Emigration: Eritrea

Demonym: Eritrean
Government: Unitary Presidential Republic
Neighbors: Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and the Red Sea
Population: 5.224 million
Currency: Nakfa (ERN)
Official Languages: English, Tigrinya, Arabic
Economy: Agriculture

Scientists believe the first anatomically modern humans expanded out of Eritrea. So if you want to move to a location so pertinent to our entire species, in such close proximity to the Red Sea no less, then Eritrea is the country for you.

Eritrea is roughly half-Christian and half-Muslim, no doubt due to her fair share of invasions and colonizations at the hands of South Arabians from Yemen, Ottoman Turks, the Portuguese, Egyptians, the British, and the Italians. She's also, mostly unfortunately, has some tension with her neighbor Ethiopia over that tiny issue of...joining with the Italians against them.

Eritrea's economy is 80% agricultural, but much of her money comes from workers living outside the country, sending it home.  Her industries outside of agriculture are salt, cement, and commercial repair.  So yeah...she needs some help.  However, she has experienced some economic growth, and unlike to her previously explored sisters, 1000 (ERN) = USD$66.67. So there's a lot to work with here.

Asmara, the capital
Recommended For:
Political Leaders

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  1. Hmmm… I’m not sure about this one.

    In Africa, Eritreans have a reputation of enterprising, hard working, efficient people and the country indeed has economic potential and opportunities to offer. Unfortunately, the current regime is probably the most anachronistic dictature of the continent. The government maintains such a control on the economy and the people that the country is sometimes compared to North Korea.

    The vibe I get, it’s hardly a smart career move for a young professional without solid connections or big corporate backup.

  2. The vibe I get, it’s hardly a smart career move for a young professional without solid connections or big corporate backup.

    Then those need apply.


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