete-fest.  I'm putting some stories to rest once and for all and I'm opening my mind to some plotlines I would've never considered before.  It's an interesting feeling; I get a similar one once every few years, but not quite like this.  I don't usually go deleting close to 200 files and encouraging myself to start completely from scratch....

In the meantime, Middle Child Press is about to release its debut, The Sultry Court Anthology, Vol. 1.  I didn't contribute to this volume; some other very talented ladies did.  We'd very much like interested readers to start giving us feedback so our company can better serve our market.

Our target audience is female, and we cater primarily to women of color, who are marginalized and largely absent from truly creative media.  All our writers are women of color, in order to better meet the needs of our target audience.  We have big ideas and big plans, but ladies...we're nothing without you.

So be sure to tell us what you want.


  1. First when I logged into blogger I sat back at how beautiful you are. Your skin is flawless.

    Now as for this post, K you inspire me, really you do. One of my biggest insecurities is about my writing and I want to work on that. Hopefully I'll start writing the stories that I want to read soon.

  2. You look beautiful!

  3. Moi, you are gorgeous. I would love to have clear skin like yours!
    I like the poem, can't wait to hear more from you!

  4. You look fabulous! Love it! I cannot take such a pic because, for whatever reason, I have revisited my teen years and am dealing with a serious acne problem. And it ain't that I'm not properly caring for my skin. Three zits came out of nowhere yesterday afternoon and...I digress.

    I love that you've had a personal author revolution and have jettisoned the dead weight. It is good to start with a fresh perspective, but I couldn't delete any of my stories. I just can't. But I am not mad at you for making that decision. It takes strength and courage to face yourself and see what needs to change. How can I be better? What kind of writer am I? Essential questions for true authors, and I ask them of myself frequently.

    Will be joining you at some point in the certification process! And you already know how I feel about that kickass poem. You go, Miss Diva.

  5. Last night I had an excellent chat with my publisher regarding representing people of color in the world of fiction.

    And part of what we discussed was writing the stories that we want to read and what other people can relate to.

    So, K, my sister in arms, keep doing your thing and know I got you if you ever wanna chat about writing.

    And damn it woman, stop looking so gorgeous. I'm happy being gay. I don't need you trying to tempt me back over to the heterosexual lifestyle.



  6. @ neo-prodigy


    Tell me more about your work & your publisher. Is there a blog link?

  7. Your poem is thought provoking and you look marvelous. Bravo for your ambition to add to your writing skills by taking classes. If I had a preference, I'd still be in the classroom learning--I loved it so much. I also took a linguistic class which was one of the most challenging and enlightening classes I've taken for my Master's. Writing, for anyone, is a very personal journey. I've been around the bend a few times and feel that the writing spirit comes from many places. I wish you the best for that writing spirit to guide your fingers to your next writing venture.

    @neo-prodigy, I'd like to know who that publisher is. I'm also an African-American female writer.

    D.E. Love

  8. I haven't made a public announcement yet. I'm waiting until the novel is released. If you like, hit me up on my email (PM me on LJ) and I'll give you the the 411 and some intel you might be interested in. There's one publisher I think you might be interested in connecting with.

  9. Thanks, everybody!!!

    @ the fabulous Madam Love

    I feel stupid not having realized the value of a linguistics course in creative writing. Once I started listening to my professor, it hit me like a great big "DUH"!!!

    I owe this new professor of mine sooooo much.

  10. Since a few folks are asking.

    To my fellow writers, if you haven't already, you should consider submitting to Parker Publishing.

    A small press, and home to writers such as L.A. Banks, they are all about sharing our stories, the stories of POCs, and specifically those of black women.

    While romance is a major genre for them, by no means is it the only genre. They have multiple imprints and I'm sure one might be great for you. In fact, they are actively looking for quality speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal that features POC (especially black female) leads.

    My upcoming novel is a paranormal/southern Gothic YA novel. I for one would love to read your stories. I think the only way things are going to change is by us boosting the signal and doing for us what the mainstream refuses to acknowledge.

    But yeah, check them out. They're great people and hopefully I'll be reading your novels and your stories as well.


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