Emigration: Gabon

Demonym: Gabonese
Government: Republic
Neighbors: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equitorial Guinea, the Cameroons, and the Atlantic Ocean.
Population: 1.475 million
Currency: Central Africa CFA franc (XAF)
Official Language: French
Economy: Oil (mainly), Timber, Manganese

Gabon was not supposed to be part of the Emigration Series (Eritrea was actually up next).  Gabon's only official language is French.  However...in light of recent events, I recommend you get yourself a tutor and a plane ticket. After all, the Gabonese drive on the right side of the road...so at least that's taken care of.

Liberated from France in August, 1960.  Gabon is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, however, there is an income inequality issue which renders a significant number of people poor.  For now, the Gabonese have managed to greatly lower the rates of extreme poverty, and for that they deserve credit.  However, oil won't last forever, and these folks need a back up plan, especially since France is doing some "lending" along with the IMF.

Libreville, the capital
Recommended For:
Political Leaders

1,000.00 XAF = USD$2.13, and this is a problem, despite Gabon's progress.  We can change this; the Gabonese government is very open to investment.  And we can help them to continue being an excellent example for having zero tolerance for racism.

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